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Reason 337: Because Every Child Is Unique


Here is an excellent article that talks about what it’s like being a homeschooling Mom:

I Don’t Owe Public Schools My Time

It starts by expanding on the title. But then she goes into one condensed point after another that addresses the advantages of homeschooling and why everyone is qualified to do it. Here are a few of those points:

When I started homeschooling, I had to write down all math problems and I even used my fingers to count sometimes.  I can now do complex mental math problems.  I learned as my kids learned.

I love this one because I have experienced it myself. You will learn with your children. And it’s fun!

You see, I am not a fountain of knowledge.  I don’t want my children to see education as something that should be spoon fed from a teacher.  I want them to see education as the process of learning.  Sometimes that learning process is messy.  Sometimes answers must be sought out.  Sometimes they ask questions that have no answers yet.

Awesome! The thing is, no one is a fountain of knowledge, not even the “certified” teacher down at the schoolhouse. “Knowledge” is a facade, and many times it’s a lie, especially when it comes to things like evolution. We know some things. We have faith in other things. And when those things in which faith is required are taught as scientific fact, it is a lie.

I celebrate uniqueness.  2nd grade for one child will look very different than 2nd grade for another child.  Each child’s abilities, interests, and learning methods are considered when I come up with our learning plans.

The whole grade level thing is a conveyor belt method. Or, as she puts it, “…I learned that grade level distinctions and learning standards are designed for the masses and not for the individual.”

But there’s much more to homeschooling than what she addresses here. Much more. You actually get to watch your children grow up. You have more control over their peers at earlier ages. You have much more time to indoctrinate them, and the schoolhouse has zero time to indoctrinate them.


Just as a note, I would strongly disagree with one thing this writer says:

The public school system is based on the Prussian model of education that inspires group thinking and nationalism.

This may have at one time been true, but public school is extremely anti-nationalism in our current time. (click on “nationalism” in the “categories” to the right to see more on this.)

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Reason 284: Because The Truth Matters

If your first question when you’re deciding what will be taught to the youth is, how will this teaching impact people and government, then you are not deciding on a curriculum but an indoctrination.  In this article we can see how this happens:

Public Schools Teaching Students to Hate America As Left Appeases Muslims With ‘Religious Literacy’ Training

I can remember asking people this one question after 9/11. “What do you think the response would have been if it had been Christians flying those planes”?  In every case there seemed to be a light bulb that came on in their thinking because they knew that the response to the religion behind those horrible acts would have been completely different. So what was the response to Islam?  An attempt to show them that we don’t hate them. And so an indoctrination program was begun then, and now it just keeps getting bigger. And yet the hatred grows. And it will keep growing because the answers are not found in projecting one’s Secular Humanistic thinking onto a religious people.  But that’s just it. The Secular Humanist cannot fathom those who love their God, false though it may be, more than life. That, combined with the hatred that Secular Humanism has for the one true God, and we have a public school system that has derailed and is in the midst of destroying itself and the nation that provides it.

This is a fairly long article but worth the read. I won’t paste any excerpts because they wouldn’t do it justice. Well maybe just one:

Americans might ask further: why are people who want to “fundamentally change” America running the country? Indeed, those who have been educated to believe America is hateful will govern accordingly.

American education is about to take another leftward lurch from the Common Core standards, to the Advanced Placement U.S. History framework, and now with theAdvanced Placement European History (APEH) curriculum – which diminishes Christianity and ignores Islamic conquests in Europe and Islam’s tradition of jihad.

America is sedated with prosperity and plenty. It is asleep and its children are being stolen right from under its nose. Poor parents think that because their children are sent back at the end of the day that they still have them. But their minds are being stolen by one lie at a time. The truth matters, and if your children will learn the truth they need to be kept far from the disaster that is that sprawling, fenced-in, flat-roofed, government campus just down the street. Keep your children. Keep them at home. They will thank you one day.


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Reason 243: Because Common Core… Again

I’ve spoken of anti-“nationalism” here before. It’s based on the belief that no one should ever love their own country, not even when that country is obviously better than most others because we are to believe that such beliefs lead ultimately to war.

But does this same attitude apply to a murderous violent religion?  I think it can. That’s why Common core not only teaches that America stinks and is rotten to the core, and that Christianity is evil because The Crusades or something, and that Islam is the best thing ever because it hates Christianity as much as the state does, and… well… it will destroy you if you don’t.

