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Reason 107: Because The Institution Is Blinded By Hatred

From the Blaze:

School Official Keeps His Job After Apologizing for Shocking Statement on White, ‘Christian’ Men

What was the shocking statement this teacher made? This:

“The only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white ‘Christian’ men with easy access to guns. Vote Bernie”

I actually don’t think he should lose his job. He posted this on facebook. He didn’t teach it to any “children” at his high school that we know of. And while many, if not most, of Sanders’ supporters are all in for limiting your rights to be a buffoon on Facebook, I cannot join them. But it is worth noting a couple of things:

Brought to this world by Islam

  1. Hatred blinds. This person, who will be teaching people’s children, is so filled with hatred and bigotry against white Christian men he doesn’t even know that he is incapable of looking at recent history, and the literally thousands of deaths brought about by Islam, and see a problem. No, it’s Christian white men who are the real problem.

    Brought to this world by Islam

    So why did he say something so inconsistent with the obvious? Because a news event that appeared to fit his narrative of reality happened with the abortion clinic shooter in Colorado. Never mind that it was a delusional man with no apparent political or religious connections who walked into a human butcher shop and shot people.  And never mind that even if he had had religious and political connections, his death toll doesn’t hold a spark to Islamists who managed to murder over 3000 people in one city in a couple of hours. And never mind that more people die from guns wielded by black-non Christian men every day than white Christian men; no, never mind all that. White Christian men with guns are still the real problem. Such blindness boggles the mind. Yet, that same blind person teaches your children. And he is by no means alone. These sentiments fill people from the bottom to the upper echelons of the institution. Who would knowingly give that person permission to train their child?

  2. A rotten society is going to put rotten teachers in rotten schools filled with rotten kids. We know this. How can a rotten and morally retarded public school administration make moral judgments about the rottenness of its teachers? Answer? It can’t. The school system cannot be fixed.  There is but one option. Get your children out!

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