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Reason 221: Your Children Will Have Lots Of Good Memories

When we started out with our homeschooling, having spent our young lives in the public schoolhouse, we simply attempted to do what the state does. We had whiteboards, chalkboards, class schedules, and a similar palate of courses. That didn’t last long for a lot of reasons, mainly that reality didn’t cooperate. We began to observe that our children were natural learners, as are all children. The worse thing you can do to young children is to stuff them into a chair and force them to learn. They’re going to learn whether you want them to or not. And if learning is fun, they’re going to learn even more.

Here’s a great article along these lines of thought:

80% of kids want their parents to read to them and, relatedly, we’re kinda famous

We did a lot of reading to our children when they were young. I highly recommend it. It creates a learning environment, it teaches a love for reading, it presents opportunities to talk about situations and morality, and it creates wonderful memories. 

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