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Reason 209: Because Liberty Is Bottom Up, And Hate Is Top Down

I once taught a Sunday School class of fifth and sixth graders. As an object lesson one Sunday we played a game of Monopoly.  As we played I accused all of the students at one time or another of cheating.  I would also attempt to convince everyone else that certain ones were cheaters. Each took turns in receiving this treatment from me.  And once I had accused them, I would constantly remind them that they were cheaters, even thought they’d never cheated that I knew of, only accused. They all worked really hard at not even appearing to cheat.  Meanwhile, I was cheating like crazy, but they never caught on because they were so focused on not looking like a cheater, and if they had of caught me I would have simply responded by calling them a hypocrite for calling me a cheater as I simply assumed before all that they actually were cheating.

The text that day came from Revelation 12:10 involving the “accuser of the brethren” as I attempted to teach that it’s important how we react and order our lives in light of the fact that we will be living under constant accusations in our Christian walk. And those accusations originate from this world’s leader, the head Accuser.

For those who have the eyes to see it, reality reveals this truth. People are taught from the head of the presidential cabinet, the president himself, through the secretary of the DOE, all the way down to the local schoolhouse to hate. But we all are quick to judge others more harshly than ourselves for the same sins, so many times we’re so busy judging “haters” that we can’t even see the hatred piled high in our own hearts. It’s in our DNA to be that way. And it’s precisely why Jesus instructed us to take the plank out of our own eye before we tried to help others. But since most people reject Jesus and his wisdom they reject this instruction also. So while the president, his cabinet and most of the bureaucrats in between are filled with hate and rage, they preach to everyone against hate and rage. Jesus had a name for this. He called it hypocrisy.

Today we will look at an article that looks into your tax dollars hard at work in the hatred of Jews:

Administration Defends UN-Funded, Anti-Israel Textbooks for Palestinians

A bit:

U.S. taxpayers provide nearly $400 million a year to a United Nations program that critics say sends anti-Semitic, anti-Israel textbooks to schools for Palestinian refugees.

An elementary school textbook calls the 1948 establishment of Israel a “disaster,” and a high school text tells of the “End of Days” when “Muslims fight the Jews,” among other examples in a report from the Center for Near East Policy, a pro-Israel research institute based in Jerusalem.

The minds of thoughtful people are boggled with the love affair leftists have with those who kill gays, have an established religion, and who abuse women while at the same time they hate the nation that is just as anti-Christ, homosexual glorifying, and steeped in feminism as their own. But they do. Must be something spiritual about it is all I can conclude.

But all that aside, consider the aligned hatred of the masses for a second. Might we conclude that such hatred is taught, not just in the public institutions but also in nation’s news and entertainment media?  And might we also conclude that nations who are most virulent in their hatred are also the nations who are most enslaved? Who wants to live in an Islamic nation? Who wants to live in a nation in which every policy finds its roots in the hatred of the rich? Love is hard. But hatred is easy, its a tool for enslavement, and it is generally propagated from top down.  That we all hate is a given. But it takes power to align and unify hatred, and accusations are the means through which such hatreds are aligned as people work hard to prove that they are NOT like those people over there; you know, the people that everyone loves to hate.

So if you want to teach your children to love, the last place you’ll want to send them is to an institution that is fraught with hatred, and which hides that hatred behind accusations of hatred with the constant bellowing of, homophobe, racist, misogynist, and hater if they don’t hate the “right things” (aligned hatred) while loving sin and death. Teach your children to love from a Biblical perspective, and teach them to be free instead.

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Reason 273: Because It Takes A Village, Not A Massive, Bloated, Self-serving, Depraved, Power-Lusting Centralized Government Institution

As always, when we’re deciphering arguments we must first define terms. So let’s look at the term “village” today. Every homeschooler would agree that it actually does take a village to raise a child. I’ve yet to meet a homeschooling family that is not heavily immersed and involved in the “village”.  We go to great lengths in fact to do that. And one of the lengths we go to is to keep our children out of a fenced off, age-segregated institution that isolates them from our understanding of village and instead indoctrinates them into a redefined understanding of “village”, which is more akin to a commune, with powerful leaders and masses of worker-bee slaves keeping the masters comfortable. I don’t want any part of their “village”.

If you know anyone whose only answer to every problem involves ever more government power, spending, and taxation, you know a liberal. You can see them every two years marching around talking about how they’re going to soak the rich to make your life better. But they never deliver on anything but blame. Why don’t we just go ahead and admit that if the masters took every red cent of everything produced by the worker-bee class, it still wouldn’t be enough to fix what they’ve broken?

As is obvious by all the blame-throwing going on right now it’s campaign season again. And here they come in droves, promising us Utopia if only we’ll deliver up our children, resources, and liberty.

So here we have this article addressing Hillary Clinton’s “village”, which is no village at all but a perverted horror house complete with drag queens and a baby-butcherers.

