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Reason 329: Because There’s Now Going To Be A Satan Club After The All Day Satan Indoctrination

This story fascinates me:

An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school

It fascinates me because the schoolhouse already teaches what this club proposes to teach after school, yet many parents have no problem with it when the name “Satan” is removed during the school day. This is their proposed curriculum from the article:

The curriculum for the proposed after-school clubs emphasizes the development of reasoning and social skills. The group says meetings will include a healthful snack, literature lesson, creative learning activities, a science lesson, puzzle solving and an art project. Every child will receive a membership card and must have a signed parental­ permission slip to attend.

Someone else will have to enlighten me as to how that’s any different from the public school, including the denial of the existence of God.

But there is an interesting insight given in this article that confirms my point:

They point out that Christian evangelical groups already have infiltrated the lives of America’s children through after-school religious programming in public schools, and they appear determined to give young students a choice: Jesus or Satan.

To “infiltrate” is a nefarious affair. One would think that the public school system was a glorious thing, indeed pristine, which has never ever in thousands of years allowed any religion whatsoever into its midsts, and then here has come these evildoers, these wild-eyed, big-Bible-thumping, knuckle-dragging neanderthals attempting to indoctrinate these poor children into some crazy religious scheme. They put themselves, not as the indoctrinaters, but as the traditionalists, attempting to protect their sacred traditions from usurpers. Of course, history tells a different story, but who knows anything about history? It’s public school we’re talking about here.

Adams sais that our constitution was meant for a moral and religious people, and that it was fit for none other. If you’ve ever wondered what he meant, just think about this school club for a minute or two. But it doesn’t have to be this way for your children. They don’t have to be raised, trained and indoctrinated by a Satanic state. You can keep them home, and indoctrinate them in the ways of truth.



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Reason 300: Another hecto-post bonus

Today’s post will package lots of reasons in one post. It’s about a website I discovered called Alliance For The Separation Of School And Stateand I’ll share a post from that website that takes a look at a lot of reasons to homeschool.

The post:

Is There a Problem?

And here is an excerpt:

Besides the on-going complaints about poor academic performance, grade inflation, and low expectations, there is also serious concern over such in-school issues as:

  • violence

  • physical and emotional bullying

  • cheating and lying

  • wide-spread immorality

  • drugs and alcohol

  • worldview conflicts

Each one of these points is a reason to homeschool. But there is a deeper reason that the article points to:

Of course, these problems are really symptoms of something deeper… [and] this is important, because it will lead us to the real cause of our public school problems.

The difference is that public schools are controlled by the government and subject to all the ills of government bureaucracy and power.  Private and home schools are run, in varying ways, by parents.

Private schools are dependent upon the satisfaction of parents in order to remain in business.  They do not control the children in their care. Instead, families retain their authority and “hire” the schools for certain aspects of raising their children.

I love the name of this organization because it plays off the name of a God-hating organization that is, of course, welcomed with wide open arms into the public school: “Americans For The Separation Of Church And State” (AFTSOCAS)  And this is a fairly apt name for this organization because we know that it has no problem with religion being in the schoolhouse. It’s only problem is with one religion, the one that worships in a Church.  Otherwise, we know, and so does the AFTSOCAS, that the state education institution is a religious institution.  So if we don’t want religion in the institution that educates our children, namely the established religion of America, Secular Humanism, the only way to not have it is to home educate (or according to this article, private school) and keep the state and its religion far at bay.




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Reason 277: Because The Institution Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Congressman And A Seven-Year-Old

In my last post, I talked about words. So this post cites another example of words redefined. But first, let’s look at the so-called establishment clause:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

So what do these words mean? It means what those in power want them to mean. It’s obvious that they can’t mean they say because of this:

School Calls Police on Seven-Year-Old Who Brought Bible Verses to Read at Lunchtime

It looks as thought these guys think this child is the state and was establishing his religion in the schoolhouse. Of course looks can be deceiving… or maybe not so much in this case. This is the way religions operate now, and the way they’ve always operated. And it’s why the establishment clause was put  in the constitution in the first place. Religions are jealous, and once they’ve deceived the multitudes they can’t very well have any strange religions taught.  Secular Humanism IS the established religion in the state-run schoolhouse. And so these people are simply acting like the religious people they are.

