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Reason 364: Because Even Though It’s Your Tax Dollars And Your Children, It’s Not Your Right To Have A Say

This headline says it all:

Middle School CEO Tony Sanders Says Parents Have No Right to Know about Co-Ed Locker Room

From the article:

Tony Sanders, the chief executive officer of School District U-46 which serves 40,000 students in Cook, DuPage, and Kane Counties in Illinois, has declared that a middle school locker room is henceforth co-ed. He has declared from on high that a student who wishes to be the opposite sex may use whichever locker room his or her heart desires. Even more troubling, Sanders has further declared that no parents in the district may be apprised of the fact that their children may be sharing a locker room with an opposite-sex student.

This is tyrant talk. Just send us your tax dollars–or we’ll come get them by force– and send us your children– or we’ll come get them too– and then leave us alone as we build a new hell for them. Remember, the institution today is our world tomorrow. These kids grow up and take their place at the helm or as compliant serfs. I’m afraid, given the institution of today, that they’re going to feel quite comfortable as tyrants and slaves.

But check the featured video out at this site by clicking here. It was created by Christian Home Educators of Colorado, and it gives a history of the homeschooling movement, and just how miraculous it was that it remained legal in these tyrannical times.  God has made a way to save your children from the sin-induced insanity that’s now overtaking our land. I urge you to rescue your children now.

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Reason 355: Because The Pseudo-Science That Your Child Will Be Taught Is Not Science At All, It’s A Lie

The idea of “settled science” when it comes to liberal schemes is a tactic. Its purpose is to shut down conversation and squash dissent.  You’re just supposed to believe whatever harebrained scheme someone’s dreamed up and accept it without question; because after all you’re an idiot and your elitist masters are not.

Here are a few of the schemes right off the top of my head, all of which have been promoted and propagated for years in the public schoolhouse through indoctrination. All of these are supposed to be “settled science”.

  • evolution
  • so-called “climate change”
  • gender confusion
  • the personhood of the unborn child
  • the social implication of the destruction of the family

But there is a better answer to the questions we don’t have scientific answers for. “I don’t know” is a good answer, especially when you don’t know. To claim to know something when you don’t, for whatever motivation that pushes you toward that answer, and then hiding your ignorance under the banner of science, is to destroy real science. There’s no shame in not knowing something. We only know, after all, a tiny smidgen of what there is to be known; a mere fraction of a fraction.  But to admit ignorance requires humility, and when you are all about inserting yourself into the vacuum you’ve created by destroying the concept of God in the minds of men,  humility doesn’t work all that well.

But in the meantime, when masses of people have been convinced that things are known that are not known, ignorance has become a deadly and caustic business, especially when desired truth and suspicions are taught as confirmed science in what is thought of as the one stop shop for “knowledge”, the institutions of education. But you can know this. Much of what your children will learn in the institution is deception and lies, maybe even most of what they will learn there. But keep in mind, we learn much more, in whatever venue we learn in, than grammar, real science and math. We also learn things that will become or inform our worldview, and it is precisely there that the lies are poured on thickist.

Today I have a video to share that looks at just one of the popular lies being pushed as of late. Here it is:

The bottom line is truth matters, and it matters a lot. Lies are bad. So to keep your children from  “learning” through lie upon lie, keep them home where you can teach them precept upon precept.

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Reason 353: Because Immorality Is Contagious, And There’s An Epidemic At The Schoolhouse

The title of this post should actually read:

Because Immorality Is Contagious, And There’s An Epidemic Of Immorality At The Schoolhouse Where It’s Being Pushed Night And Day By A Massive And Powerful Government Institution.

If you’ve ever wondered how we got from the wholesome fifties to what we are experiencing today, top down, then you need look no further than that innocuous-looking,  flat-roofed,  windowless, government building just down the street.  That’s where the indoctrination that sets into motion the thinking of the masses is accomplished. And we’re not going to like where it’s taking us, as pointed out in this article:

The Tragic Transgender Contagion

The most horrifying, yet understandable, statement in the article is the subtitle of the first section:

Anguished parents note that entire peer groups seem determined to ‘transition’ together.