So we have this story:

Why Does Common Core Require Teaching Islam

From the article:

To date, public school students are required to:

Is this what you want for your children? Do you watch the news and conclude that Islam is the best thing ever and you want your children to become good Muslims?  If so, the state will help you achieve that end. But if you don’t think that’s a great plan perhaps you ought consider another one.

I find this quote to be the most disappointing. It’s the first paragraph:

Should parents be penalized for demanding that their child be exempted from the required teaching of Islamic in Common Core curriculum? Should a teach or public school administrator penalize parents and children for seeking exemption? Parents are finding out the answers to these questions first hand.

Do not be fooled. You have no right to demand anything when it comes to preparing the next generation’s minds for elitist’s grand schemes and plans. Think about it. You only have a decade and a half to prepare your children. Don’t let the state have that opportunity while you beg it to not turn your children into robot slaves. You will probably lose, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. You won’t realize that you’ve lost them until it’s too late. Keep them home.


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Reason 187: Because The Institution Hates Our Nation, And All Nations Except Their Own.

You may occasionally note the category “Nationalism” attached to some of the posts here.  This post addresses this concept. It has two premises which reality dictates to be true: 1)That some nations/cultures are better than others, 2) Patriotism, in a world full of deplorable and sometimes dangerous nations/cultures, is a good thing.

Liberalism rejects both of these premises, and it is pure liberalism that will be taught to your children in the institution. The premise of liberalism, as it pertains to the interactions between nations, is one based on relativism. It demands that all civilizations, cultures and nations are to be considered as equal. It impugns anyone who might suggest that the tribesman–spear in hand searching for some rodent to kill for dinner–is in any way worse than the family gathered around a dinner table with a roast and vegetables, before retiring to the living room for the evening to enjoy some entertainment on their flat-screened, high-definition, smart TV in air conditioned comfort. But it’s the flawed philosophy of relativism, and not reality, logic or plain old common sense that brings the liberal to his erroneous conclusion.  In reality, this philosophy is a ditch because it takes something based on some truth, mixes it with utopian fantasies, and ends up at such an extreme that it veers hard left off the middle of the road and rams hard into the ditch of stupidity; a ditch in which those who exist there must ignore the obvious and embrace fantasy in order to remain in their delusion.

Historians will argue about the cause of the two world wars. I won’t get into these arguments other than to say that they deserve your attention. But one seemingly consistent theme that has many fingers pointing at it as the bases that brought about these horrible events is nationalism. Here is one excerpt from one of many articles that I found on the subject:

Nationalism is an extreme form of patriotism and loyalty to one’s country. Nationalists place the interests of their own country above the interests of other countries. Nationalism was prevalent in early 20th century Europe and was a significant cause of World War I. Most pre-war Europeans believed in the cultural, economic and military supremacy of their nation. Their attitudes and overconfidence were fuelled by things like jingoistic press reporting. The pages of newspapers were often packed with nationalist rhetoric and inflammatory stories or rumours about rival nations. Nationalism could also be found in other aspects of popular culture, including literature, music and theatre. Royals, politicians and diplomats did little to deflate nationalism – and some actively contributed to it with provocative remarks and rhetoric.

So from our modern perspective, we look back into early 20th century Europe and see a collection of highly patriotic and nationalistic nation/states crammed into a shrinking continent. (Shrinking in that advancement in technology had reduced travel across the breadth of the continent from weeks to days… among other things.) And it was this compression combined with nationalism, so it is believed, that ignited both World Wars.

So what is our modern conclusion? Patriotism is evil.

But we are not living in early 20th century Europe today. We are living in an age in which technology has “compressed” the entire world even more, even into a tinder box. For a German in early 20th century Germany to suggest that his nation/culture was superior to his neighbor’s over in France bears no similarity to an American today who suggests… no, he knows that his culture is better than that of the goat rancher in Afganistan.  But the belief is so strong, and the devotion to the idea that love of country leads to war is so high, that otherwise intelligent people are willing to turn themselves into logical pretzels who cannot compare poverty and oppression with plenty and liberty and discern that one is better than the other. To admit such a thing would be “nationalism”, which they all are convinced, leads inevitably to war. And that’s horrible. But what is a nation or culture but a system of ideas generally held by all in it? So hoping to escape their worst nightmare, they enter into it anyway. Seeking to step back from nationalism, they back into nationalism and become devout, hardened-to-the-core, nationalist, who are willing to shed any amount of blood necessary to prove that they do, after all, have the best idea for a system of things in their anti-nationalist beliefs.