No Christian would send their children to a Buddhist temple, or a Mosque for an education. But every day they send their children to a religious institution to be indoctrinated into a new religion. Why?

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Reason 261: Because Religion Is Good, Unless It’s Bad

Your child will be religious. How do I know that? The same way I know that birds build nests. They were designed to build nests. They can’t not build nests no more than your child will not be able to not be religious. So you have only one question to answer. Which religion will your child eventually buy into?  That’s it. It’s a simple question, but also an oh so important one.

So what did the institution teach us about “religion”? That it was closed minded of course. Remember Copernicus?  The Crusades? The Salem Witch Trials? The inquisitions? The Scarlett Letter? Sure you do. What do all these have in common besides the fact that all concern religion? Bingo! You got it. They all deal with a caricatured view of Christianity, which as far as the state is concerned is synonymous with the word religion and excludes all other religions, especially Secular Humanism.

But what about throwing homosexuals off the tops of buildings, or honor killings or brutal misogyny? Sorry, wrong religion. That’s Islam. Please don’t confuse that with evil!

Or what about book burnings? Or academic tyranny? Or closed mindedness? Well… that’s only bad when one religion does it, as we can see here:

Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials

You see, when you’ve set out to suppress truth, then truth is dangerous. When you’re a liar truth cannot be risked. It must be suppressed. We must always keep a watchful eye out on ourselves above all lest we become the very thing we hate and not even realize it.

Make no mistake, Secular Humanism is a religion. It may come in the form of environmentalism, deviant sexuality worship, government worship, moral relativism, atheism and much more, but it is a religion. But what’s worse, it is the established religion of the US.  What I’m saying is that America is not only not a Christian nation, it is an anti-Christian nation. Who can go to the schoolhouse, look around a bit, and conclude anything else? It’s not what we say we believe that matters. It’s what we do. And what we do is indoctrinate children into a religion that is hostile to Christianity. Your hard-earned tax dollars are used to indoctrinate your own children into the religion of Secular Humanism. Deny it if you like, but deny it at your children’s peril.

So what do religions do? They suppress the truth because they cannot stand in the light of the truth. We can see it here:

In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools.

“It is unacceptable that we have textbooks in our schools that spread doubt about the human causes and urgency of the crisis,” said Lincoln High School student Gaby Lemieux in board testimony. “Climate education is not a niche or a specialization, it is the minimum requirement for my generation to be successful in our changing world.”

The resolution passed Tuesday evening calls for the school district to get rid of textbooks or other materials that cast doubt on whether climate change is occurring and that the activity of human beings is responsible. The resolution also directs the superintendent and staff to develop an implementation plan for “curriculum and educational opportunities that address climate change and climate justice in all Portland Public Schools.”

Only a religion would believe that only a few societies have the ability to change or alter the temperature of their planet. Yet that’s exactly where the schoolhouse wants to take your children. But know this. In the end, it’s not about levels of mercury. Indeed, no one denies that there was an ice age. No, it’s about resting power through fear. And there’s no better tool to put the fear of “climate change” in the hearts of your children than the very temple of Secular Humanism, the schoolhouse.

But your children don’t have to grow up this way, with constant exposure to just-so stories and outrageous postulations. They could grow up, trained in a good religion, your own. And they make even bring some sanity back into the this world, or at least raise the generation that will. Who knows? But I do know this. I would never willingly subject my children to this non-sense.


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Reason 260: Because You Want To Train The Heart According To Reality

There are two different philosophies when it comes to education. One is to enforce your will on the outside and hope the inside will come along behind. The other is to just change the inside, that is to say, to change the heart. We think the latter way is not only the right way but the only way to educate.

In this age, there seems to be a preoccupation with what a person does and not so much with what he thinks. We are told to, for example, refer to some men as a she even though we know he’s a he. We’re told to deny reality and create an alternate reality. We are to pretend that what is not, is.  With this philosophy, Law and coercion are king because it’s the externals that matter.

But we believe that it is the heart that must be trained. Sure, I don’t want my daughter to dress like a prostitute, but more than that I want my daughter to not want to dress like a prostitute. One requires law and external coercion. The other requires heart training. Keeping this in mind lets look at an article I found:

School District Ignites Controversy With Proposed Restrictions on ‘Leggings,’ ‘Skinny Jeans’ and ‘Other Excessively Tight-Fitting Pants’

It seems the schoolhouse is upset about what those poor souls placed in their charge are wearing. But It’s not because their attire makes them look like prostitutes and hoodlums. The way those in the schoolhouse see it, their choice of clothes is causing bullying. Who’d of thought?

