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Reason 338: You Don’t Train Soldiers During Combat.

But you do train them for combat. This is an article written from the perspective of training your child while at the same time sending her to the schoolhouse:

   Key Things Skeptics Will Say to Shame Your Kids for Being Christians

Did you ever stop to think about how arbitrary some things are? Like, when does a boy become a man? The answer? Why 18, of course. Why 18? Because the government says so. Why does the government say so? Who knows? It’s an arbitrary number pulled out of a magical hat somewhere. The reality is a little different however. Adulthood comes much earlier than 18 for the human being. Exactly when varies, but one thing we can know for sure, a five-year-old is not an adult. But that’s about the time most parents, after giving that five-year-old approximately zero training in fighting the good fight, throws her into combat. And then they are surprised when that child grows up and proves, after it’s too late, that she’s already gone.

This article looks at three key accusations your child will face starting very early in her education, and in ways that are cleverly disguised. And even though I disagree with some of the underlying philosophy, I think this article is worth reading. The three accusations are:

  • You’ve been indoctrinated
  • If you allow yourself to think critically, you’ll see there’s no reason to believe in God.
  • Christians are less intelligent than atheists. Studies show it.

In the first one the author and I part ways. It’s my position that all human beings are indoctrinated. I certainly have a doctrine, and I teach my children in the ways of that doctrine. Secular Humanism is a doctrine also. And the schoolhouse will teach your children that doctrine. But either way, your child will be indoctrinated. The only question is, by whom?

Since human beings have a way of seeing themselves individually as the reference point from all things in this world are measured, then they see themselves as neutral. So then, if anyone has a different doctrine on life than their own, then that person is seen as different. Throw in the fact that the schoolhouse indoctrinates into group-think, then the individual’s worldview, which is almost exactly the worldview of every peer, is affirmed by the culture. The young person, therefore, immersed in Secular Humanism and the campus culture only thinks he is thinking critically. If he truly was thinking critically he would see that his thinking is based just as much on faith as the person he sees as an uncritical thinker. He is simply holding as “known” that which is not known, but is only believed.

The last one begs for a defining of terms, like, what is meant by intelligence? It would seem to follow that those who have been exposed to the schoolhouse the most would be the most indoctrinated into the religion of Secular Humanism. So it would only follow that the measure of a person’s “intelligence” is a standard set by Secular Humanism. But think about it. A person is born with a certain level of intelligence. A few have a high level of intelligence, most find themselves in the bell curve, and then some poor souls are simply not very smart at all. So what is the young Christian child to do? Will she be judged as intelligent if she rejects her parent’s relligion, because, you know, that would be the smart thing to do?  Well of course not. That would be silly.

The bottom line is this. When you send your young children into the schoolhouse, you are sending them into a combative situation that no child is equipped to handle, and that no child should be forced to handle. The stakes are incredibly high. It’s not as if the worse thing that can happen to a person is to get a substandard education in this short life. No, the worst thing that can happen will happen in the life that is to come. And the saddest thing of all is, the schoolhouse is going to give your child a substandard education anyway.


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Reason 330: Because Your Child Will Conform, The Only Question Is, To What?

I used to think that Christians were brainwashed. Not anymore. No, now I know that we’re brainwashed, and I’m perfectly Ok with that. Why? Well, think about it. Does the brainwashed person normally know that he’s brainwashed? Of course not. So when the brainwashed person sees someone who’s worldview is different, and he sees an alien source for that differing worldview, like say, the church, then he considers that person to have been brainwashed. But what he can’t see is the source of his own brainwashing, which was, or is in no small part, the institution. So that brings us to a question. Which one is actually brainwashed? Is it the one who comes out of the institution and thinks like the institution has trained him to think? Or is it the one who has chosen a different path, a path that is out of harmony with the Secular Humanist religion taught in the schoolhosue? My answer: both are brainwashed because no one is ever not “brainwashed”.