Now, I’ve said all of this to lay the groundwork for an article that would otherwise boggle the mind. A friend sent this to me:

Texas Mom Goes to Battle Against High School When Her Son Is Punished for Wearing American Flag Shirt

I’ve spent a considerable amount of space here explaining why in the good ole U S A a high school student might be punished for wearing an American flag on his shirt. As with all bad ideas they normally start out with good ideas and then they just turn stupid. To love one’s nation is the first step toward war–or so we’re supposed to believe–so it only follows then that it is evil for anyone to love one’s country enough to wear its flag on their shirt. But that’s the problem with liberalism. It’s like cancer. It takes something that makes sense, that is reasonable, and it gloms onto it and worships it until it’s evil. With all liberalism’s talk about being “up with the times”, it is living in history and has failed to innovate with the times. It cannot do a self-evaluation. It’s not willing to say that it has been wrong for a half century now. It is stuck, hardened, closed-minded. And it is this very philosophy that is the foundation upon which the education institution rests. It teaches outdated lies to your children, and in this it is dangerous.

If you read the article you will read a story of a bully principal in a diversity worshiping schoolhouse who is in the midst of punishing a student, ostensibly because he doesn’t look like all the rest of the students. But then the principal relents. The mom then gets a bad case of Stockholm Syndrom and falls in love with the out-of-control institution all over again. But she should remember, the institution will fight to its death, it will bankrupt the federal government that funds it even, to hold onto its anti-nationalism philosophy. This mom has won a battle perhaps. But she will lose the war unless she brings her child home and begins to think outside the box that her own stint in the institution put her in.

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Reason 145: Because It’s Indoctrination, Stupid

Because someone can play pretend that they’re someone else, and recite lines written by someone else, that doesn’t magically turn them into an expert on education.

Here in a little heartwarming video we have the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman telling us of all the wonders that the idol of education is going to achieve… some day. But that’s always the case isn’t it? It’ll happen someday. Meanwhile pay no attention to the degradation that continues today.

The institution is committed to its Utopian ideas, and it will not be dissuaded. What are those ideas that they hope to put into your child’s mind? Take a look:

It all sounds good. But unfortunately it isn’t going to happen. But if you think turning your child into a zombie chasing the dreams of rich, Godless, liberal elites is the greatest thing ever, then the government school is definitely going to be a cozy fit for you.


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Reason 111: Because Casting Off Tradition Is Not Education

There’s an old saying, “No matter where you go, there  you are.” And we can tailor this to the education institution’s insanity too. “No matter what tradition you cast off, there will be a tradition that needs to be cast off”. So here we have an elitist product of the institution doing exactly what the elitist institution has taught her to do.

From Breitbart:

A report states that Eujin Jaela Kim, a public school principal in Brooklyn, has banned virtually all celebrations that run afoul of far-left political correctness.

From the New York Post:

Santa Claus is banned. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited. “Harvest festival” has replaced Thanksgiving, and “winter celebrations” substitute for Christmas parties.

So your child can’t be taught to pledge allegiances, because allegiances are based on nationalism, and nationalism leads to war.

And your child can’t be taught gratitude, because gratitude suggests there is one to which we owe gratitude who is above the state. Can’t have that!

And your child can’t be taught about Christmas, because Christmas points to a Savior, and a Savior suggests the need for salvation, and the need for salvation suggests that man is not basically good. Can’t have that!!

If there’s a tradition, no matter how old or engrained in the human psyche, they’re going to try to cast it off. It will go on and on because what they really hate is what is in their own hearts. Little do they know that the children they teach will eventually cast off the tradition of casting off tradition, and will probably settle on a religion that is willing to die for the very cause of America hating, Jesus hating, Jew hating that the institution was too cowardly to admit existed in their hearts in the first place.

This is foolery of course. People are going to be people, and the institution is not going to train people to not be people. The only question that remains is what WILL they succeed in training children to be? It’s all a grand experiment, and only time will tell. But just remember that your child is precious, and you don’t have to send him to the social laboratory to be experimented on by moronic elitists who think themselves wiser than they ought.