But I found this comment by a parent most interesting:

“If bullying is the impetus, do a better job of teaching the kids to be nice. Don’t tell them how to dress.”

Here’s a parent who gets it… well kind of. He understands at least that it is the heart that needs to be trained. But he’s totally confused about who’s job that is, or to what higher order one should appeal in order to discover what “niceness” is. Apparently he’s fine with an institution that invites human butchers, God haters and the depraved in to help train his children, but he still wants them to train his children to be nice. Unfortunately, that’s what the institution actually has plans to do, but he might be surprised one day to discover that his definition of “nice” is different than the institution’s definition.

But that’s just it. Goodness and niceness are words that appeal to an order that supersedes our own wills and desires. It is not nice or good to lie. I think we all get that. But it’s also not nice to lie to someone with psychological problems by telling him that he doesn’t’ have a problem.  And it’s not nice to lie to those who know he has a problem by telling them that they’re the ones who have the real problem, then teach ohters to start calling those who now have the new problem not-so-nice names like ______phopes.  It’s not nice to teach generation after generation that they don’t have to think critically, that all they have to do is to call people names, and label them evil when those people have ideas that are different. In short, it’s not nice for a small group of people to turn the masses into slaves, which is exactly what all of this kind fo teaching prepares them to be. For the slave, the institution IS the higher order.

But the higher order supersedes the institution. And unfortunately for the institution, the higher order has always been, and it will always be. It is the reality. As for me, I’m teaching my children that they don’t get to decide right and wrong. They can only abide by it, or rebel against it. But I also do my best to train them to desire to abide by it. And dear friends, no institution can or will do that for you, nor were they ever meant to according to the higher order. This is one job, if you want it done right, you’ll want to do it yourself.



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Reason 258: Because Others Are Doing It?

Well, maybe that’s not a good reason. But others are doing it in increasing numbers. Here’s some interesting news from North Carolina:

In one state, more children homeschool than attend private schools. Why that shouldn’t shock you.

The article gets into the reasons this is happening, but it focuses on just a few of what it figures are prominent reasons… like Common Core, moral and religious teaching and such. As for me, I think it’s awesome. But I also realize that the more people who do this, the more attention it’s going to get from Goliaths like the NEA and the rest of the monsters who run the asylum. So we get this from the article:

The National Education Association, the country’s largest teacher’s union, declared in a 2011 resolution: “The National Education Association believes that homeschooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience.”

But, there is quite a gap between what the NEA believes about homeschooling and the actual results from homeschooling. According to Education News:

Recent studies laud homeschoolers’ academic success, noting their significantly higher ACT-Composite scores as high schoolers and higher grade point averages as college students. Yet surprisingly, the average expenditure for the education of a homeschooled child, per year, is $500 to $600, compared to an average expenditure of $10,000 per child, per year, for public school students.

Who’d a thought?  A child learns better when being taught by someone who’d give their very blood for that child than by a union thug*.



(*)Of course, there are lots of fine teachers in the system. But that’s just it, it’s a system. And if these fine teachers act like decent human beings they will be fired pronto. Because any decent human being would not lie to their students and tell them that they’re nothing but flesh machines and so… survival of the fittest.  And oh yea, if you act like, “survival of the fittest” we might put you in prison.  But decent people need to work, and they have a vocation. And for some, that vocation is teaching. And as for me, I’m glad they’re there. Thank you to all who slug it out in the system every day. You are a warrior.

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Reason 222: Because Church Leaders Were Not Homeschooled

This may seem like an odd reason, so let me explain. I’ll start by strongly asserting that no one, not me, not you, not anyone, can live their lives in a culture and not be affected by it.  Like it or not, you’ve imbibed more of the culture than you realize, and you, right now, are believing some lie hat was implanted there by your culture. The same goes for me.  Fixing that starts by realizing that it is so. The next step is to ferret out untruths through prayer and steeping one’s self in the Bible. The vast majority of church leaders, even great ones whom I admire, have not realized the need for this first step.