It Takes A Parent, Not A Policy

This is from one of my favorite sites, National Review, and there’s a lot to unpack. I’ll let you do that. But a couple of excerpts of note:


What’s amazing about the child-care debate is how little attention the “party of science” pays to the complex and contested science surrounding child care and maternal work. As Jenet Erickson recently noted in Family Studies, when young children, especially infants, spend lots of time in child care, it poses behavioral and social risks, even when they are being cared for in high-quality centers.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, their “science” is fake and is used as a billy club. It works like this: they come to the conclusions they want to be true, then they reject all science that doesn’t agree with their “science”. Then you impugn those who are open minded enough to want to consider real science, and if evidence that their science is nothing more than hack politics begins to emerge you criminalize those who disagree with you.


Finally, new research by MIT economist Jonathan Gruber (and colleagues) indicates that one big experiment in expanding child care at the societal level — Quebec’s introduction of universal child care — did not turn out well. Their study found that “cohorts with increased child care access subsequently had worse health, lower life satisfaction, and higher crime rates later in life,” with “impacts on criminal activity . . . concentrated in boys.” In contending that Clinton’s policy agenda on this front will “make a huge difference to [children’s] lives,” Krugman seems to do nothing but betray his ignorance or indifference to the state of the science on child care.

Failure is never a good reason to try something different. But then again, these are arguments and so terms must be defined. We tend to judge, as does this article, success according to the subject matter. In this case, it would be the long-term well-being of the children. But Hillary doesn’t judge success and failure that way. For her, the question is two fold. First, are these children being indoctrinated to think that we elites can and will fix everything bad in their lives?  Second, are they being indoctrinated to believe that ethe blame for everything that isn’t going right can be laid at the feet of her political enemies, whoever that may be? So for her, these programs are actually a great success.

But for me, success is defined as the spiritual well-being of my children, their character, and then academics.  I can fail my children in academics and they’ll be just fine. But if I fail them in the other areas, no amount of academic training can make up for it. Liberals would do good to understand that. But that would mean that they would have to admit that they’re not little gods running around here on earth progressing the world under their control toward Utopia. That’s why I don’t want these people anywhere near my children. And it’s also the reason I think we should spend considerable time explaining what leftists believe to our children, and why they’re wrong. And the only place that’s going to happen is in your house.


Read more at:

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Reason 269: Because Liberty Is’nt Cheap, But Government School Is

Let’s face it. Most of us were indoctrinated into the myopic. Our master wannabe’s don’t want us looking too far into the history, and the future is kept as vague as humanly possible by impossible-to-achieve, or even to define, words like “social justice” and  “Equality”, which are nothing more than code words for Marxism. No one wants to study history very closely lest they discover what a horrific history Marxism has had. And no one wants to define words that describe the future lest someone realize it’s just stuff made of emotional pixy-dust.

But the future depends on vision, both forward and rearward looking. Civil society must think in terms of generations, and not “till I die then to hell with it”.  But to think in terms of generations, there must be the building blocks of generations, which is the family. This is why Marx was–and Marxism is–so dead-set on its destruction.

Government school is cheap. In fact, it’s “free”. And why is the state so willing to educate your children? Because the one thing governments, historically, could never control their apatites for is ever more amounts of power. And your children are playing a vital role in satisfying that ever growing apatite by being indoctrinated to believe that government needs more power to do more good in the world.

But if your children were taught history, they’d know better. If they were taught the true nature of man, they’d know better. But they’re not. And you were not. So off we go, happily into slavery… again:

But it doesn’t have to be this way for your children. The masses may enslave them, yes, but at least they won’t become willing slaves, helping the masters themselves to place the chains of their bondage around their own necks. At least they won’t do that!


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Reason 246: It’s A Long Term Solution

Our world has come to the place it has, a world that argues about the definition of words “male”, “female”, “marriage”– but worse than that, words like: “good” and “evil”–not because people voted for the wrong leaders, but because people were trained to vote for leaders who were going where they want to go. There’s one ironclad law when it comes to representative government; a law that is as unmoving as the law of gravity. That law is “Politics is downstream of culture”.

Not in the wildest dreams of the poor soul struggling with an attraction to the same sex in 1950 would he have dreamed of redefining marriage to accommodate his deviancy. The thought of running for office with “marriage equality” would not have ever crossed his mind. Not so today. No, the person running today must be for the new definition of marriage, and he must reject the definition that has always been in place up until now. So what changed first? The government, or those who elect the government? That’s an easy answer, and if you want to know how an entire culture was transformed, you need look no further than that sprawling, windowless, flat-roofed, government building just down the street.

But there is a long-term solution. And that’s why I’m posting this meme today:

Screenshot (232)

What we’ve come to are two political parties that are vastly different in most ways, but which reject God. Sure, perhaps one more than the other, but both are increasingly God hating. Both candidates this year will only pay lip service to the God of the Bible and how he tells us to order a society. The will do this confident that those who are hearing what they want to be told will not know any better, such is the state of discipleship in homes and churches. They will pay bookoos of lip service about how they’re going to fix all the problems that have come our way as a result of rejecting God’s order. We don’t know what they’ll promise, but we can be sure it will mean more laws and less freedom.