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Reason 98: Because Every Public School Campus Is An Unsafe Environment

If you know nothing else about the institution that you’re sending your child to for indoctrination, you should know at least these two things about what it teaches:  1) Government is god. 2)The institution serves the government.

So what does this mean? First, it means that the government is working tirelessly in usurping God as the arbiter of good and evil. Second, the institution serves, worships and pays tribute to the usurper, and it will do everything it can to teach your children to do the same.

This reality will play itself out in a variety of ways; this particular story gives us an example of just one of them. The god/state has declared nationalism to be evil, and multiculturalism good. No culture, therefore, is to be judged as any better or worse than any other culture. John Lennon summed up the anthem for this mindset in his song Imagine:

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

“Nothing to kill or die for” is key to my point today. The way the new god/state figures it, if there are no countries or religions there will be no more war, and Utopia will follow. So all things military are to be frowned upon. That all things military are evil is to be indoctrinated into your child’s mind.

We can see how this works in your schoolhouse in this story from Rockingham County, Virginia:

Student defends military to classmates — gets suspended

From the story:

No one is going to deride the U.S. military in front of Pvt. Mathew Clark and get away with it.

Clark, a student at Broadway High School and a member of the Army National Guard, was having lunch in the cafeteria Friday when he heard some other students ridicule the armed forces.

Video shot by his sister captured Mathew standing up at his table and announcing, “He just said that, troops that risk their lives every day are a disgrace to the military, and that they shouldn’t be in the military, and he can do our job better than we can.

…After the incident, Clark was suspended for creating “a major disturbance in the cafeteria, provoking some students to anger and creating a potentially unsafe environment,” according to a letter sent to his parents, WHSV reports.

Most people live their lives in a bovine slumber, easily herded into this mindset or that. So to them, charges against Clarke that he was “causing a major disturbance in the cafeteria” and “provoking other students to anger”sounds worthy of suspension. But we know that that’s not the real issue don’t we? It’s funny how the message the god/state doesn’t like is the one that we can count on to cause a “potentially unsafe environment”.

The truth is becoming ever more obvious that every public school campus is not potentially an unsafe environment… it IS an unsafe environment; and it’s not unsafe because of any speech a student might make, but because of what they’re teaching and indoctrinating there.




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Reason 60: Because It’s The Victors Who Write History

Here is a fascinating article out of the UK. It complains about the fear of teaching history in their school houses.

So before we digest this article let’s take a little look at the UK, and Europe in general. They have two problems, which combined are a recipe for hardship. One, which seems to be endemic to Europeans, is that they don’t seem to have enough faith in the future to bother with having children. Second, their pyramid-scheme socialist system depends on new workers to support those at the top.

But when you’re answer to that problem is based on a pluralistic mindset which are the result of institutionalized indoctrination in generations past, then it seems like a great idea to invite hordes of immigrants from regions known for backwardness, violence and theocracies. And with all that, you have a recipe for something worse than disaster.  It’s a recipe for social suicide, and that’s about what is taking place.

Photo taken from “Trumpet Call” of BBC nightly airing of muslim call to prayer during Ramadan

Secular humanism is a religion suited only for the rich and pampered masses of western civilization. It affords entire societies to play let’s pretend everything is great, and the world is just one big happy place, and then ignore any evidence to the contrary.  Of course then everything that happens can be explained away. So as you watch more and more violence take place, and more and more places that your country men can’t tread in their own country, you just wistfully explain it away… and hope you die before the music stops playing. To be sure, if you have no progeny to worry about, by jove that might just work!

With this in mind consider this from the article:

Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Government backed study has revealed.

It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.

There is also resistance to tackling the 11th century Crusades – where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem – because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques.

As I’ve often said, secular humanism is no match for Islam. It will fail, and with it so will Europe. The teachers will follow their leaders in bowing to violence. And the elites will celebrate.

American birth rates are beginning to implode too. But we do have a couple of things going for us. One, hispanics are the servant class of choice for now. They are not violent, and they’re hard workers. In short, they are not from Islamic states. But America also seems to have a really bad case of Stockholm Syndrome after 9/11.  It elects governments that promise to make sure to bring hordes of Muslims to our own shores, and that’s one promise that I think they’ll keep.

