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Reason 232: Because You Have No Say In Government Education

In the 1920’s, in the very heart of “The Bible Belt, the ACLU orchestrated an attack on the teaching of creationism in Dayton Tennessee. It was a battle that they lost, but a war that they won. Parents would now have to send their children to school to be taught that their existence was nothing more than happenstance. These children grew up and filled the courts.

In the 1960’s, the courts found in the constitution that prayer in school was unconstitutional. It hadn’t been there before, but these now grown up children steeped in an evolutionary mindset suddenly discovered it. It was a de facto constitutional amendment. Parents would now have to send their children to school to be taught a more militant form of evolutionary fantasy with the expulsion of anything God.

In the 1970’s the courts found in the constitution that it was a human right for a mother to murder her unborn child. That right hadn’t been there before, but these now grown up children, steeped in Godlessness evolutionary thinking didn’t care. The butchers at Planned Parenthood were given the green light and would shortly have the red carpet laid out for them at the government schoolhouse. Parents? If you don’t like it, shut up.

Last year the courts found in the constitution that the word marriage, as it had always been defined, had been redefined. It had always throughout human history been defined and understood as what it is, but now the courts went against the will of the people and found in the constitution that it was illegal to define it that way anymore.

Soon the courts will redefine the words male and female. The schoolhouse has played its part in that too. Here is a story of just one of those battles.

Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

The issue became public when the Edwards demanded the school present transgender materials and information to their child’s classmates. “Key components included a letter to be sent home to kindergarten families notifying them of the transition; use of the book ‘I Am Jazz‘ in each kindergarten classroom; and communications for any families who asked about opting out of the classroom education, to direct them to equivalent content and to outline behavior expectations,” the complaint states.

While the school was initially willing to implement such materials, even considering an additional book, “My Princess Boy,” school officials changed their minds after backlash from parents who didn’t want transgenderism taught at such a young age. Some parents believed an opt-out would not be sufficient because the information would inevitably be spread to the other students who did not receive the instruction directly. As a result, the school chose to enforce its anti-bulling policy and not conduct gender re-education.

None of us have escaped the indoctrination cycles. Those who hate their creator are committed to erasing Him, and will stop at nothing. To give an inch is to give a mile. These poor parents want to hold some semblance of normalcy without being painted as haters and bigots.  I’m sorry, but there’s no middle of the road on this one.

It doesn’t matter how this particular case turns out. Parents and their children will loose. They lost the day they sent their children to be indoctrinated by a God hating state because they are more worried about their material well-being than their spiritual well-being.

The schoolhouse is in free-fall with the rest of society. You, as a parent, will have no say in what goes on there. But you will have every say in what goes on in your house. Keep them home.

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Reason 132: Because It’s Good For The Children

I love watching children, especially young children. It is a fascinating thing to me, and they’re so precious. The thoughts of anyone doing anything bad to one of them causes a deep emotional response in me. This is true for most normal people I think. No one likes to see a baby abused or hurt. But this emotional response is also a tool in the hands of evil people. That’s why “it’s for the children” is such a common rallying cry, whether it’s actually for the children or not.

Here is an example. The CDC, wants to do a better job, “for the children” by teaching them how to have sex without catching all those pesky diseases out there:

From Life Site:

CDC: Middle schools need to teach contraceptive use more often

Not enough teenagers are being taught about condoms, artificial birth control, and other “skills” “needed to avoid HIV, other STDs, and unintended pregnancy,” says a new government report.

Every other year, the CDC surveys the nation’s high schools and middle schools. Last Wednesday, it released the results of the 2014 School Health Profiles Survey at the National HIV Prevention Conference. The results covered a wide variety of health behaviors, including a section on sexual education.

Of course, if it really was “for the children”, and not for “Planned Parenthood’s bottom line”, or “for” perverts in power to live vicariously, or maybe not so vicariously, their fantasies of youthful sexcapades, they’d teach abstinence, just like they do with guns, tobacco, and pro American sentiment.

Of course the advice from the government CDC will be followed by the government DOE, with the help of PP, and the NEA, because none of these can ever be satisfied when it comes to your children copulating.

But if these agencies and organizations really did things “for the children” they’d first abolish the entire modern concept of public education, which is not “good for the children”, or anyone else for that matter. What is “good for the children” is a loving home where marriage and abstinence until marriage is taught. Maybe, just maybe, if you are successful with your children, they will grow up and be productive citizens, get married for life, have children and grandchildren who will all be instilled with the same ideas of success and happiness. That, my friends, if good for the children.

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Reason 86: Because Even Though You Can’t Stop Them From Throwing Away Your Tax Money, You Don’t Have To Let Them Throw Away Your Child’s Mind

It seems the Clark County School District has been up to a little 1st amendment denying mischief. I’ll leave it to those smarter than myself to figure out why the institution, along with the union that “protects” its teachers from the institution, is so hell bent on killing as many of its future clients as it possibly can. But it is, and that truth in its own right ought to be enough for even the most discernment challenged among us to know that the schoolhouse is no place for children. But I guess the way the institution sees it, if you can’t kill the child, teach the child to kill the child.