So if you want freedom for your children, and especially your children’s children, you won’t let the power-hungry government-god/state anywhere near their precious young minds.

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Reason 241: Because The Institution’s Never Going To Be Honest About Their Plans For Your Children

“Orwellian” is an adjective describing creepy names for creepy organizations and bureaucracies that are the opposite of what the group is actually up to. The job of the Ministry Of Truth, for example, is to hide the truth. And the Ministry Of Peace was anything but peaceful.

Orwell was looking forward with amazing insight. We can see it in this article:

Congress Plotting to Psychologically Profile Children

I’m not so sure however it’s congress up to no good. Its main goal seems to be to keep the media off it’s back and get reelected. We know that they’re too busy doing that to read the million page monstrosities called “laws” that they load up on the backs of Americans every year. But not so with the Democrat party hacks, shakers and movers. We learn what we need to know from this article concerning who’s behind it from the first line:

After passing an Obama-backed education bill that undermines parental rights and state and local control over schools under the guise of making every student “succeed,” Congress is plotting its next unconstitutional “education” scheme: a bill to fund psychological testing and profiling of your child  and the data-mining to go with it. Under the scheme, which already sailed through the U.S. Senate late last year, schools would vacuum up huge amounts of data on students, including information on their “social and emotional learning,” attitudes, values, beliefs, and more.

You’ve gotta love the name of the new law:

The legislation, dubbed Strengthening Education Through Research Act, or SETRA, purports to re-authorize and fund an array of expired unconstitutional Bush-era federal programs under the Education Sciences Reform Act. The Senate SETRA bill was shepherded through with “unanimous consent” and no recorded vote by Republican Senator and former U.S. Education Secretary Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the key figures behind the Orwellian Obama-backed monstrosity known as the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA). Along with other establishment Republicans, Alexander conspired with the Obama administration,as they bragged later, to cement Common Core in place nationwide and shred parental rights with the unconstitutional ESSA statute. All the while, Alexander and others pretended that the bill restored state and local control over education. While the new SETRA scheme passed easily in the Senate, the legislation is currently being held up in the House amid a massive public outcry surrounding privacy rights, parental rights, and other concerns.

But it’s a miracle that you don’t have to subject your child to the madness that is government education and indoctrination. But it’s a miracle that you must act on.


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Reason 153: Simply Because The Machine Wants Your Children In The First Place

When you’re the machine, and you see an increasing exodus from the bowels of your bureaucratic hell, what do you do? You become a bully, that’s what you do. Except you become a bully that would make the school yard terror seem like a lap kitten. How? That’s easy, you use the power of the bureaucracy, the millions of laws and regulations at your disposal, and the millions of dollars confiscated from the citizenry, then you turn those parents, who love their children enough to spare them from your indoctrination, into criminals.

We can see this in Ohio where the institution is doing just that:

Homeschoolers face 23 yrs. in jail for late paperwork

A bit from the article:

Despite the fact that each of the families were relatively new to homeschooling in Ohio — along with hundreds of other families around the country who report having trouble navigating their state’s notice requirements for the first time each year — school district officials filed criminal complaints against them.

This severe course of action of having both families served — which can cost them tens of thousands of dollars in fines and decades behind bars — has baffled attorneys with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which serves its 80,000 member families across America.

“Even when a family may have missed a key filing deadline, these situations can often be quickly corrected,” HSLDA Staff Attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole. “And usually, if the family resolves the issue promptly, state officials rarely pursue further action — like criminal prosecution — against the parents.”

Once they discovered the errors, both families quickly righted the wrong(s) … but no matter.

Thank God for the Home School Legal Defense Fund, and organization that exists because of the preponderance of bureaucratic hacks. My advice to the institution is for them to take a look into their own closets, there’s plenty of scum floating around in there. My advice to all parents is get your children out of those closets yesterday.

Read more at:


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Reason 152: Because You Don’t Want A Machine Raising Your Children To Be Cogs

Never forget that the state works like a machine. If you get crossways with it, it has millions of laws to use against you, and millions of confiscated dollars with which to pursue their ire. That’s exactly what happened to this poor lady who simply wanted different people in the machine that is educating her children. Too bad, so sad, the machine has plans for her children to become cogs somewhere, and she needn’t think that she’s going to get in the way of that.

This Mom Wanted Voters to Pay Attention to an Election. Instead, She Got Sued.

A Colorado mother got caught in a legal battle after buying two ads in a local newspaper to encourage voters to brush up on the candidates running for school board… To spread the word, she placed the ads, listing the names of candidates without advocating for or against any one contender.

…[The] school system officials used Colorado’s campaign finance system to sue her on two counts of violating the law in what she says was an attempt to silence her for the remainder of the election in the Byers School District.

So now, while the statists in their cushy jobs at the schoolhouse system sleep easy at night using tax dollars to go after this poor lady, she will be laying awake wondering how she’s ever going to pay the lawyer bills.

It really is much cheaper, and more peaceful and productive too, to teach your children at home. I hope this mother learns her lesson.

Good read here for this and the next post:

Must Reads For The Week 1/30/16

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