One of the most insidious problems is that we live in a material worshipping culture. So it only stands to reason that we are “materialist” to some degree, and in that degree are caught up in materialism. Why else would a parent, who abhors everything that the ACLU, the butchers at Planned parenthood, the LGBT, GLSN, the Atheists stand for, send their children to an institution that is controlled by these very organizations?  The answer is materialism. There is a fear that their little Johnny will not get that good education and will then not be able to enjoy the material comforts of our modern society. And they fear that so much, that they will ignore the ever increasingly blatant reality that the schoolhouse is the worst place to send their children, and send them there anyway, just like most of the pastors and leaders in their churches do.

I’ve been going to church for about 25 years now, and I’ve heard almost nothing in those 25 years on child rearing. And not only will most of the children of the pastors walk away from their father’s faith, most of the children in the congregation will walk away too. And evidently it has never occurred to anyone that perhaps someone ought to rethink the past century’s approach to Godly childrearing. Let’s be honest. If we can’t save our own children, what gives us the idea that we’re going to have any impact at all on this world?

This brings me to an author I have a lot of respect for, and for whom I continue to respect. But he is wrong on this one issue. It is my guess that he, himself, spends scant time teaching his congregation to be disciplining parents, even though they’ve had very little help in that area except for what our disintegrating culture has taught. (…and maybe I’m wrong about his church, but I know I’m not wrong about almost every other church) But it’s worse than all that. Most pastors went to government schools, as did their parents. It would be nothing less than foolhardy to assume that many generations into the downward spiral of public education has had no impact on the way we all think.  But that’s just it. We really believe that we’ve escaped the downward spiral. Perhaps it’s because we’re not homosexuals, and nor or our children… yet. Or perhaps it’s because we’re decent human beings, at least compared to everyone else. Sure we check out the porn sites every now and then. And we’re paying HBO or “Game Of Thrones”. But we’re not like those child molesters and murderers and thief and all. Why we drive new cars and live in a nice neighborhood.   Sorry, We are all in the downward spiral together, and unless we begin to see that, we’ll never understand the huge part that our own educations in the public school played in our current deception.

This pastor’s name is Tim Challies, and he writes this article:

Stop Slandering Public School Teachers

I would take issue with Mr. Challies on three points. First, I’ve read his writings about his own childhood, how he would watch his parents read the Bible and pray, and demonstrate the Christian life before him. I’m sure that he does the same thing before his children, and I’m confident that his children will turn out fine, in spite of the institution’s intentions otherwise. But he will be, again, the exception. I hope he’s devoting a fair amount of time helping the parents in his congregation do the same thing. I hope he’s shepherding his congregation as fellow parents. But again, I doubt that he is. My guess is that his congregation is like most others who are losing most of their children to moral relativism and Secular Humanism. And in our modern day churchness, their children can abort their babies, fornicate, shack up, abandon their families, and marry people of the same sex right there in the church with much applause from the congregation on the grace of God.  Perhaps his church is doing marginally better than that. I hope that it is.

I also take issue with him on slandering teachers. I have friends who are teachers. I have a lot of respect for Christain teachers, or even just good teachers. But opposing the institution and its evils, as we all should be doing, does not equate to slandering teachers. Furthermore, a few good experiences had by a few people does not offset the evil being perpetrated on your children first, and on the culture as a whole, by the institution.  All evil institutions, if they’re actually are going to have an evil impact, cloak their evil in goodness and kindness.  One think I can say for certain, none of the good teachers spoken of by Mr. Challis, nor Mr. Challis himself, can preach the Gospel in the schoolhouse. But the Atheist is free to preach atheism, and the homosexual is free to preach sodomy, and the butchers at planned parenthood are free to preach promiscuity and murder. Now if that doesn’t give the good Christain pause, I’m not sure what would.

Third, Mr. Challis needs to realize that the institution is not an irreligious institution. I’ve heard it said that if you want to know about water, don’t ask a fish. In the same way, I would say that if you want to know about Secular Humanism don’t ask a Westerner, because he is so surrounded and steeped in it that he doesn’t even realize that it’s his own state’s established religion. Would Mr. Challis send his child to a Muslim school? Or a Buddist school? And then would he defend the “teachers’ when someone pointed out that perhaps that’s not the greatest idea for a Christian parent? I’m guessing not. But Mr. Challis is sending his children to a Secular Humanist school, and he has no problem with that. The reason? No one can live their lives in a culture and not be affected by it.


