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Reason 333: Because It’s Legal

It’s nothing short of a miracle that homeschooling is legal. First, there’s the fact that so few do it, especially in the beginning. There was no political consequence to outlawing it, and it was tried in several states, yet all attempts failed. That’s no small thing considering the government’s view on what is taught in most homes. In their view homeschooling is a cauldron of intolerance, bigotry, racism, and every evil phobia conjured up by man in these last days, and those yet to be “discovered”.

But that it’s a miracle doesn’t stop the local magistrates from testing that miracle occasionally. And that’s just what this municipality did:

A couple of notes about this article. First is what I call “slave talk”. Free men are not “allowed” to do things by their government. Slaves of an elite class are “allowed” to do things. Our language reveals deep-rooted thinking that helps our masters to keep us enslaved. So when I read something like this:

The state’s 2nd Appellate District in Los Angeles found that homeschooling is allowed by state law.

I see it as slave talk. A thing may be legal or not, but it is never allowed. The government is, on the other hand, “allowed” to govern in a free society.

Second, are these very astute words from a parent:

The father said the family objected to public school because of the pro-homosexual, pro-bisexual, pro-transgender agenda of California’s public schools, on which WND previously has reported.

“We just don’t want them teaching our children,” he told WND. “They teach things that are totally contrary to what we believe. They put questions in our children’s minds we don’t feel they’re ready for.

“When they are much more mature, they can deal with these issues, alternative lifestyles, and such, or whether they came from primordial slop. At the present time it’s my job to teach them the correct way of thinking,” he said.

There is a father in that house, and that father is protecting his children. My accolades to this man.


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Reason 282: Because The Same State That Runs The School Hates God

little gods will not suffer anyone else deciding what is right and wrong. They preserve such decisions for themselves. And so naturally they will not have anyone suggesting that they’re not good enough, which was the message that Jesus preached, which is also why He is so hated.

Of course, I don’t give these little gods credit for the elaborate scheme that has been devised to finally outlaw the Church. No, they’re simply following this prince of the kingdom of the air. But it’s becoming ever clearer what the final target is. And that target is the Church of God.

We see it work out in things like this:


LGBT Bill Threatens California’s Religious Schools

A California state bill its sponsors say will prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity at private universities is threatening to expose faith-based schools to enormous legal threats, school officials warn.

SB 1146, introduced in February by state Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, which passed the state Senate May 26, is designed to close “a little-known loophole” in California law under which private colleges can make admission, housing, and faculty decisions based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, according to a press release from Lara’s office.

Lara is part of the state Legislature’s seven-member California Legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus, which advocates for LGBT rights.

Of course, nothing is ever as it seems. We’re supposed to believe that this is about discrimination. Yet discriminating is part of our daily lives, and it’s healthy too.  But the little gods want to decide when discriminating is right and wrong, and so they give themselves permission to discriminate.  We can expect to see more things like this in the not-to-distant future:

Lesbian couple accuse church of discrimination after it refuses to bless wedding

Such sweeping changes in just a half century don’t just happen. The West was pushed in this direction and the best tool ever for pushing is the schoolhouse where people send their children to be indoctrinated so they’ll know who to discriminate against and who not to without even having to think about it.

But you don’t have to let them do this to your children if you live in the US. God’s grace has been given you, and you may still legally keep your children from the ways of the little gods.

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Reason 232: Because You Have No Say In Government Education

In the 1920’s, in the very heart of “The Bible Belt, the ACLU orchestrated an attack on the teaching of creationism in Dayton Tennessee. It was a battle that they lost, but a war that they won. Parents would now have to send their children to school to be taught that their existence was nothing more than happenstance. These children grew up and filled the courts.

In the 1960’s, the courts found in the constitution that prayer in school was unconstitutional. It hadn’t been there before, but these now grown up children steeped in an evolutionary mindset suddenly discovered it. It was a de facto constitutional amendment. Parents would now have to send their children to school to be taught a more militant form of evolutionary fantasy with the expulsion of anything God.

