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And Finally, Reason 365: Because The Schoolhouse Is Anti-Christ, Anti-God And Anti-Parent

Make no mistake, the institution is on a mission, and giving your children a fine education ain’t it. No, the mission is to indoctrinate your children into the mind-numb, anti-Christ serfs needed to serve and worship the god/state. The institution does not love your children, it needs your children. And worse yet, it has your children, that is, unless you opt out of its whole affair.

This last post deals again with parental rights as we look at this somber article on court decisions:

Parental Rights in Public School: Not So Fast

…the federal courts have ruled many times that as parents we abdicate our parental rights when we send our children to public school. Before you start calling me a right wing extremist or fundamentalist, hear me out, or should I say, hear what the courts have already forced upon you.

May I say that if your reflexive response to any of this is, “these guys are right wing extremists”, that you’ve already been programmed?  If two men getting married, or boys in the girl’s locker room because they think they’re girls, or chopping up babies and selling them aren’t extreme, aren’t extreme, then the question must be asked, what is the standard from which one must extremely deviate to be considered extreme? Words like “extreme” are corralling words used by the media. They work like the shepherd’s sheepdog, nipping at the little sheep from behind to keep them bunched up so that they can more easily be herded off to the butchers. Keep in mind that most all people you watch on national TV are in that seven digit income range. If they’re not, they’re working toward it. They’ve got theirs, or at least figure that they’re going to get it. They’re now the elites. And better yet, they don’t live, nor do they intend to live, in the same world they’re creating for you. They’re the protected class. The article continues:

The court clearly stated the government does not have the right to tell parents where to send their children for education, or to tell them what to teach if they teach at home, but the Court did declare parents cannot tell public schools, “You can’t teach my child subjects that are morally offensive to me.”3 …

The Court  went on to say:

“If all parents had a fundamental constitutional right to dictate individually what the schools teach [or assess] their children, the schools would be forced to cater a curriculum for each student whose parents had genuine moral disagreements with the school’s choice of subject matter. We cannot see that the Constitution imposes such a burden on state educational systems.4

So what the court has essentially said is, since the government can’t please every single parent, it will please itself. And please itself it does. Never mind that almost no parents want boys in their little girl’s locker room, or that when it’s put to the people, and not decided by judicial decree, institutionalized homosexuality has gone down in burning flames, it’s  “We can’t bend government morality to suit every single parent you know.

But here’s the thing. They know, and now we all should, that it’s not a consensus morality being taught in the schoolhouse. It’s an extreme amorality. But after every generation, the morality of the society shifts toward what was once extreme. These moral experimenters look at your kids, and the possibilities they possess in molding them, with an evil slobbering grin, as they rub their hands and conjure up the next great experiment they plan to try.

But don’t you buy it. Your child doesn’t have to be a rat in their moral laboratory. By God’s grace, you can opt out. And please don’t buy the, our-school’s-different line. It isn’t. The institution is the institution. You will do a better job academically. But more importantly, you’ll do a much better job morally. You’ll be glad you did it. It’s hard work, yes, but it pays more than that job in the cubicle ever could with dividends that pay for a lifetime.




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