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Reason 103: Because The State Will Indoctrinate Your Child That They “Shall Have No Other Gods Before The State”

The war on Christmas is simply the December version of the war on God that is happening the other 12 months. And nowhere is this war hotter than the battles over the next generation taking place in your friendly neighborhood democrat factory down the street. Here we have one installment in that war from a Fox News Opinion Article:

Oh good grief! School district censors Charlie Brown Christmas

The latest yuletide lunacy comes from Johnson County, Kentucky where the school district has censored an elementary school presentation of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The district also ordered other schools to remove all religious references from their upcoming Christmas productions.

At one school, “Silent Night” was replaced with a Christmas version of the “Whip/Nae Nae” song.

Yes, good readers — apparently that is a real thing.

“How do you go from ‘Silent Night’ to the ‘Whip/Nae Nae,’” one distraught grandmother asked me. “We’re not at all happy about it.”

Teachers at W.R. Castle Elementary School were directed to remove the moving scene where Linus shares the true meaning of Christmas by reading from the Gospel of Luke.

Superintendent Tom Salyer confirmed to me that the entire passage was excised from the program after the district received a single complaint.

“We’re not reading that, sir,” Salyer told me. “It disappoints men that we have to do this.”

The superintendent, who said he is a church-going man, said he was simply following the advice of school district attorneys.

So how can the schoolhouse live up to its dogmatic insistence that it be “inclusive”, then exclude the traditions of the culture in which the schoolhouse is emmersed? It’s because Christmas time is a time of Christmas songs. And Christmas song point to a Christ. And the Christ claims to to above the state, not below it. And the state is NEVER going to go for that. The statist, in the name of the state, will be the arbiter of right and wrong, not Jesus. And anything that paints Jesus in a positive light simply will not be tolerated; not at Christmas time, and not any time.

But you have the option of sending your child to a school that can speak of Jesus all you want. And it can teach real tolerance, and real inclusion so that your child doesn’t grow up thinking that intolerance is tolerance and exclusion is inclusion, and that sodomy is marriage, and that gender is a figment of one’s imagination, and that the state is god and on and on. You can do that, if you want to. And it’s much easier than you would think.

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Reason 73: Your Child’s School Is Not A Religion Free Zone, Just A Christianity Free Zone

There’s probably nothing more exhilarating than spending other people’s money on folly. And if the state has failed at everything else, it certainly gets an A plus on that one. In this article from The Washington Free Beacon we have the state spending two and a half million dollars on the New Age religion for your children. Now isn’t that nice of them?

From the article:

The Department of Education is spending upwards of $2.5 million to bring a mindfulness intervention to kindergarteners in Chicago, where kids can go to “calm spots” in the corner to watch nature videos. The National Institutes of Health has spent over $100 million studying the New Age meditation technique, but it is not the only federal agency pouring federal funding into mindfulness. The Education Department has introduced a “Calm Classroom” program into 3,000 schools through its Investing in Innovation fund, costing taxpayers $2,513,093…

“In addition to traditional mindfulness exercises that involve inner focus and require practice, our intervention also includes components involving outer focus on items intended to automatically attract children’s soft fascination and promote attention replenishment, such as videos of animals or nature scenes,” the institute wrote in its grant application. “These scenes, along with occasional, gently voiced reminders (e.g., ‘Are you still watching the spider spin that amazing web?’) will be displayed on tablets stationed in what we call ‘The Calm Spot.’”

Children were never meant to be herded off to an impersonal institution for an “education”. It seems we are constantly challenged to think outside the box, which I think is good. So why would anyone send their child to an oversized box, and put them in the care of an institution that does not love them, but instead experiments with their minds using New Age techniques? To think outside the box is to think outside of now. What is normal is normal because it’s all that we’ve experienced. We experienced the institution, and so it seems only right that our child should experience it. In other words, our minds have been programmed to think of the institution gobbling up our children as the normal thing to happen. But I challenge you to think outside of that box. It isn’t normal at all. It’s wicked.

At home, in the company of loved ones, your child won’t need a “Calm Spot”, or a bunch of expensive New Age meditation experiments on his mind. He will be right where God created him to be. And he will be the better for it.


Thanks to Colin Gunn and the fine folks at Indoctrination The Movie.

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