Anguish indeed. And how many of these parents thought that being sexually confused would ever happen to their children when they sent them off to an institution that preaches sexual confusion? None? How can that be? I guess bad things only happen to the neighbor’s children.

Another interesting excerpt:

Human experience simply doesn’t conform to ideological models, and the far worse damage is done when we try to impose radical ideology onto the complexities of individual, troubled lives. In reality, people are far more vulnerable to suggestion and fashion than the Left lets on.

And then the most poignant quote from the article; a quote by the way which I think is exactly right:

We’re not far from the day when a child will be taken from a loving home simply because the parents refuse to believe that their little girl is actually a little boy. We’re already living in the days when telling your girl child that she shouldn’t undergo treatments that will render her infertile and painfully mutilated is deemed to be intolerant. And we refuse to believe that such behaviors are at all influenced by peer groups or social trends. Instead, your daughter is simply “trans,” just as she is either black or white.

This is a long and excellent article with too much for me to excerpt here. It also has several videos that are worth watching. Please click over and read it… then go rescue your children!

Read more at:

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Reason 352: Because The Only Agenda That Should Matter Is Yours

It would seem, given the numbers in our article today, that homeschooling is catching on, and that is a promising thing for our future. And it would seem that the moral decadence pushed by the institution has played no small part in the increase we’re all watching. Since  the time that the courts have begun to decree what the people have voted down, there really is no alternative for parents who don’t want their children being a rat in the social laboratory that is the institution.

Here is an article that discusses this:

Pressed By Common Core And LGBT Agenda, More Families Homeschool

a bit from the article:

In addition, LGBTQ activists have successfullyinundated schools with their approved ideology inside sex education that starts now as early as kindergarten. With these problems in public schools and many families unwilling or unable to afford the cost of private schooling, more and more families are choosing homeschooling as an alternative. This ensures they can avoid educational indolence and moral apathy while picking and choosing what learning method, curriculum, and schedule works best for their family.

Please don’t think your school is different. It isn’t. If you want your child’s education to be different, then you’ll have to take them away from Ceasor, and educate them at home.


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Reason 350: Because It Makes Sense, And Public School Doesn’t

But if you bring them home, you can teach them in loving ways, which never confuses.



H/T Eternity Matters


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Reason 317: Because Logic Is Not Only Good, But Necessary

If I stick my hand on a hot stove, logic would dictate that my hand will be burned. See how that works? It’s logic, and God created logic, and logic is good. So why would anyone send your child to an institution for a Secular Humanist education where logic is dissuaded? How is it dissuaded you ask? Like in this article:

The Child Asked, ‘What If I Identify as a Dinosaur?

One of the favorite accusations made by the Accuser of the Brethren, who accuses Christians day and night, is that they are anti-intellectual, and anti-science. But how intellectual is it to teach a child that he dictates reality and that reality submits to him? If this was actually true, then your child could identify as an iron man and touch the stove without getting burned. How smart is that?

From the article:

The video [I played] also mentioned some other curious cases: a man who identifies as a woman, a white woman who identifies as black, a father of 7 who identifies as a little girl, a man who identifies as a dog named Boomer, a woman who identifies as a cat, and a man who identifies as a parrot (and has had surgical modifications to make him look more parrot-like).

Let’s try this. Logic, If A can equal anything, then it follows that anything can equal A. People, who may not even realize that they’re following this logic nevertheless still do, as we can see in this excerpt:

A young man asked me what would happen if he identified as a grown man. Would he be able to buy liquor. What about a 12-year-old girl who identified as 18? Would she be allowed to get her driver’s license? What about a teenage boy who identified as Bill Gates? Would he be allowed to withdraw all of Gates’ funds from the bank?