In the 1970’s the courts found in the constitution that it was a human right for a mother to murder her unborn child. That right hadn’t been there before, but these now grown up children, steeped in Godlessness evolutionary thinking didn’t care. The butchers at Planned Parenthood were given the green light and would shortly have the red carpet laid out for them at the government schoolhouse. Parents? If you don’t like it, shut up.

Last year the courts found in the constitution that the word marriage, as it had always been defined, had been redefined. It had always throughout human history been defined and understood as what it is, but now the courts went against the will of the people and found in the constitution that it was illegal to define it that way anymore.

Soon the courts will redefine the words male and female. The schoolhouse has played its part in that too. Here is a story of just one of those battles.

Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

The issue became public when the Edwards demanded the school present transgender materials and information to their child’s classmates. “Key components included a letter to be sent home to kindergarten families notifying them of the transition; use of the book ‘I Am Jazz‘ in each kindergarten classroom; and communications for any families who asked about opting out of the classroom education, to direct them to equivalent content and to outline behavior expectations,” the complaint states.

While the school was initially willing to implement such materials, even considering an additional book, “My Princess Boy,” school officials changed their minds after backlash from parents who didn’t want transgenderism taught at such a young age. Some parents believed an opt-out would not be sufficient because the information would inevitably be spread to the other students who did not receive the instruction directly. As a result, the school chose to enforce its anti-bulling policy and not conduct gender re-education.

None of us have escaped the indoctrination cycles. Those who hate their creator are committed to erasing Him, and will stop at nothing. To give an inch is to give a mile. These poor parents want to hold some semblance of normalcy without being painted as haters and bigots.  I’m sorry, but there’s no middle of the road on this one.

It doesn’t matter how this particular case turns out. Parents and their children will loose. They lost the day they sent their children to be indoctrinated by a God hating state because they are more worried about their material well-being than their spiritual well-being.

The schoolhouse is in free-fall with the rest of society. You, as a parent, will have no say in what goes on there. But you will have every say in what goes on in your house. Keep them home.

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Reason 150: Because When It Comes To Separation Of Church And State, The State Is A Liar

Here we have a lawsuit being filed against the institution for doing what it does best, teaching religion. It has for many years devoutly taught Secular Humanism, but since Islam killed three thousand people in the World Trade Centers it seems that the state has developed a respect for that religion. And it does make sense that it would, when you think about it, because Islam is is one religion with which the elitist tyrants in the state can abide due to the one very important fundamental values they both have in common: the lust for power.  The state sees plainly that Islam is a marriage of religion and state– kind of in the same way that the ACLU, LGBT, Americans for the separation of Church, State, Planned Parenthood and the institution are one–and they like it.

The article:

Thomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit On Behalf of Marine Dad Banned from School Property After He Objected to Islamic Indoctrination of Daughter

Here is the first excerpt:

The Woods’ daughter was forced to profess and to write out the Shahada in worksheets and quizzes.  The Shahada is the Islamic Creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”  For non-Muslims, reciting the statement is sufficient to convert one to Islam.  Moreover, the second part of the statement, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” signifies the person has accepted Muhammad as their spiritual leader.  The teenager was also required to memorize and recite the Five Pillars of Islam.

But here is the key excerpt:

Charles County Public Schools disparaged Christianity by teaching its 11th grade students, including the Woods’ daughter, that: “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

This is an informative article, and deserves a read. It would definitely have you scratching your head regarding the constant and continuous montra from the statist media and the institution on the so-called “separation of church and state”. It would be confusing, that is, if you didn’t know the truth about the institution, the statist media and the state. But the biggest truth is, you need to get your children out while you still can.

