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The State Continues Hugh Hefner’s Legacy

When you live in a society with the most depraved and disturbing forms of pornography just a click away for anyone with so much as a cell phone–which the majority of high school students and probably middle school students have in their possession–then one must admit that what this video presents borders on purity in comparison. But, does a father really want his daughter dressed and acting like this before an audience? Obviously the state does. These young girls can dress like prostitutes and strut like pole dancers, and it’s all… what shall I call it? Appropriate? Who knows? Maybe the state can solve some of its bloated, education-bureaucracy, money-woes by having leering men come forward and stick bills in these poor girl’s garters. That sounds like the ticket.

For young adults to behave badly is one thing. We are all, after all, children of Adam. And when the state condones vice, that’s one thing too. It does, after all, teach that it is the final arbiter of morality, and it can just deem this activity as moral by labeling anyone who disagrees as a regressive, Bible-thumping prude who is probably also a homophobic, racist, bigot, blah, blah, blah. But what about you, the parent? Are you OK with sending your child to an institution like this, that’s just honky dory with this at its highest offices, for an “education”?



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I Wonder If It Ever Occurred To This Dad That Maybe He Shouldn’t Have Sent His Daughter There In The First Place?

After Bullies Leave Daughter Looking Like This, Dad Reacts Swiftly

From the story:


One question that this raises is the question of this poor girl’s sexual orientation; well that question along with another concerning reality.  That question goes something like this: If something happens, and the media doesn’t go on a crusade with wall-to-wall coverage, did it really happen?

To clarify let me put it another way. Do you really believe that this would be an obscure local story if the poor girl had been a lesbian, or worse, because gay is so late 90’s, a so-called “transgender”?  I would recon not. She would become a poster child for the reasons that no one, under any circumstances, should ever oppose the latest folly being advanced in the schoolhouse for the next generation.

But for now, this girl, and the thousands like her who are bullied every day in the school house, the existence of which challenges the narrative of the institution that only gender-dysphoric children are ever bullied, will have to continue to endure their harsh treatment unnoticed.


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Reason 358: Because Bureaucracies Fail, Especially If They’re Unionized Bureaucracies

The Wall Street Journal has a gem of an article and well written. And it goes to show the extent to which folly can be well written, but then only becomes well-written folly. And of course, well-written folly is much easier on the palate.

Clinton Abandons the Middle on Education

The article starts by looking like a fine Republican article, and if your only hope in life is to have the Republican Party win elections, I suppose it’s as good an article as any. But let’s look underneath the covers at the maggots, shall we?

I’ll do this by comparing premises.

  • The author’s premise: The Democrats are married to the teacher’s unions.

Well duh.

  • My premise: It’s too late to matter that the union’s are running the schoolhouse.

The question you need to answer, if your children are in the institution, is, how long has this been a problem? The answer, by the way, is, a very long time. So how many children have been indoctrinated into Secular Humanism, moral relativism, and have gotten a shoddy education to boot in the decades that have passed with this known problem? As I’ve said here before, and as I wish the WSJ understood too, when you see a building on fire with your children in it, you don’t make your attempts to put out the fire your number one priority. No, rescuing the children is your first priority, and then, and only then, do you attempt to save the building. For many reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog, you can give up on the schoolhouse. It’s burning down. You need to go rescue your children.

  • The author’s premise: If bad teachers could be fired, education would get better.

The school system is a complex thing, and it’s problems transcend bad teachers.

  • My premise: If every single teacher was an excellent teacher it would do very little if anything to save the schoolhouse.

The institution is acting like what it is; a Secular Humanist temple. Good teachers can teach evil better than bad teachers. Good people who are teachers can’t teach morals at all because it’s illegal to teach anything that the god/state doesn’t approve of.  And the god/state approves of teaching some generalized and undefined idea of social justice, which is just a euphemism for Marxism. It approves of tolerating aberrant behavior as righteous, and those who call it sin as unrighteous. It approves of earth and government worship, and it approves of the killing, dicing and selling of unborn children. It does not approve of the Republican party, and it still wouldn’t even if Republicans won elections, which is increasingly unlikely because Republicans have ceded all future voters over to a Democrat run education system.

There’s a lot to this article, and I’d recommend reading it. Not because you think it does a great job pointing out Hillary’s faults, but because it points out just have failed the entire school system is, and how hopeless is the idea of fixing it given the masses of people who have already been indoctrinated by it.

I’ll leave you with one excerpt at the end:

It isn’t clear who wrote these lines in the Democratic Party platform. But teachers unions have for years battled testing, accountability and merit pay. They push parental “opt out” as a backdoor way to kill testing, and the unions are doing their best to prevent charter schools from expanding. On discipline policies, the support is coming from civil-rights groups and the Obama administration.

If the views of rank-and-file Democrats don’t count, and party leaders care little about the political center, it’s hard to see how Mrs. Clinton could turn victory into a governing majority.

