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Reason 140: Because The Schoolhouse Is A Lost Cause

In my research for this blog I discovered this particular gym of a website. As I flipped through the pictures of these unhappy women who were unfortunate enough to get caught seducing other people’s sons into their sexcapades, I couldn’t help but notice how the pictures seemed like the line up at some kind of amature porn site or something. In this day, with the ready ability to capture and transmit imagery, I’m sure there are many young boys and girls, and even their teachers, whose pictures have already found their way onto illicit websites around the world.

But at any rate, take a look at this site. Flip through the line-up. Think back to being an immature young student. When I was in the institution boys would look around and wonder if a particular girl was willing. I guess in this new age the young men are looking at the teachers and asking that same question.

Notorious teacher sex scandals

Note 1: Know that this is by no means an exhaustive list. And know that all who are guilty are not women. In fact there are probably more guilty men, but girls are not as likely to claim bragging rights with friends when they bag a teacher twice twice their age.

Note 2: I don’t’ categorize these posts as “pedophilia” because they’re not. Man does not get to arbitrarily assign an age at which a human becomes an adult. But he can, on the other hand, arbitrarily treat young adults like children when they’re really not, and unwittingly keep them acting like children long after they’ve become adults.

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Reason 132: Because It’s Good For The Children

I love watching children, especially young children. It is a fascinating thing to me, and they’re so precious. The thoughts of anyone doing anything bad to one of them causes a deep emotional response in me. This is true for most normal people I think. No one likes to see a baby abused or hurt. But this emotional response is also a tool in the hands of evil people. That’s why “it’s for the children” is such a common rallying cry, whether it’s actually for the children or not.

Here is an example. The CDC, wants to do a better job, “for the children” by teaching them how to have sex without catching all those pesky diseases out there:

From Life Site:

CDC: Middle schools need to teach contraceptive use more often

Not enough teenagers are being taught about condoms, artificial birth control, and other “skills” “needed to avoid HIV, other STDs, and unintended pregnancy,” says a new government report.

Every other year, the CDC surveys the nation’s high schools and middle schools. Last Wednesday, it released the results of the 2014 School Health Profiles Survey at the National HIV Prevention Conference. The results covered a wide variety of health behaviors, including a section on sexual education.

Of course, if it really was “for the children”, and not for “Planned Parenthood’s bottom line”, or “for” perverts in power to live vicariously, or maybe not so vicariously, their fantasies of youthful sexcapades, they’d teach abstinence, just like they do with guns, tobacco, and pro American sentiment.

Of course the advice from the government CDC will be followed by the government DOE, with the help of PP, and the NEA, because none of these can ever be satisfied when it comes to your children copulating.

But if these agencies and organizations really did things “for the children” they’d first abolish the entire modern concept of public education, which is not “good for the children”, or anyone else for that matter. What is “good for the children” is a loving home where marriage and abstinence until marriage is taught. Maybe, just maybe, if you are successful with your children, they will grow up and be productive citizens, get married for life, have children and grandchildren who will all be instilled with the same ideas of success and happiness. That, my friends, if good for the children.

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Reason 115: Because The Institution Is A Confederacy Of Evil

If there is an evil, God-hating, liberal organization out there somewhere, you can just bet that the schoolhouse has the red carpet laid out for it at the front door because we know that birds of a feather flock together. It’s not like there is the education institution over here, and the butchers at Planned Parenthood over there. No, the institution and Planned Parenthood are one, and they are one in the same way that any number of other organization with evil designs for your child’s mind are one. To see them as separate entities is folly. It would behoove you to just see them all as different departments in one big Confederacy of Evil.

This leads us to the point of this post, which is a study, called the Kinsey Study, made famous by one of the departments of the Confederacy of Evil, the so-called “mainstream media”, who themselves were also thoroughly indoctrinated into an evolutionist’s mindset.

