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Reason 209: Because Liberty Is Bottom Up, And Hate Is Top Down

I once taught a Sunday School class of fifth and sixth graders. As an object lesson one Sunday we played a game of Monopoly.  As we played I accused all of the students at one time or another of cheating.  I would also attempt to convince everyone else that certain ones were cheaters. Each took turns in receiving this treatment from me.  And once I had accused them, I would constantly remind them that they were cheaters, even thought they’d never cheated that I knew of, only accused. They all worked really hard at not even appearing to cheat.  Meanwhile, I was cheating like crazy, but they never caught on because they were so focused on not looking like a cheater, and if they had of caught me I would have simply responded by calling them a hypocrite for calling me a cheater as I simply assumed before all that they actually were cheating.

The text that day came from Revelation 12:10 involving the “accuser of the brethren” as I attempted to teach that it’s important how we react and order our lives in light of the fact that we will be living under constant accusations in our Christian walk. And those accusations originate from this world’s leader, the head Accuser.

For those who have the eyes to see it, reality reveals this truth. People are taught from the head of the presidential cabinet, the president himself, through the secretary of the DOE, all the way down to the local schoolhouse to hate. But we all are quick to judge others more harshly than ourselves for the same sins, so many times we’re so busy judging “haters” that we can’t even see the hatred piled high in our own hearts. It’s in our DNA to be that way. And it’s precisely why Jesus instructed us to take the plank out of our own eye before we tried to help others. But since most people reject Jesus and his wisdom they reject this instruction also. So while the president, his cabinet and most of the bureaucrats in between are filled with hate and rage, they preach to everyone against hate and rage. Jesus had a name for this. He called it hypocrisy.

Today we will look at an article that looks into your tax dollars hard at work in the hatred of Jews:

Administration Defends UN-Funded, Anti-Israel Textbooks for Palestinians

A bit:

U.S. taxpayers provide nearly $400 million a year to a United Nations program that critics say sends anti-Semitic, anti-Israel textbooks to schools for Palestinian refugees.

An elementary school textbook calls the 1948 establishment of Israel a “disaster,” and a high school text tells of the “End of Days” when “Muslims fight the Jews,” among other examples in a report from the Center for Near East Policy, a pro-Israel research institute based in Jerusalem.

The minds of thoughtful people are boggled with the love affair leftists have with those who kill gays, have an established religion, and who abuse women while at the same time they hate the nation that is just as anti-Christ, homosexual glorifying, and steeped in feminism as their own. But they do. Must be something spiritual about it is all I can conclude.

But all that aside, consider the aligned hatred of the masses for a second. Might we conclude that such hatred is taught, not just in the public institutions but also in nation’s news and entertainment media?  And might we also conclude that nations who are most virulent in their hatred are also the nations who are most enslaved? Who wants to live in an Islamic nation? Who wants to live in a nation in which every policy finds its roots in the hatred of the rich? Love is hard. But hatred is easy, its a tool for enslavement, and it is generally propagated from top down.  That we all hate is a given. But it takes power to align and unify hatred, and accusations are the means through which such hatreds are aligned as people work hard to prove that they are NOT like those people over there; you know, the people that everyone loves to hate.

So if you want to teach your children to love, the last place you’ll want to send them is to an institution that is fraught with hatred, and which hides that hatred behind accusations of hatred with the constant bellowing of, homophobe, racist, misogynist, and hater if they don’t hate the “right things” (aligned hatred) while loving sin and death. Teach your children to love from a Biblical perspective, and teach them to be free instead.

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