And what about another teenage boy who identified as a dinosaur? Would this prove that dinosaurs are not extinct? And would he have the right to sue all scientists and textbooks for claiming that dinosaurs did not exist?

These students are 12 to 18, are in a Christian School in which it is still legal to teach truth and logic, and perhaps have had some training in the foolishness of the sovereignty of man. So they see this lack of logic for what it is. But most children never get this training, and on top of not being equipped to see through the folly of Secular Humanist teaching, they are being indoctrinated at earlier and earlier ages when they are the most impressionable, indeed the very time that they ought to be home with you.

God is sovereign. Man rises up in rebellion against His sovereignty. That’s the way it is. Don’t send your child to an institution that will enlist and train your child for that rebellion.


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Reason 289: Because The “Safe School” Is The One In Your Home

One of the things about an Orwellian mentality is that it’s meant to deceive. When the institution starts a “safe schools” program, you can bet there’s a twist that you’re not supposed to catch. What they mean is that it is safe for whatever new behavior that has managed to purchase its ticket on the victimhood bus. It’s not safe at all for anyone else.

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen of a mother who finally, finally, finally gets it. It’s from Australia I believe but no matter. The whole of Western “civilization” is circling the drain:

Here are some quotes:

“I know my son best like all parents know their children best. He likes the capacity to understand certain things, and this would be one of them. The cross-dressing would be one of them.”

“I’ve also got a younger daughter… That would mean that she’s  sharing facilities, bathroom facilities, with a member of the opposite sex, and she doesn’t see male genitals at home so why would I send her to school possibly to see male genitals at school. I just don’t think that’s appropriate and, you know, it could mean that, she being only 7 and a year 12 boy might walk in and that’s frightening to me. I’m not saying the boys going to attack her or anything like that, but who would know where it leads? You just don’t know, you don’t know how far this is all going to go?”

“It’s warping their child’s way of thinking”

“This is where they will learn breast binding, penis tucking, and when I was going through this with my school last year at the bottom of the  breast binding page was about 5 or 6 links, now those links were adult website links. The worst one that I could see was the tool shed. It was called the tool shed, and it was where children could log on and look at or purchase adult content like sex aides, dildoes, strap-ons, you name it… and I’m still waiting, still waiting, for the person to be held accountable for putting those links on a youth website.”

This is a must-watch in my opinion, no matter where you live. And for the record, “safe schools” is a pipe dream. The safest school your child can attend is yours. And the most dangerous place you can send them is government school pushing for “safe schools”.



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Reason 278: Because A Mind Is Too Precious To Just Give Away

Some things we see today were so outrageous just a few years ago that they would have been laughed at if suggested. But no one’s laughing now. It was only about 8 years ago for example that Obama felt he needed to lie about his stance on redefining marriage to get elected. That he was lying is old news now.

I can remember being laughed at and poo-pooed years ago as an extremist when I said that America would eventually redefine marriage to include those of the same sex. But I never thought I’d see the day that president of America would bully school systems into redefining the words male and female and then demand that males be allowed into the girl’s locker rooms in the schoolhouse. But even that is happening now.

One thing to remember is that politics is downstream of culture. The culture changes first, and then they elect a government that reflects that change… which brings us this:

Massachusetts House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill to Abolish Biological Sex

The question is, how is culture changed so radically in such a short amount of time? Of course, the answer to that question can be found in every neighborhood across this once great land in that building just down the street where they mold the next generation’s minds.

But you still have liberty to mold your children’s minds into a realistic sane worldview. And I suggest you use the liberty granted to you by God to change the course of your child’s life, and perhaps even history.


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Reason 267: Because They’re Never Too Young To Learn

When it comes to educating children many feel that such a complicated task ought to be left to the experts. And if there’s anything that the experts show us through their actions, it’s that our children are never too young to learn. Take this for example:

Washington Schools to Teach Gender Identity Curriculum in Kindergarten

You can see here that the experts are experts, and you, dear parent are not. So send your child on down to perversion central and have their minds set right about any new depravity coming down the pike. The experts will thank you for it, and so will the poor souls drowning in their perversions who would maim and kill for affirmation and acceptance.