Have you ever heard of Alfred Kinsey? If you haven’t, and you are a parent who is sending your children to the institution for an education, please don’t take this wrong, but I feel sorry for your children… and I mean that. I really do, because if you are ignorant of the evils increasingly prevalent in your world, how can you possibly protect your children from them, much less equip them to protect themselves?

I happened across this blog called “While it’s yet day“, that posted a you tube video discussing the Kinsey Study and its content. This video and blog post catalogs a bit of the depths of the depraved despair of the institution and our culture, which includes sexual abuse of young children in the name of “science”. If it seems our days are getting darker, there is a reason, and the public education institution is playing a vital role in that reason.

From “While it’s yet day”:

The understanding that we have of childhood sexuality and normal childhood sexual development as it is believed and taught in academia today comes from the experimental evidence documented in Kinsey’s report published in 1948 with the childhood sexuality tables that we have just discussed. It is absolutely astonishing that this is taken as the basis of what we understand to be normal childhood sexual development.

And when I try to explain this to colleagues in the type of science I’m involved with in what I call the harder sciences of biology or medicine, statistics, immunology, they do not believe what I’m trying to tell them. And the only way I can convince them of the truth of this is to go to the library, pull off the shelf of Alfred Kinsey’s books and show them what is inside. And it’s quite shocking.

Of course, this is one thing; a study that was done a half-century ago. But remember, it is a Confederacy of Evil. A bit more from the blog post:

  • Working with the Kinsey team was Mary Calderone, medical director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1953 to 1964. She later founded the Sex Information and Educational Council of the United States.
  • Teachers in the US are only trained in the Kinsey sex education model.
  • Sex conditioning under the guise of AIDS prevention begins in Kindergarten.

We, as citizens in a dark culture become darkened ourselves without even realizing it. And we make our children even darker than we are by sending them right into the bowels of the Confederacy of Evil. But no one has to do that, and I urge all to stop doing it now, while “it is yet day”.


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Reason 109: Because The Schoolhouse Is Just As Sexualized As Your nightly Television Entertainment

Linked below is a story about the epidemic of school teachers having sex with their students, and I’m probably going to shock you a little regarding my stance on this, but I’m all for it… and I’m not being sarcastic. It is the institution that is confused on the subject. It is the institution that teaches that all kinds of sex between all kinds of individuals, under all kinds of circumstances is the best thing ever. It’s the institution that teaches that no one can judge anyone for their moral choices but it’s OK to judge those who insist that some things are immoral as immoral. It is the institution that teaches that what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another, and vice versa. In other words, the institution teaches insanity, and by teaching it, it paints itself into a corner because now it wants to judge others and to call to account those who want to act as if what they’ve been taught as truth their whole life by the institution is actually true. But there’s one gigantic problem. It’s not true. The institution teaches lies.

But not me. I think my position is one of moral clarity.

So to explain my stance. I think God created men and women to get married, to become one flesh, and to have children. If two people want to get married and have sex and children I think that’s one of the greatest things ever. May they be fruitful and multiply. There’s no moratorium on marriage and marital sex based on vocation. If one person is a teacher and the other a student, what’s the problem? Well, as it turns out, the state, for whatever reason, does have a problem with it. Of course it has no problem with your daughter being used as a semen urinal by the football team, just so long as she’s all in for the ride. But they don’t want one of their employees standing in that line. For reasons only known to the elitists running the institution, they’re just as gung ho as they can be for teachers defiling the minds of the poor souls placed in their charge, but they’ve drawn the line at teachers participating in defiling them physically.

It’s amusing to read this article though, and to watch them turn themselves into logical pretzels as they attempt to work within their own framework of “no absolutes”, and at the same time figure out how they can impose absolutes. They like to play word games by using euphemisms like “inappropriate”, and “improper”, rather than sin. I kind of feel sorry for them, but not as sorry as I feel for the children they’re confusing.

