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Reason 325: For The Same Reason You Get Out Of The Mine When The Canary Dies

Teachers who become homeschoolers are the indicator species

From the article:

In biology, there’s a descriptor – “indicator species”.  An indicator species may be unusually sensitive to environmental changes, and biologists monitor the indicator species for signs that something is amiss in the environment.

I wonder when somebody is going to notice that teachers are an indicator species. When we leave public schools with our children, people should consider that there’s something amiss.

Yes, when?

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Reason 268: Because Your Children Really Do Need To Be Taught Right From Wrong

I find this story somewhat fascinating.

Authorities: Teacher Admits She Became Pregnant by Young Student, Says His Parents Approved of Relationship

It’s the typical story of a teacher having sex with a student. But the story has a little bit of twist to it beyond the fact that her young lover is one of her middle school students, or even beyond the fact that she got pregnant, or that his parents evidently knew about the fling. The twist happens when some people from Child Protective Services come snooping around her school asking questions. So she’s off to the local Planned Parenthood butchers to have their baby murdered.

Yes, that’s a harsh description of what she did. The word “abortion” is much more palatable. But a crushed and dismembered baby is a crushed and dismembered baby no matter how much the act of crushing and dismembered the baby is sugar coated.  Yet those who are charged by your government to “protect children” could care less about the crushing and dismembering of children. It seems they’re much more concerned with two people copulating because that’s not “appropriate”.  And it’s so “not appropriate” that the police are involved and she’s in a little trouble, the worst of which is she may have to register as a child molester.  could have identified as a man and walked into this boy’s bathroom and dropped her pants in front of him and she would have been called a hero. She could have had sex with the entire Dallas Cowboys football team and had it filmed and she would have been cheered. She even murdered their baby, and could have gotten on TV in her few minutes of fame and bragged publicly about it and gained the accolades of her employer… and she might just do that yet. But the act of having sex with him is… well inappropriate.

But she could have identified as a man and walked into this boy’s bathroom and dropped her pants in front of him and she would have been called a hero. She could have given him the gory details about every debased form of sexual activity known to man just by following her state’s dictates on perverted sexual indoctrination. She could have had sex with the entire Dallas Cowboys football team and filmed it and she would have been cheered. She even murdered their baby. But the act of having sex with him is… well… inappropriate.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not okay with her having sex with this young man. But I don’t think it was “inappropriate”. I think it was a sin. But the state doesn’t do sin anymore. let’s look at it. For one, sex is a procreative act, and as such it is reserved for those who are married so that the child, both in and out of his mother’s womb, will have

So let’s look at it. For one, sex is a procreative act, and as such is reserved for those who are married so that the child, both in and out of his mother’s womb, will have care-takers who will actually take care of it and won’t have it butchered. Whether or not these two were ready for marriage is another question entirely. But just because two people are not ready for marriage is not a permission slip to act as if they are married anyway, and create offspring, and then murder that offspring.

There was a time in America that the state had an interest in the welfare of society. (Not the Orwellian “welfare” that is the enslaving vote buying scheme we know today.) Such ways are now fairytales. The only welfare the state is interested in now is the its own. And one of the best tools it has for ensuring that welfare is the sprawling, flat-roofed, brick and mortar compound just down the street. But sometimes the knowledge of some of the escapades that go on there escape into the media when the people encapsulated within actually begin to practice what is preached a little too early, and get caught.

The state, and it’s schoolhouse, will not teach your children right from wrong.  On the contrary, it will teach them a bazaar and ever-changing list of what the judicial oligarchy has decreed is appropriate and inappropriate things that can and cannot be done or said. If that sounds good to you, then by all means send your child to the state to be turned into confused little slaves who think they are free because they can have sex with no limitations. But if that doesn’t sound all that wonderful to you, there is a legal alternative. Keep them home far from this madhouse.


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Reason 186: Because Morally Confused “Officials” Will Make Morally Confused Decisions

We’ve talked about the many sexting scandals and the teacher-student sexual escapades, and other “inappropriate” behavior. And we’ve seen the institution wringing its hands over these young students actually doing what they were taught to do from the beginning. But now we have a married woman–in the traditional sense of that word, “marriage”.  And, as a teacher who lives in the digital age might do, she took some nude photos of her husband which she planned on using somehow for a Valentines Day present. Sounds like fun so far to me, and, there’s nothing “inappropriate” either. But then this poor lady steps out of her classroom for a few minutes and a student steals her phone, discovers the photos and distributes them around the schoolhouse. It looks like this has put the schoolhouse in quite the quandary. But they, being serious geniuses, figured out the right course of action: fire the teacher.

A Teacher Texted Nude Photos to Her Husband. Then She Left Her Phone on the Classroom Desk…

When 13-year veteran teacher Leigh Anne Arthur stepped out of her classroom to act as a hall monitor, she says she was only outside for about 5 minutes.

It was during that time, however, that a student at South Carolina’s Union County High School was able to get her cell phone off her desk, find nude pictures of Arthur on her phone, and – using his own phone – snap some copies for himself.

