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Reason 73: Your Child’s School Is Not A Religion Free Zone, Just A Christianity Free Zone

There’s probably nothing more exhilarating than spending other people’s money on folly. And if the state has failed at everything else, it certainly gets an A plus on that one. In this article from The Washington Free Beacon we have the state spending two and a half million dollars on the New Age religion for your children. Now isn’t that nice of them?

From the article:

The Department of Education is spending upwards of $2.5 million to bring a mindfulness intervention to kindergarteners in Chicago, where kids can go to “calm spots” in the corner to watch nature videos. The National Institutes of Health has spent over $100 million studying the New Age meditation technique, but it is not the only federal agency pouring federal funding into mindfulness. The Education Department has introduced a “Calm Classroom” program into 3,000 schools through its Investing in Innovation fund, costing taxpayers $2,513,093…

“In addition to traditional mindfulness exercises that involve inner focus and require practice, our intervention also includes components involving outer focus on items intended to automatically attract children’s soft fascination and promote attention replenishment, such as videos of animals or nature scenes,” the institute wrote in its grant application. “These scenes, along with occasional, gently voiced reminders (e.g., ‘Are you still watching the spider spin that amazing web?’) will be displayed on tablets stationed in what we call ‘The Calm Spot.’”

Children were never meant to be herded off to an impersonal institution for an “education”. It seems we are constantly challenged to think outside the box, which I think is good. So why would anyone send their child to an oversized box, and put them in the care of an institution that does not love them, but instead experiments with their minds using New Age techniques? To think outside the box is to think outside of now. What is normal is normal because it’s all that we’ve experienced. We experienced the institution, and so it seems only right that our child should experience it. In other words, our minds have been programmed to think of the institution gobbling up our children as the normal thing to happen. But I challenge you to think outside of that box. It isn’t normal at all. It’s wicked.

At home, in the company of loved ones, your child won’t need a “Calm Spot”, or a bunch of expensive New Age meditation experiments on his mind. He will be right where God created him to be. And he will be the better for it.


Thanks to Colin Gunn and the fine folks at Indoctrination The Movie.

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