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Reason 127: Because The Institution Is Lawless

Here we have a story from the guys at the Alliance Defending Freedom:

Wyoming school district lifts ban on private prayer in school cafeterias

WHEATLAND, Wyo. – Platte County School District #1 has lifted its ban on non-disruptive, private prayer in its school cafeterias after receiving a letter from Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of three students that explained that such prayer is completely legal and constitutional.

…The parent of three of the children discussed the situation with Twiford and District Superintendent Dennis Fischer, but the two stood by the ban, claiming that the Constitution prohibited the prayer because any other students observing it were a “captive audience,” according to information they claimed to read from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Well yes, of course it’s legal and constitutional. It doesn’t take twenty years in lawyer school to know that the law against  “…prohibiting the free exercise…” of something means that it is not to be prohibited.  On the contrary, it might take twenty years of indoctrination to finally come around to “not prohibit the free exercise of” something actually means that the free exercise of that thing must be prohibited, which is exactly what happened in this school. But what should one expect when the institution goes to lawless organizations like the ACLU for clarity on law? This is just more whack-a-mole games. The ACLU and the institution, which in reality are one, lost on this one. But rest assured, they will never give up on your child… IF your child is placed in their charge.

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Reason 125: Because The Diversity That The State’s Established Religion Has Embraced Is A Sham

Where is it written that “diversity” is righteous? Answer? Nowhere. So why all the fuss over the matter? Well, like most all other moonbat schemes, they’re cooked up in the minds of elitist who are convinced that Utopia is possible and they’re the bright lights we should follow if that Utopia is to be ushered in.  But it isn’t wise to follow those whose compass always points toward themselves.

So these self-oriented moonbats who are running your child’s school have taken it on themselves to lift up diversity as worthy of worship. The only problem is that they fail to honor their little man-made god by rejecting diversity, and here we see an excellent example from England from “The Christian Institute”:

Govt fears homeschooling parents are ‘poisoning’ kids

The Education Secretary has ordered officials to review home education in England over fears that parents could be ‘poisoning’ their children’s minds.

According to senior Government sources, home schooling is now “on the radar”, and they want to discover exactly how many children are taught at home, beyond the reach of inspectors.

Poisoning the children’s minds? Might I suggest to them a little different wording than “poisoning their minds”? Wording that I in fact dredged up myself from their own intellectual and moral swamp? Why not say, “we fear that these parents are exercising too much diversity by teaching their children to think differently than we want them to think?”

Of course elitists are masters at compartmentalizing. When they want you to abandon your strongly held beliefs they speak from the compartment of moral relativism and diversity. But when your thinking doesn’t line up with  their thinking, then they speak from the compartment of “poisoning minds”.  Worse, they are so internally oriented, I’m convinced that they don’t even know that they’re doing it. And these are the people who are running the schoolhouse in your neighborhood. In the end the children placed in their charge are sent into the world confused, which is as it should be if the goal is for them to serve and worship the state and their elitist masters.

I wrote an article years ago which explains that I’m not poisoning my children’s minds, I’m poisoning their wells. I’m actually pointing out this very sort of hypocrisy to my children. We actually make these elitists the butts of our jokes as we laugh at their absurdity. But the results of sticking any child under their tutelage is no laughing matter at all. It’s a tragedy.


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Reason 122: Because, Title IX

Title IX is a scheme that is touted to help prevent discrimination based on gender. That seems fair enough doesn’t it? But what if the definition of words like “fair” and “sex”, and even “discrimination” morph into strange meanings never before considered? We all thought we knew, for example, what a male was. And actually, we do. Yes, we do, but the institution evidently does not. It has decided to redefine what a male is along with all sorts of other words in order to suit some impossible-to-achieve Utopian scheme where there is no such thing as gender. And to achieve this goal they will have to reprogram coming generations to look at something, like a male and a female, and think to themselves that there is no difference. Of course this is ludicrous, but not to academia, or to a brain-dead burea-bot in the DOE. So for all those who have an ax to grind because of their discontentedness with their gender, Title IX is nothing less than a hammer to use for pounding.