So here’s the story from Breitbart:

Teacher-Student Sex Rampant in Texas, Lawmakers Seek Solutions

Texas lawmakers held a hearing this week on the rampant number of educators who cross the line and engage in improper sexual relationships with their students. The abhorrent conduct violates the trust placed in them to protect pre-K to 12th grade school children.

Remember, no matter how red your state is, the schoolhouse is so dark blue it’s black, just like your state is going to be when they’re done with a few more generations of your children. But also remember, it doesn’t have to be that way for you.



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Reason 89: Because The Education System Is A Sick Monster

When I started this project I wondered if I’d have enough material to make a post everyday. But the institution is so polluted, so corrupt, so far gone that a day’s news, from just my few sources, gives me plenty to choose from. Let me just say that the monster that you call your “school” is very sick.

So here we have an article from the good folks at “The Federalist Papers”:

Guess Which SEX ACT Schools Are Teaching To 11-Year-Olds

A new sex education bill in Massachusetts teaches sixth graders about anal sex, oral sex and the benefits of placing “non-microwavable saran wrap” over the “vulva or anus” during sex. Liberals are trying to hide the details of the bill by calling it a “Healthy Youth” act, but SB2048 mandates curriculum that would make even a sailor blush… EAGNews is reporting that the Massachusetts Family Institute is trying to get the word out about what is being taught to 11- and 12-year-olds.

“When the average legislator sees this till, it seems innocuous enough, but it involves some pretty obscene stuff,” said Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, which will lobby against the bill in the state House in January, following the legislature’s holiday recess.

The article gives a rundown of a few of the things that they have in store for your child. And of course, there’s the butchers at planned parenthood, always at the ready and right in the midst of it.

One sex education guide getting the thumbs up from the state is titled, “Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works,” published by Planned Parenthood. Here are a few examples of its lessons:

One explains that a dental dam is “placed over the vulva or anus during oral sex. It says people can also use non-microwavable saran wrap.”

Another describes a scenario where “Brittany’s girlfriend wants to have oral sex with her. Brittany really likes her girlfriend, and her friends say that having oral sex will bring them closer together.”

There doesn’t seem to be much of an emphasis on saying “no.” That’s because, according to many experts, “comprehensive sex education” is built on the presumption that all teens will have sex, and there is nothing morally objectionable about it.

Is this what you want for your sixth grader? It wasn’t that long ago the state would have taken your child away from you for exposing him to this sort of debauchery. Now the state is involved in the same thing. Now it’s up to you to save and rescue your child. Just do it!

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Reason 76: Because Little Monsters Of A Feather Approve Of Rape Together

This little story from Independent Journal is about as revealing of a story as you might encounter on the state of today’s schoolhouse. There are two elements of the story. One is a high school football player who strolls into a room where a young lady is apparently passed-out from drink… and he has his way with her. We call that rape, and he is of course charged with that crime.

Second we have his fellow classmate’s support of this young man by way of protest and symbols. That’s the element that ought to scare you. It does me.

From the story:

18-year-old Cameron Harrison, a running back at Spanish Fort High School in Alabama, has been accused of raping a girl who was passed out drunk at a party. She was just 16 years old… According to an affidavit, a video from the party that night shows the girl being carried upstairs to a bedroom. Harrison then went upstairs and raped her before going back downstairs and bragging about it to his friends.

So far what we have is kids acting as if they’ve been told somewhere that there is no ultimate right and wrong; that every human being is a bag of chemicals, flesh and bone, and that each bag can make up their own ethic, and that no one should judge them when they do. And we also have kids who live in a society that has different standards for jock-stars and for the average smuck. Not to mention that these kids live in a world obsessed with sex, sex, sex, from every quadrant of society. It seems a bit of an overreaction to me therefore when these kids behave as if the schoolhouse and society have not been telling them big fat lies all this time.

From the story:

In an upsetting twist, friends recently showed their support for him at a Spanish Fort football game, where he is currently banned from playing due to his alleged sexual assault.