You can come to your senses and keep your precious little children far from these “experts”, and you can teach them starting at age one day that the “experts” come like little roaring lions to see what they might devour.

This little excerpt is a picture of what indoctrination looks like:

As reported by The Daily Caller, the new standards require students to learn about gender identity and expression beginning in kindergarten.

  • Beginning in Kindergarten, students will be taught about the many ways to express gender.  Gender expression education will include information about the manifestations of traits that are typically associated with one gender. Crossdressing is one form of gender expression.
  • Third graders will be introduced to the concept of gender identity.  These children will be taught that they can choose their own gender.
  • Fourth graders will be expected to “define sexual orientation,” which refers to whether a person identifies as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual; they’ll also be taught about HIV prevention.  Children in fourth grade will be told that they can choose their sexual orientation.
  • Fourth and fifth graders will learn about the relativity of gender roles and why such roles are social constructs that are not inherent to who we are as male or female human beings.
  • Seventh graders will be expected to “distinguish between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”
  • High school students will critically “evaluate how culture, media, society, and other people influence our perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, relationships, and sexual orientation.”


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Reason 265: Because Would You Send Your Child To Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab For An Education?

Of course you wouldn’t. But the truth is that when you send your child to the institution, you’re sending them to possibly the grandest lab in human history, where self-proclaimed intellectuals are trying out their Godless ideas daily.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “…straining out gnats and swallowing camels”? It was spoken by Jesus to his accusers. And, well, it shouldn’t surprise us that there is nothing new under the sun, because that there is “nothing new under the sun” is also in the Bible. We have the same things going on today as have always been going on, which is clear in this article:

Experimenting on Children

And here’s the gnat/camel angle to this story:

Ironically, “progressives” who oppose trace amounts of hormones in the chicken they consume support the practice of cross-sex hormone-doping for minors for which there is little conclusive assurance of long-term safety. While leftists prefer their free-range chickens to be free of hormonal interference, they’re okay with mad scientists mutilating their bodies and pumping them up with risky chemicals.

But that’s just it. When you’ve disassociated yourself from all reality and the history of humanity and you’ve set your sights instead on a Ponce De Leon-esk journey in search of some vague notion of Utopia, you’ve become shoulder to shoulder with Frankenstein, who, incidentally, meant to do good and meant not to create a monster.

But that’s where we are. The public school now is akin to Frankenstein’s lab, and is conducting Frankensteinian experiments on your children:

And one day, gender-dysphoric children will tell their tragic stories—children whose parents were persuaded that allowing their confused children to “transition” was not only the appropriate treatment protocol but also the only way to prevent their children’s suicides.

Children who were permitted to take chemicals to prevent puberty (and thus the formative social experiences that attend pubertal physical and emotional changes), who were permitted to take risky cross-sex hormones whose effects—including sterility—are permanent, and in some cases were permitted to have breasts amputated or testes excised will tell their stories.

Surely some will regret never knowing who they would have become if they had been permitted to develop in accordance with their objective nature. Some will regret never having had the social experiences that attend the sex they actually are. Some will regret not waiting to see if their gender- dysphoric feelings abated. Some will regret their sterility. And some will regret the health effects like venous thromboembolism, osteoporosis, or cancer that may result from a lifetime of hormone-doping.

This, folks, is a tragedy of epic proportions. But like most who are immersed in the tragedy, we don’t realize it… just yet.  History will not treat us well. And yet, millions send their children to these monster makers for an education. Which is the larger tragedy?  The poor souls who become the monsters created by the institution, or that masses of people send their children to the monster-makers for mutilation, experimentation and indoctrination? You decide. But while you doddle, millions are

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