From The Daily Signal:

LGBT Group Calls on Government to Address ‘Disturbing Trend’ on Religious College Campuses

To address these concerns [about “discrimination”], the Human Rights Campaign wants the Department of Education to issue public reports stating which institutions request or receive religious exemptions, and to detail the scope of those exemptions.

We believe that religious liberty is a bedrock principle of our nation, however faith should never be used as a guise for discrimination,” said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin in a press release last week. “Prospective students and their parents deserve greater transparency, and we urge the Department of Education to take action by helping to increase accountability and to ensure that no student unknowingly enrolls in a school that intends to discriminate against them.”

Specifically, the Human Rights Campaign is calling for:

  • The Department of Education to require schools to publish comprehensive information about the scope of the exemption they received and the way in which Title IX still protects students

  • The Department of Education to regularly report which educational institutions have been granted Title IX religious exemptions, the scope of those exemptions, and ensure the information is provided on the individual schools’ landing page as part of College Navigator

  • Congress to amend the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) governing statute to require OCR to annually report the number of Title IX exemptions that were requested, granted, and denied

You’ll note two things. One is the framing the argument from the perspective that the religious schools are “trending”, as if traditional ideas behind words like male, female, marriage, family and so are have always been meaningless, and religious schools are attempting to lead the poor stupid masses away from what has always been the case.

You will also note that this attack is directed at the religious schools who have not figured out yet that taking money from the god/state means submitting to the god/state. All of these schools are now being caught up in their own valley of decision as they must choose between money and mammon? But the things that the Human Rights Campaign is asking for don’t apply just to religious schools. They apply to all schools including the one your child attends. The only reason that this article is about religious schools is because the human rights campaign already owns your child’s school.

So if you want your child to be confused about his or her own design as a male or female, then by all means send them to the state and let them tinker with your child’s mind in the name of education. But if you want your child to function best, you’ll remove him from the confusion.

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Reason 103: Because The State Will Indoctrinate Your Child That They “Shall Have No Other Gods Before The State”

The war on Christmas is simply the December version of the war on God that is happening the other 12 months. And nowhere is this war hotter than the battles over the next generation taking place in your friendly neighborhood democrat factory down the street. Here we have one installment in that war from a Fox News Opinion Article:

Oh good grief! School district censors Charlie Brown Christmas

The latest yuletide lunacy comes from Johnson County, Kentucky where the school district has censored an elementary school presentation of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The district also ordered other schools to remove all religious references from their upcoming Christmas productions.

At one school, “Silent Night” was replaced with a Christmas version of the “Whip/Nae Nae” song.

Yes, good readers — apparently that is a real thing.

“How do you go from ‘Silent Night’ to the ‘Whip/Nae Nae,’” one distraught grandmother asked me. “We’re not at all happy about it.”

Teachers at W.R. Castle Elementary School were directed to remove the moving scene where Linus shares the true meaning of Christmas by reading from the Gospel of Luke.

Superintendent Tom Salyer confirmed to me that the entire passage was excised from the program after the district received a single complaint.

“We’re not reading that, sir,” Salyer told me. “It disappoints men that we have to do this.”

The superintendent, who said he is a church-going man, said he was simply following the advice of school district attorneys.

So how can the schoolhouse live up to its dogmatic insistence that it be “inclusive”, then exclude the traditions of the culture in which the schoolhouse is emmersed? It’s because Christmas time is a time of Christmas songs. And Christmas song point to a Christ. And the Christ claims to to above the state, not below it. And the state is NEVER going to go for that. The statist, in the name of the state, will be the arbiter of right and wrong, not Jesus. And anything that paints Jesus in a positive light simply will not be tolerated; not at Christmas time, and not any time.

But you have the option of sending your child to a school that can speak of Jesus all you want. And it can teach real tolerance, and real inclusion so that your child doesn’t grow up thinking that intolerance is tolerance and exclusion is inclusion, and that sodomy is marriage, and that gender is a figment of one’s imagination, and that the state is god and on and on. You can do that, if you want to. And it’s much easier than you would think.