They painted the number four on their wrists in support of their star running back:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

They held up giant handmade signs that said “Toros 4ever”:

Image Credit: Chip English/

Image Credit: Chip English/

The quarterback wore a towel with the number 4 written on it:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Other players showed their support for Cameron, as well:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

The victim, who attends the same school, has allegedly been attacked verbally and harassed online. Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney Chalea Tisdale told Fox 10:

At least one of the poor souls seems to be dragging a cross into the fray. I guess I’ll file that under, “things that make you go hmmmm”.

It was my own experience in high school that the campus embodied its own subculture. I now believed that that was by design. You’ve got your popular beautiful people, your jock-stars, your class government, journalists, and so on, just like big people society.. And then you’ve got everyone else… i.e. the masses. They’re ostensibly being trained for life off campus. This boy is being trained that society will tell you one thing, and then convict you for believing it. The young girl is learning that there can be serious consequences to drinking, and that when you go against the elites you will be crushed. And the masses are learning how to protest and stand for unrighteousness… just like the big people world off campus. You should learn that the school house is no place for your child.

It’s better to teach your children the truth, and to not trust anyone else with such an important job. Teach them that, even if society does reject God, it does so at its own peril, and that to trust God will make your paths straight.  Don’t put your children in a subculture created in a mad man’s laboratory. Put them in real life. They will learn better there, and will transition into society just fine, with both feet set on a solid foundation.

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Reason 70: Because Elitists Are More Than Happy To Sacrifice Your Child To The Their Whacked Out Schemes

The headline at Life Site News says it all:

Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter

Before I even began reading this article I scanned it to find this little jewel within.:

Justice John McMahon imposed the “indefinite” prison sentence due to Hambrook’s long history of committing sex crimes. 

Anyone who’s paying attention knows that the coddling of criminals is just as much the elitist way as criminalizing tradition values. So here’s my question: What’s so different about this time that the judge is coming down so hard on this man? One hint. It has nothing to do with the women he assaulted. That’s obviously not bothered judges before now. So what was it? The answer: Because he was impersonating a so called “transgender”.  Had he gone on in and assaulted the women dressed as a man I’m sure the courts would have been much more merciful.

In any case, it’s obvious that this didn’t happen in a school. But that should offer no comfort to those who have entrusted their children to the same institution that is lockstep with this lunacy in its highest echelons.  And when you’re dealing with children, assaults can more easily be hidden. It’s so common for victims to come forward with reports of abuse, only after they’ve matured, that it’s barely newsworthy anymore.

But it’s much more subtle and darker than just that. When we consider that the whole system exists in a moral maze that is ever changing, and that there are many in the system who make it their business to confuse and indoctrinate innocent children who are not equipped or prepared to fend it off, it gets even more dangerous. When you entrust the state with your children, you are entrusting them to an institution that is designed to confuse them on matters of morality, especially as it concerns sexuality. So is a parent supposed to be comforted by this? Is a parent supposed to be thrilled that the institution will do everything it can to confuse children and then throw those confused children into coed showers?  I think not. In the end it’s a recipe for disaster. But that’s liberalism. And liberalism is all about liberalism and so it follows that the liberal institution is all about the institution. A child in a government school is a guinea pig in a massive social experiment that is hurting a lot of people, most of them children.

You need to know that the perverted elite class has no problem sacrificing your child. It is of no consequence to them. Chances are almost certain that their children will never step foot into the sewer that they’ve created.  They are bent on perversion, and if someone else’s child gets hurt in the process, well that’s just the price of “progress”.