So in conclusion keep this in mind. There’s no such thing as a neutral view of history. No matter who teaches it to your child, they will teach someone’s view of it. Given the directions leftward and Eastward of our fearless leaders, I’d say that your child is going to get a very bad dose of history lessons in the state school. I’m positive they won’t read anything like the history you got, which didn’t read anything like the history your parents got. History is not something to be taught, it is a tool used for shaping the minds of future servants. So if you want your children to learn what really happened in history, I’m afraid you’re going to have to get some old books and put forth some good old fashioned effort. You’ll have to read everything with a healthy dose of scepticism.  But in the end, hopefully, your child will not be taught that every ill in the world was brought to this innocent little world by religion and America.


See Trumpet Call

and to read more see:
Follow Daily Mail: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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Reason 49: Because Your Child Ought To Understand That There’s A Good Reason To Have A Country

Those who make the real decisions  in the schoolhouse down the street are the same kind of people who buy the line that only sophisticated people can see the emperor’s cloths. It’s all pretend. But unfortunately we live in a serious world, and play pretend is dangerous when you grow up and deal with serious issues.

One of the ways that leftist play pretend is in the idea of nationalism. In their pretend world there are no nations, no need for armies, guns, and all the other things that have for the entire history of man been the reality, are simply pretended away. The thinking goes something like this. Pretend a thing you want to be true is true, then it will become true. Men can pretend to be women, wrong can be pretended to be right, we can pretend that windmills will replace oil, we can pretend that man can adjust the temperature of his planet, we can pretend that Islam is peaceful and that Utopia is just around the corner.

Another thing we can pretend is that no nation or culture is any better than any other, only different. That way we don’t have to feel guilty about the fact that we live in the best nation on earth, so great in fact that people seek to come here from all over the world. But we won’t think about that, because were pretending.

This is exactly what’s happening in Arizona where this school district decided that it would ban anything patriotic.  Of course if you don’t understand the pretend world that liberals live in, this would boggle the mind.  They use the power of the nation to ban those who want to celebrate that same nation, because it might… offend? No, this is about a pretend world that does not exist in reality.  And if you want your child to be raised by those who must live in the realities of the real world, you most definitely will not want to send them to a government school. Because all government schools are run by blue minded people, even those in the hearts of red states.



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Reason 45: Because Lying Is Bad, Especially When Those Who Teach Your Children Incorporate Lies Into Their Education

Elitists are ever looking forward.  In their minds Utopia is just around the corner if only all the stupid people would just do what they tell them to.  But there is no Utopia. The whole thing is a lie. There’s only slavery to the state.

If there’s two things the elites hate, it’s the military, because they use guns against other sovereign states that ought to be left alone to butcher their citizens as they see fit, and citizens with guns, because they keep their own state from butchering the citizens as it sees fit.  And of course the ever elusive Utopia will not arrive until both are done away with.

One of the ways that the elites will bring about this heaven on earth–and of course there are many ways– is to ban the citizen’s ability to smite his fellow man from a distance.  In other words he wants to forbid gun ownership.  Of course the state, being almighty holy and righteous and all, will exempt itself, because if there’s anything an elitist fears more than anything, it’s being attacked by the subjects of his social experiments with no way of defending himself.

For now, the subjects still believe that they ought to be able to defend themselves from the wayward thug elements of their fellow man. So that must be fixed. Guns are to be seen as evil.

So here we have a story of a school banning the 21 gun salute because it glorifies both the dreaded military and evil guns. And there’s no way your masters are going to allow your children to see either in a positive light, lest they grow up thinking that things like nations, military protection and guns are a good thing. From the story:

Administrators at Belle Plaine High School in Belle Plaine say the facility will no longer hold their annual Veteran’s Day assembly on school grounds, claiming the event’s traditional 21 gun salute “promotes gun violence,” according to NBC affiliate KWWL.  (KWWL as sense removed this story)

And of course there are those who are upset; not that it will do any good. Your friendly neighborhood school no longer belongs to the citizens. It is a state indoctrination center, and that it would be deaf and blind to the citizen’s wishes, traditions, or anything else the state has decreed unsavory, should not surprise anyone in the community. What surprises me is that actions like this by the state surprises anyone at all.


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