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Reason 94: Because The Institution Doesn’t Say What It Means Nor Mean What It Says

I’ve written about clock-boy before. But this is not about him. It’s about the love affair that the institution has with Islam, and the hatred it has for Christianity. When the subject of Christianity comes up you will notice all of a sudden that the constitution is very specific. It says right in there that you can’t, in any way, shape, fashion or form have anything whatsoever to do, under any circumstances, so help me God, with religion. It says that very thing right there in your constitution… somewhere. And I’m sure you can understand the position the poor institution finds itself in.

But the fact that that’s a big fat lie notwithstanding, there’s a big problem with the institution taking such a stand, that problem being that they only mean it when they want to mean it, and discard it when they want to discard it, and in the end your child loses.

So we have this from Breitbart:

Muslim Former Texas Student’s Unexpected Revelations of ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s School

Of course, the schoolhouse is ground zero when it comes to molding the future, so these sorts of events are constant in the schoolhouse. But I’m interested in the words of another Muslim student in this red-state school. Her name is Jamil, and she sent an email to the principle praising her school for not treating Islam the same way it treats Christianity. Well, that’s not exactly what she said, but read this and judge for yourself if it isn’t true:

Jamali describes the opposite picture, [from the one clock-boy is trying to paint] calling “Mac” the place that changed her life, where she felt “respected as a Muslim.” She dubbed Irving ISD a place “that taught pride, accommodated Muslim prayer and dietary needs” and where “students of my religious community, including me, (are granted) two weeks every year to attend a religious ceremony.” Jamali wrote they allowed her to take “a whole month of school off and go for Haj.”

It seems that the school doesn’t really mean what it says about what it says the constitution says, except when it does mean what it says about what the constitution doesn’t really say. If that sounds confusing to you it ought to, because it’s as confused of a saying as your child will be as a thinker when the state’s done with her. But it doesn’ t have to be that way. Always remember that when the yellow monster gobles your child up in the morning.

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Reason 86: Because Even Though You Can’t Stop Them From Throwing Away Your Tax Money, You Don’t Have To Let Them Throw Away Your Child’s Mind

It seems the Clark County School District has been up to a little 1st amendment denying mischief. I’ll leave it to those smarter than myself to figure out why the institution, along with the union that “protects” its teachers from the institution, is so hell bent on killing as many of its future clients as it possibly can. But it is, and that truth in its own right ought to be enough for even the most discernment challenged among us to know that the schoolhouse is no place for children. But I guess the way the institution sees it, if you can’t kill the child, teach the child to kill the child.

At issue here is a pro-life club desiring to set up operations in the bowels of the institution. From Live Action News:

Las Vegas school district pays $30k for trying to stop pro-life club

Las Vegas teenager Angelique Clark and the Thomas More Society have announced a new development in their victorious battle to allow a pro-life club at West Career and Technical Academy.

Live Action News reported in September that the Clark County School District relented from their initial refusal to allow Clark to start an organization for pro-life students. Administrators had initially told her abortion was too controversial and too complicated for a high-school sophomore to handle.

I am, to say the least, incredules. The same institution that rolls out red carpets for the butchers at Planned Parenthood are concerned that your child can’t handle the idea of the crushing and dismembering babies  that they advocate? And their concern for your poor delicate child is so extensive that they’re willing to spend boocoos of your tax dollars to protect them from such a  gory spectacle? This hypocrisy raises the question, is this the sort of institution that gives you the warm fuzzies when you see the big yellow monster swallow them up in the morning and then puke them out on your lawn in the evening?

And the whole thing is unnecessary. It need not be. You can teach your child to love and adore their children, not to kill them. But if they’re to learn such things while in the institution, you need to know that it will be in spite of the institution that you’ve intrusted them to to form their minds.

H/T,  Neil at Eternity Matters

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