Most of the people who vote for Clinton won’t have a clue about who she is, or what she’s done, and they won’t care. She’s a Democrat and that’s all they’ve been taught that they need to know. Any attempt to point out her corruption will simply be seen as typical presidential politics. But that last line is mind boggling. If the author doesn’t understand how she could govern without support, he’s been living under a rock for the last 8 years at least. She will be the little tyrant just fine, and every problem she causes will successfully be blamed on her political enemies, and all the while you’re children will be trained to buy her line as well as every successor’s line while your tax dollars will ensure more of the same in the schoolhosue and worse.

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Reason 354: For The Same Reason You Would Not Let A Rotten Doctor Operate On Your Child

The story today is rich. It shows why the school system is a failure from top to bottom, and also the confederacy evil that will ensure that it will ever fail your children in multifaceted ways. It shows how much the schoolhouse is a money laundering scheme that starts with your wallet and ends with Democrats. And it does it all this in one tweet-sized “article”.  This is the tweet:

In a victory for teacher unions, California Supreme Court decides to let the state’s teacher tenure law stand.

The liberal AP is the source for this tweet and true to fashion it speaks in positive terms using the word “victory”. But victory for who? The children? Of course not you dummy. The “teachers” are the victors. But not all teachers. No, only rotten teachers.  And any time there is a “victor” there has to be a loser. Those losers would be the children.

Also notice that this is, again, top down from the highest levels of the bell weather state, California. It shows the raw power held in the hands of the teacher.s unions, and it shows why every parent ought to do what it takes to rescue their children from the trainwreck that is the institution.

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Reason 348: Because… Well, Check Out Voddie Baucham’s 5 Reasons


Here they are:

5. You Don’t Have To

4. America’s Schools Are Among the Worst in the Industrialized World

3. America’s Schools Are Morally Repugnant

2. Government Education is Anti-Christian

1. The Bible Commands Christ-Centered Education

I think I’ve covered all of these here, but Baucham does a great job of expanding on them.

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Reason 345: Because The Consequences Of Your Ignorance Can Be Fatal

Here is a very, very sad story:

13-Year-Old Kills Himself and Leaves Heartbreaking Note After School ‘Does Nothing’ To Stop Bullies

This poor child was not sheltered. He was supposed to go into an institution that taught him that he was nothing but a sack of chemicals, and he was supposed to be toughened up anyway rather than just give up. But he didn’t. He took his own life.

Parents underestimate the brutality in the schoolhouse by the little barbarians learning to be big barbarians. There’s no way you can know everything your child’s going through.  And there’s nothing you can do about it even if you did. (see yesterday’s article) His most poignant indictment was that “the teachers did nothing.”

I know that this isn’t common, at least the suicide part of it. But I also know that the bullying is very common. And I personally would not take solace in the fact that my child went through this, and yet didn’t kill himself.  Better for him not to go through it at all in my opinion. My heart aches for every child thrown into the grim world of the institution.

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Reason 339: This One Is Short And Succinct

“We don’t homeschool to avoid wicked people but so we wicked people can talk all day about the one Man who wasn’t wicked.” RC Sproul Jr.

Why would anyone send their child to a place where this one and only man is not allowed to be mentioned?

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Reason 332: Because People Usually Don’t Want Their Children To Be Accidental Porn Stars

This has been in the headlines as of late:

Charges: HS Coach Filmed Girls in Locker Room for Years

This headline tells you all you need to know.

I will grant that this sort of thing can happen anywhere where young girls routinely take their clothes off, and not just in the schoolhouse. But there is this thing called accrued risk.  The chances of a homosexual man catching AIDS from a one night stand are fairly small. But if he’s prone to follow the usual behavioral patterns of his counterparts, the odds go up exponentially.   It’s the same with this situation. How many places do your children take off their clothes at predictable places and times routinely? Waterworld? The gym? How often do they go there? And how many men are on staff at these places with access sufficient to set up for peeping? The bottom line is that the schoolhouse is ripe for this sort of thing. It would be interesting to know how often this happens without the person getting caught. The truth is that this had been going on for years and it’s very icky.

But the schoolhouse has some added components. How long do you think it will be before men like this learn that all they have to do is identify as a woman and they’ll be given legal access to your daughters in the locker room? It’s just a matter of time, once the people get use to the fellow student/boy in there. You know it will be the natural progression of things. And if you don’t like it? Why you’re a closed-minded, bigoted transphobe, and evil deep down to your core.

But there’s also the component of moral relativism at play. What right does anyone have to say that this man has done anything wrong? Was anyone harmed? No! Then it’s YOU with the problem, you closed-minded, bigoted blah blah blah.

Is this what you want for your child? I hope not. But if it’s not what you want, run, don’t walk, down to the schoolhouse and get your children out of there. It is a cesspool of depravity, and not fitting for man nor child.

Read more:

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Reason 328: Because… Just Watch This

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Reason 326: Because Life Is Much Nicer Off The Freeway

Did you ever stop to think how much the government controls your life through public school? That’s because it determines when you and millions of other people are free, and when you’re not. The schoolhouse is like a freeway in that sense. It channels millions upon millions of people into its iron-fisted schedule. That’s why I relate with this little meme:

Screenshot (137)

This little gem is only the beginning. We actually do school almost all the way through summer so that we can take more time to enjoy things that would otherwise be too crowded when the rest of the world is gets its few months of freedom.

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