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Reason 69: Because When You Look Under The School House Rock, You’ll Find Maggots

Maggots love decaying flesh, and that’s what you’ll find in the state school. In reason 68 I discussed what has been termed “the sexting scandal”. But as I said, the scandal is not sexting, it’s the rotting fleshiness of the schoolhouse that incubates cultural rot. So let’s dig a little deeper. It turns out that this has been on going, and for reasons obvious to anyone who’s paying attention, nothing was done. This from a New York Times article:

The “sexting scandal,” as parents are calling it, shocked many, and it has also elicited anger from parents who say they knew about this type of photo-sharing for years and sought unsuccessfully to get school officials to intervene. Heidi Wolfgang, 41, a mother who no longer lives in the district, said in a telephone interview that she had spoken to a Dan City Middle School counselor in 2012 after she found photographs of a nude adolescent on a cellphone owned by her daughter, then 12.

“He told me there was nothing the school could do because half the school was sexting,” Ms. Wolfang said. She called the response “heartbreaking,” and said she eventually decided to educate her child at home. (smart woman)

Mr. Welsh (the superintendent) said that like other school systems across the country, Canon City schools had received reports of students exchanging lewd photographs, but that he had not been aware of the scope of the issue until recently, when officials received anonymous tips through a system called Colorado Safe2Tell. “If there’s not a lead that takes you to this larger thing going on, why would you go there?”

The fact is that there was knowledge of this before hand by school officials. Some maggots do crawl out from under the rock and are noticed by some:

Another mother, Lisa Graham, 46, said her daughter… had been “propositioned by multiple guys” during her freshman year. “She received unsolicited photos from guys… I’m frustrated if people knew and didn’t shut it down three years ago.”

The School principal, Mr. Meuli, betrayed his institutional attitude:

…the school had had to handle a few instances in which a girl would break up with a boy and fear that they would circulate intimate photos of her, but that nothing this serious had been brought to his attention before”

Someone once said that “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” Mr Meuli manages to turn this around when it comes to child pornography. It seems he’s saying “Hundreds of defiled children is a tragedy, but if it’s just your child’s photos being sent around campus, it’s not serious.” But that’s what you should expect from an institution that is morally bankrupt from top to bottom. Of course parents are shocked and surprised, which is a scandal in its own right. And I’m sure they’ll be shocked too when it’s discovered that there are teachers who have their own little stash of collectables?


Of course the institution runs to its temple to seek answers from the “experts”. Their advice sounds eerily like the advice that has sown the seed to this sort of depravity in the first place.

Amy Adele Hasinoff, an assistant professor at the university of Colorado denver… contends that schools need to find new ways to talk to students about the issue. Rather than just demanding that students abstain from sending risque’ images, she said, educators should aim for open conversations that involve guidance in “safer-texting” with trusted partners. Teachers and school officials “think they’re protecting people from harm but we know it doesn’t work”

Why are the American people so naive, especially when being so is dangerous? Just reading Hasinoff’s words ought to tell us that this is not a Canyon City Colorado problem, but a national institution problem. And the institution cannot fix it, and will probably make it worse by taking liberal elitists, like Hasinoff’s, advice, and why not?  Law evolves. Morality evolves. If the boys can’t look at your daughters in the restroom, who’s to say it’s wrong for them to look at them on their smartphones? And besides, so we’re told, porn is mainstream, and it could be a lucrative career for your child, and it would b wrong to judge her if that is the career she chose.

Is this what you want for your child? If it is, then the public cesspool is probably a great place to send your child off to. But I’m with Ms. Wolfgang. I think you ought to bring your child home to the ultimate safe place.


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Reason 68: Because You Don’t Want To Raise “Normal” Children

Screenshot (140)


Moral confusion abounds in the school house. That’s because confusion is taught in the school house. And it’s taught because the institution is itself morally confused at its highest levels. A few kids are now learning that it’s a dangerous thing when the institution that teaches lawlessness, and the institution that writes and enforces laws, is ultimately one and the same.

Here’s the story from Breitbart:


From the story:

A massive sexting scandal involving hundreds of students unfolded this week in a Colorado high school where students, possibly as young as eighth grade, allegedly messaged nude photos of themselves and others. The teens were allegedly sharing and collecting them like baseball trading cards. The teens’ actions could end with some students being charged with felony child pornograph.