But it was a safe course. They certainly can’t blame the thief and distributor of the porn. Because–well just because. The teacher is a safe fall-guy because she’s married… to someone of the opposite sex, and she’s not a child.

This whole thing is pathetic. This thief should be prosecuted. In the end, however, this vile thief who has violated this poor teacher’s privacy and her personal property has learned a lesson that will stay with him for life; and the other students have learned it too. That lesson is that they live in a morally bankrupt society, and they attend a morally bankrupt institution put into place by that society.

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Reason 175: Because Of The Increasingly Familiar Sexual Predator On The Payroll

Here’s the all too familiar story:

Kindergarten Teacher Accused Of Molestation

The headline is misleading. This woman’s profession was a kindergarten teacher. The young man she had the “inappropriate” relationship with was 14; hardly a kindergartener. She was 47, which means that if he had been her son, she’d have been 33 when she bore him.  That’s quite an age difference in my opinion, but what does it matter? The teacher and this young man were only doing what they’ve been indoctrinated to do. The institution and the media can only muster a word like “inappropriate” to describe it. Do people go to jail for “inappropriate” relationships? I think not, but this woman may.

But why don’t we put this in some context for discussion’s sake. We have the institution, from its highest levels confused on who is male and female. They can’t figure out who should be using female and male locker rooms; a thing that no civil society has ever been confused on before. In its moral confusion, it has decided that this very same young man ought to be able to walk into the girl’s locker room and undress among them if he says he feels like a girl, and it says that if you don’t like that there’s something wrong with you. And he can even have sex with one of those young girls without breaking any laws, and then he can impregnate her and the institution will help her murder the child, after which they will send you the bill. All this goes on without a peep from the institution.

If this had been an older man who fornicated with a young woman, for his sake the institution also invites Planned Parenthood on campus, an organization that has repeatedly hidden statutory rape from authorities. So, I’m sorry, I’m not “shocked” that this older woman had sex with this young man, and in comparison with all the activities that the institution considers legal, I think this actually pales. But I am sorry for both of the poor souls in this story because, in a way, they’re both victims of the zeitgeist of lawlessness that the institution has done its best to bring about. This couple simply made the mistake of believing the institution’s lies that there is no ultimate morality, and now she is receiving the wrath of the same institution that told her she was the sole arbiter of right and wrong for herself.

So a few points:

  1. Not everyone who does this gets caught. It would be naive to think that it isn’t a common thing.
  2. The schoolhouse has painted itself into a corner and looks hypocritical and foolish reacting the way it does on account of a little “inappropriate” behavior. Who are they/you to judge after all? People gonna do what people gonna do. They can’t control themselves. Right?  The only thing they might have done wrong, if one listens to the institution, was to not use a condom.
  3. Please don’t ever be the moron who says “I’m shocked!”. It really does make you look like you live under a rock.
  4. Your children are not safe in that little small-town school that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. The zeitgeist everywhere receives federal money and has the internet, which means it’s everywhere, with the possible exception of your home. There it’s up to you whether or not you invite it in, to defile your children.

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Reason 144: Because At Least Some Of The Teachers HATE Kids

Here is a project from the excellent and brave people of Project Veritas. There is an agenda that involves what I’ve termed a Confederacy Of Evil. It involves a lot of government institutions, like the education institutions, and it involves non-government institutions like The Human Rights Campaign, The ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and of course the so-called mainstream media (MSM).

Veritas is using social media to get around the last one, with some success, by using the same tactics that 60 Minutes used to use, and were applauded for… by the MSM.  But the bottom line is, if you think you’re informed, and the only source you have is the so-called MSM, you are not informed.

Here’s one of the undercover, Saul Alinsky-like videos, brought to us by Veritas. In the first few seconds of watching you will understand the title of this post. But if you keep watching, you will understand, or at least you ought to, why you should be homeschooling your children.


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Reason 12: Because A Rotting Culture Produces Rot

The Mild-Mannered Band Teacher’s Night Job As A Porn Star Cost Her Her Day Job… So Far

I’m positive that history is full of examples of less than savory teachers teaching other people’s children in public school, just as there are millions of examples of great teachers, who are excellent moral examples doing the same.  But it is a mistake to see stories like this as an outlier.  A few things to consider:

  1. Does anyone really think that the NEA is going to let this stand?  What judgemental nerve of a school administration, firing a fine outstanding citizen like this woman, who is just trying to earn a little extra money with a night job.  Does anyone really think this woman’s teaching career is over?
  2. It ought to be more of a shock that she was fired than that what she was fired for.  I personally am shocked.
  3. Where there’s one, there’s many.  You live in a rotting culture.  A rotting culture produces rotten citizens who are amoral.  Some of those citizens are going to be teaching your children.  In reality, that this woman was discovered, is a fluke.
  4. Porn is readily available and increasingly acceptable.  Which is worse?  This woman participating in making porn, or the other teachers sitting in their basements at night masterbating while watching her?  One thing you can know is that you don’t know who is teaching your children if they go to public schools.


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