At this point, as is normal in these times, my terms are begging for definition. To be brainwashed is simply to be given a narrative by which we will understand and interpret our lives and experiences. And how we do this will depend on how we, or someone else, has programmed, or if you like, “brainwashed,” us to interpret them.  If you will listen to the things people around you say,  you’ll hear them repeat their narratives to themselves when faced with something that they don’t understand. You will hear things like, “Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, when someone calls something that is obviously ugly, beautiful. If you tune yourself to hear it you’ll hear it often–not all the time, but certainly often. If the world is the old way, and your mind is being renewed, you might do the same thing when you quote to yourself Bible verses to reaffirm your direction.

Today I have this video that shows how the campus culture inculcates your children and their peers at the schoolhouse:

For most people, at least if they’re like me, their first question would be, what would I have done in this same situation? I’m confident that at this stage in my life I would have been rebellious against conforming to the ways of those around me. But then again, that ought to be the norm for any Christian. But in my younger years, say high school aged, I don’t know what I would’ve done, but I suspect that it would have been to conform. Heck, I confirmed in every other way.

But this scenario is easier because it’s stupid. Resisting the conformity your child will be faced with in the schoolhouse will not be this easy. It will be much less obvious for one thing, and it will have a totally different feel to it. Missing for this experiment with this young lady is lots of time and close relationships with a few of those in the waiting room, which would be peers her own age. This is what I call the campus culture. In that cul,ture she will know at least a little something about most everyone in the room. And there will be those who are the movers and shakers in her little, isolated culture as well: the brains, the brawn, the beautiful and the all-three. And then there will be the “masses”, which is everyone else.

The campus culture is a dangerous place. If Satan wanted to devise a program to steal your child, I can’t think of a better way to go about it. Yet millions of Christians every year send their child into this toxic environment hoping that it will be different for their own child than all the rest, as if the stakes for doing it were low. They’re not! They’re higher than the stakes for getting a sub-standard education.

As for me, I’d prefer that my child get the sub-standard education than be put into that mix. But then again, as it turns out, they’re not getting a sub-standard education. But then again, again, the bar for a “standard” education is so low, how could they not do better than standard?


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Reason 76: Because Little Monsters Of A Feather Approve Of Rape Together

This little story from Independent Journal is about as revealing of a story as you might encounter on the state of today’s schoolhouse. There are two elements of the story. One is a high school football player who strolls into a room where a young lady is apparently passed-out from drink… and he has his way with her. We call that rape, and he is of course charged with that crime.

Second we have his fellow classmate’s support of this young man by way of protest and symbols. That’s the element that ought to scare you. It does me.

From the story:

18-year-old Cameron Harrison, a running back at Spanish Fort High School in Alabama, has been accused of raping a girl who was passed out drunk at a party. She was just 16 years old… According to an affidavit, a video from the party that night shows the girl being carried upstairs to a bedroom. Harrison then went upstairs and raped her before going back downstairs and bragging about it to his friends.

So far what we have is kids acting as if they’ve been told somewhere that there is no ultimate right and wrong; that every human being is a bag of chemicals, flesh and bone, and that each bag can make up their own ethic, and that no one should judge them when they do. And we also have kids who live in a society that has different standards for jock-stars and for the average smuck. Not to mention that these kids live in a world obsessed with sex, sex, sex, from every quadrant of society. It seems a bit of an overreaction to me therefore when these kids behave as if the schoolhouse and society have not been telling them big fat lies all this time.

From the story:

In an upsetting twist, friends recently showed their support for him at a Spanish Fort football game, where he is currently banned from playing due to his alleged sexual assault.

They painted the number four on their wrists in support of their star running back:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

They held up giant handmade signs that said “Toros 4ever”:

Image Credit: Chip English/

Image Credit: Chip English/

The quarterback wore a towel with the number 4 written on it:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Other players showed their support for Cameron, as well:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

The victim, who attends the same school, has allegedly been attacked verbally and harassed online. Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney Chalea Tisdale told Fox 10:

At least one of the poor souls seems to be dragging a cross into the fray. I guess I’ll file that under, “things that make you go hmmmm”.