At issue here is a pro-life club desiring to set up operations in the bowels of the institution. From Live Action News:

Las Vegas school district pays $30k for trying to stop pro-life club

Las Vegas teenager Angelique Clark and the Thomas More Society have announced a new development in their victorious battle to allow a pro-life club at West Career and Technical Academy.

Live Action News reported in September that the Clark County School District relented from their initial refusal to allow Clark to start an organization for pro-life students. Administrators had initially told her abortion was too controversial and too complicated for a high-school sophomore to handle.

I am, to say the least, incredules. The same institution that rolls out red carpets for the butchers at Planned Parenthood are concerned that your child can’t handle the idea of the crushing and dismembering babies  that they advocate? And their concern for your poor delicate child is so extensive that they’re willing to spend boocoos of your tax dollars to protect them from such a  gory spectacle? This hypocrisy raises the question, is this the sort of institution that gives you the warm fuzzies when you see the big yellow monster swallow them up in the morning and then puke them out on your lawn in the evening?

And the whole thing is unnecessary. It need not be. You can teach your child to love and adore their children, not to kill them. But if they’re to learn such things while in the institution, you need to know that it will be in spite of the institution that you’ve intrusted them to to form their minds.

H/T,  Neil at Eternity Matters

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Reason 68: Because You Don’t Want To Raise “Normal” Children

Screenshot (140)


Moral confusion abounds in the school house. That’s because confusion is taught in the school house. And it’s taught because the institution is itself morally confused at its highest levels. A few kids are now learning that it’s a dangerous thing when the institution that teaches lawlessness, and the institution that writes and enforces laws, is ultimately one and the same.

Here’s the story from Breitbart:


From the story:

A massive sexting scandal involving hundreds of students unfolded this week in a Colorado high school where students, possibly as young as eighth grade, allegedly messaged nude photos of themselves and others. The teens were allegedly sharing and collecting them like baseball trading cards. The teens’ actions could end with some students being charged with felony child pornograph.

I honestly can’t imagine the staggering incredulity that these young ones must be experiencing over the reaction to their sexting. They, after all, have a true perspective of the reality in which they live. So let’s look at that perspective. Here are a few things children are given or taught in the state’s institutions of education from an early age:

  • Lots of Condoms, and lots applauding of and encouraging to use even more condoms.
  • IUD’s to children at a young age.
  • Sex education that shuns abstinence as prudish and foolish
  • Liberal access to abortions
  • Moral relativism
  • Postmodernism
  • Secular Humanism

Hey, and let’s not forget a few more realities:

  • Almost every child carries in his pocket a device that gives him 24/7  access to all the porn the the sickest sicko could imagine.
  • He lives in a sexualy permissive culture with all things sexual all the time.
  • There is a  throw the doors open wide, ya’ll come-on-in attitude to the Butchers at Planned Parenthood and their “sex advice“, as well as other powerful sexual organizations bent on retraining your child’s mind.
  • Scandals seem to abound of teacher-student sex, and the world is more enamored than disgusted by it.
  • We are seeing the same seeds of pedophilia that we saw sown with homosexuality not that long ago, with much fruit since.
  • Promiscuous behavior is encouraged, or at least acceptable.

In the end the schoolhouse begins to look just a little bit like a taxpayer funded sex-pit.  And the whole world, media, culture, and yes, the schoolhouse from top to bottom, appears to be completely on board for all things sexaul all the time with the possible exception of sex within marriage. The last thing we ought to be when “scandals” like this erupt is shocked.  No, this is not the scandal. The schoolhouse is the scandal. These revelations are the mere consequence of that scandal. And if you think that this is an isolated case, then you are the problem.

Still, even if you do live under a rock, and vote for perverts every time the polls are open… even still, your children will fare better at home with you than in the stew your blind ignorance is creating. No child deserves public school.


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Reason 5 Because Planned Parenthood Butchers

Any satanic agenda worth its salt knows that indoctrinating your children is its bread and butter.  So of course there’s an open door policy to the Planned Parenthood butchers.   This article by Life site  sheds light on the state’s priorities when it comes to who gets to plant their agendas into your children’s mind.  Never forget, what you see in articles on the internet is only the tip of the iceberg.

From the article  entitled:

Despite what your parents say’: Planned Parenthood’s corruption of kids is worse than you know


[reading the PP website it] became readily apparent to me that Planned Parenthood had created a simple business model that exists to this day: Use sympathetic politicians and the liberal media to be blessed as a savior of women’s health in general and as “experts” in the field of sexual health in particular. Then infiltrate our public schools to make the required sex-ed presentations that teachers don’t want to make. The PP reps leave their brochures and cards behind so the kids can call PP when they are in trouble. And – oh yes – they leave their website info as well.

Worse yet, they do so under the guise of “We’re here to help you,” when in fact their unstated goal is exactly the opposite. How can I say that? When I went on that teenwire site in 2002, what I saw among other things was this jaw-dropper addressed to youth:

“Despite What Your Parents and Teachers Say… do you think you’ll really need to use math after high school to do anything besides balance your checkbook? How about chemistry? Or French? Well, there’s one subject that’s guaranteed to come up in the future… we all need to know about one thing – SEX!”

HT Glenn


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