I honestly can’t imagine the staggering incredulity that these young ones must be experiencing over the reaction to their sexting. They, after all, have a true perspective of the reality in which they live. So let’s look at that perspective. Here are a few things children are given or taught in the state’s institutions of education from an early age:

  • Lots of Condoms, and lots applauding of and encouraging to use even more condoms.
  • IUD’s to children at a young age.
  • Sex education that shuns abstinence as prudish and foolish
  • Liberal access to abortions
  • Moral relativism
  • Postmodernism
  • Secular Humanism

Hey, and let’s not forget a few more realities:

  • Almost every child carries in his pocket a device that gives him 24/7  access to all the porn the the sickest sicko could imagine.
  • He lives in a sexualy permissive culture with all things sexual all the time.
  • There is a  throw the doors open wide, ya’ll come-on-in attitude to the Butchers at Planned Parenthood and their “sex advice“, as well as other powerful sexual organizations bent on retraining your child’s mind.
  • Scandals seem to abound of teacher-student sex, and the world is more enamored than disgusted by it.
  • We are seeing the same seeds of pedophilia that we saw sown with homosexuality not that long ago, with much fruit since.
  • Promiscuous behavior is encouraged, or at least acceptable.

In the end the schoolhouse begins to look just a little bit like a taxpayer funded sex-pit.  And the whole world, media, culture, and yes, the schoolhouse from top to bottom, appears to be completely on board for all things sexaul all the time with the possible exception of sex within marriage. The last thing we ought to be when “scandals” like this erupt is shocked.  No, this is not the scandal. The schoolhouse is the scandal. These revelations are the mere consequence of that scandal. And if you think that this is an isolated case, then you are the problem.

Still, even if you do live under a rock, and vote for perverts every time the polls are open… even still, your children will fare better at home with you than in the stew your blind ignorance is creating. No child deserves public school.


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Reason 47: Because Confusion Leads To Slavery

Photo taken from linked NYT article

If there’s anything that marks the state’s attempt to educate, it’s confusion. To educate is to teach knowns, or at least what are thought to be knowns. But when everything is in flux, there is no truth. When words mean what a person wants them to mean, then information cannot be conveyed. For thousands of years words meant things. No longer.

From the New York Times

Sex Ed Lesson: ‘Yes means yes,’ but it’s tricky

A photo of the first paragraph in the article:

Screenshot (127)

So here we see poor 15 year olds being told how to have their fun without getting into trouble with those pesky problems that come with sex; problems like babies, venereal diseases and rape charges. But never fear I suppose. If there’s a baby, the government is there to pay for its extermination. If that doesn’t set hunky dory with your child’s heart, well the government will pay for its every need. If there are diseases there’s government to pay to fix your child right back up. If there’s a rape, or your child thinks that perhaps, just maybe, when she said yes she really meant no, then Kaboom! The government will make sure that poor slob pays.

And we all know that poor slob is going to be a young man too; a young man who happened to believe the other lies he’s been indoctrinated into, which is that he can’t not have sex. And besides, it’s so cotton pickin’ fun anyway. Too bad he didn’t buy into the indoctrination that it’d have been especially fun if he’d only enjoyed it with other young boys; or perhaps even better an older man. I’m certain he wouldn’t be wondering about his future, even with his superb state supplied education, as a felon if only he’d taken them up on that one.  In any case, your child will learn the wonders of government dependency at an early age. And that will come in some kind of handy for him in his future of slavery.

So if you just love the idea of sending your child off for an education and have her taught how to have sexual relations without getting into trouble, then you’ll just love the state school.  And if the thoughts of your child being confused about sexuality make you all giddy inside; and if being confused about marriage and the joys of parenthood, and life long commitment, give you the warm fuzzies all over, well by all means sign your child up in a government school ASAP. The condoms are free!

But if this doesn’t sound like the greatest thing to you since penicillin , then keep your children at home, and teach them well.

H/T Moonbattery 

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