It was my own experience in high school that the campus embodied its own subculture. I now believed that that was by design. You’ve got your popular beautiful people, your jock-stars, your class government, journalists, and so on, just like big people society.. And then you’ve got everyone else… i.e. the masses. They’re ostensibly being trained for life off campus. This boy is being trained that society will tell you one thing, and then convict you for believing it. The young girl is learning that there can be serious consequences to drinking, and that when you go against the elites you will be crushed. And the masses are learning how to protest and stand for unrighteousness… just like the big people world off campus. You should learn that the school house is no place for your child.

It’s better to teach your children the truth, and to not trust anyone else with such an important job. Teach them that, even if society does reject God, it does so at its own peril, and that to trust God will make your paths straight.  Don’t put your children in a subculture created in a mad man’s laboratory. Put them in real life. They will learn better there, and will transition into society just fine, with both feet set on a solid foundation.

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Reason 61: Because Your Children Will Be Surrounded By Fools

Human beings are born as idiots, every last one. That’s why a sane society doesn’t let 3 year olds drive cars. But in time they grow up, maybe even mature some… we hope. Even NPR, which sees the education institution as the saviour of the world, thinks so.  But in the meantime unwise children are corralled together with hundreds of other idiots, isolated from the real world, and supervised by a few adults, many of whom are still idiots themselves. And we label the whole mess “education”.  Worse, this institution is administered by people who are wringing their hands because they can’t figure out which bathrooms the children should be using. So, they’re worse than idiots because even a young child knows that boys use the boy’s bathrooms and the girls use the girl’s. So here’s a glimpse inside the asylum:

Question. Is it a good idea to put your child into an institution that has brought us this? An institution that is in its own right a separate and distinct subculture of idiots; anti-God, anti-authority and anti-wisdom?

You might notice if you endure the video that the institution has solved the coarse language problem in the same way it has solved school shootings. It placed a “No Cussing” sign on the bulletin board. Works real good doesn’t it?

Is this the norm for the classroom? Of course not. But think about something. It’s more normal now than it was. And it will be more normal in the future than it is now, because the institution has lost its way. Its main concern is for the institution. These kids are there, and that’s all that matters. The state will get its funds, the administrators will get their bonuses and pay, and in a few years these kids will be jobless and ripe for serfdom.

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Reason 54: Because Your Child Will Be Immersed In A Sea Of Bad Influences

I’ll take the opportunity of this post to speak well of all those poor souls who, day in and day out, fight the school system, endure the disrespectful students and suffer the radical insanity of their fellow teachers. In this article by Independent Journal we have a student surprised because she’s been suspended for and extended period because she threw a “baby” carrot at a teacher. But it was only a baby carrot, right?  What’s the big deal?

From the article:

Student Aliya May was leaving class earlier this year at Moody Middle School when she spotted a former teacher in the hallway. The 14-year-old though it would be funny to toss a baby carrot – which WTVR notes was less than 2 inches in length – at her old instructor. Unfortunately for Aliya, it seems that the tiny vegetable wound up hitting the teacher in the forehead, an offense that caused the school to suspend her.

It’s not about the size of the carrot. It’s about a mentality that thinks the size of the carrot matters. And in this case, even the conservative website is siding with the student. But there is a mentality that must be recognized here; a mentality that is prevalent in the system; and a mentality that is reinforced by the school system’s established religion. Man is the determiner of his own right and wrong, and no one else. That is secular humanism’s source of ethics. And what we see here is simply someone living that out. The school system is acting hypocritical here, not the student. It teaches secular humanism, then expects students to behave as if the very thing they teach isn’t true. I stand with the school on this one. Though they are being hypocritical, their actions align well with my views on objective moral standards. But that so many do not grasp this, even the news reporter and the conservative blog, is a testament to how far things have fallen. And if I looked to culture, or even the schoolhouse and the elites who run it, for my moral compass, I’d think the school has gone too far too.

Your children, if they’re to have any hope of a happy life, will need much more than an education. They will find virtually none of the foundational material suitable to build a happy life in the schoolhouse; not from most teachers, who even if they had knowledge of what is needed are forbidden to teach it, or from their peers.


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