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“If you feel incapable of teaching your own children it’s because you were taught that you were not capable”

Great video:

More quotes:

  • Homeschooling seems like a radical idea. Why? Because we are [indoctrinated]  (my word, not hers, but still the same thing)   to think that way.
  • But instead [of being self-learners] public schools teach children that they must be
  • in a classroom with an instructor to learn.  (Why? Because the institution is first and foremost about power and union jobs, not teaching your children.)
  • [Public school children] only know what they’ve been taught, and can not think for themselves, so anything that challenges their worldview is perceived as hostile… (ever wonder why disagreement has become synonymous with hate?)
  • Public school forms a wedge between the child and the parent.
  • The school challenges the parent’s authority from day one. (And parents help. By sending their child to the government indoctrinators, the child can only see that as their endorsement of the indoctrinators)
  • Parents surrender their children to literal strangers. (There was a time when this was not necessarily true. A parent could at least have a little confidence that the worldview of the “strangers” would be somewhat in step with their own. Nothing could be further from the truth in this age. Not only is the parent handing their children to strangers, he is also handing his children off to people who are strange.)
  • Instead of utterly enervating, homeschooling is empowering. (The institution goes on about  “empowerment”. But it is beholden to Marxist empowerment which only prepares them for slavery and submission to the state while promising a Utopian paradise of equality.  If you want to truly empower your children, keep them far away from the institution.)
  • Have you ever done homework with your child? Then you’ve homeschooled. (The great thing is, however, that since the institution is so inefficient and distracted, and has higher priorities to indoctrinate your child into Marxism, sodomy, radical feminism, perversions, and America-hatred, that they’re already being homeschooled by you in the evenings, it’s just called homework. Why not remove the garbage from your child’s education? Remove the institution.) 

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Reason 343: Because The Government Really Doesn’t Want Your Child Educated

Here is an article by a great of our time, Mr. Thomas Sowell:

Are We Serious About Education?

He starts out with two events as examples:

One of these events was an announcement by Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C., that it plans on August 19th to begin “an entire week of activities to celebrate the grand opening of our new $160 million state-of-the-art school building.”

The painful irony in all this is that the original Dunbar High School building, which opened in 1916, housed a school with a record of high academic achievements for generations of black students, despite the inadequacies of the building and the inadequacies of the financial support that the school received. By contrast, today’s Dunbar High School is just another ghetto school with abysmal standards…

[Abother] high school…  has been ranked among the best high schools in the nation. Its students’ test scores rank first in its district and fourth in the state of California.  But the California State Board of Education announced plans to shut down this charter school — immediately.

Why would the institution rather build buildings and shut down high-ranking charter schools than educate? Because that’s how monopolies have always operated. Who in their right mind would actually do the hard work of educating children when it’s much easier to put on a show and spend other people’s money? And this is especially so when you have the power to shut down anything that might show your incompetence?  Certainly not the institution, because you must realize that the institution’s interests not children. No, its interest is perpetuating itself as the money laundering, indoctrination scheme that it is.

What fascinates me the most though is how many people there are who think they’re not qualified to teach their children, and who are afraid that they would give their children a sub-standard education. Those who think this way have eyes and minds. They see what the school is doing, and what they’re teaching, and yet they are still somehow snowed into thinking that the institution has cornered the market on a decent education.

Yet more and more are seeing the light and are saying goodbye, thank you very much, keep the change but leave me alone.  Don’t be one of the last ones to escape the institution. Get out now. You’ll be glad you did.

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Reason 342: Because It’s Dimes For Dollars Cheaper

I’ve pointed out many times here that the schoolhouse is a money laundering scheme. The teacher’s  unions fill political campaign coffers and in return, those politicians increase spending on schools, and round and round it goes. The losers? Taxpayers and students.

Here is an article that discusses the cost of educating a child expensively, with poor results:

What did these schools produce while spending more than $18,000 per student? Not well-educated children.

In the Philadelphia public schools in 2015, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress scores published by the Department of Education, 80 percent of eighth graders were not grade-level proficient in math. Eighty-four percent were not grade-level proficient in reading.

In the Detroit public schools, 96 percent of eighth graders were not grade-level proficient in math. Ninety-three percent were not grade-level proficient in reading.

In the District of Columbia public schools, 83 percent of the eighth graders were not grade-level proficient in math. Eighty-one percent were not grade-level proficient in reading.

I can’t understand anyone who bases their decision to not home educate on fear of failing their children. Two things to understand. The schoolhouse is lost. Children are natural learners.

And there’s one more thing to understand. Ignorant people make great slaves, and they’re easy to enslave.


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Reason 288: Because Of Evil Unions

It would be foolish to put very much separation between the institution and the teacher’s union. There are two kinds of unions. There are the union thugs who “represent” employees at private companies, which can be put out of business. And then there are the union thugs who “represent” employees of government, which will never be put out of business. In fact being “put out of business” is the furthest thing from the minds of government. It might put you out of business with oppressive taxes. But it will never go out of business itself. And it is for that reason that government unions and government have become such cozy bedfellows.

It works like this: union asks for bigger pensions, earlier retirements, less work and pay raises. Politicians grant same and in return, they get a nice little bonus in their campaign coffers to go after anyone who wants to reign in unions by promising to control spending as someone who hates children and wants to defund schools. And around and around it goes. The union and government get more and more powerful.

So we have something today from the awesome people at Project Veritas who actually do what we used to think 60 minutes did before we found out that they were nothing more than political hacks. Watch this video of the people you entrust with your children:

Don’t you wish you could get “tenure” at your job? Don’t worry about that, you’re not. Private business cannot take money from its patrons at the barrel of a gun just yet. That will come with socialism.

What surprises me with this, (not really) is the lack of love.  Who would protect a teacher who hits a child? What worse thing will the union put the teacher’s job above the act? We know that the butchers at Planned Parenthood protect rapists, and they have the red carpet laid out for them at your child’s school.

Lawlessness leads to cold hearts. Love demands a parent protect his child. Sending your child into this mess is not protecting him.


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Reason 258: Because Others Are Doing It?

Well, maybe that’s not a good reason. But others are doing it in increasing numbers. Here’s some interesting news from North Carolina:

In one state, more children homeschool than attend private schools. Why that shouldn’t shock you.

The article gets into the reasons this is happening, but it focuses on just a few of what it figures are prominent reasons… like Common Core, moral and religious teaching and such. As for me, I think it’s awesome. But I also realize that the more people who do this, the more attention it’s going to get from Goliaths like the NEA and the rest of the monsters who run the asylum. So we get this from the article:

The National Education Association, the country’s largest teacher’s union, declared in a 2011 resolution: “The National Education Association believes that homeschooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience.”

But, there is quite a gap between what the NEA believes about homeschooling and the actual results from homeschooling. According to Education News:

Recent studies laud homeschoolers’ academic success, noting their significantly higher ACT-Composite scores as high schoolers and higher grade point averages as college students. Yet surprisingly, the average expenditure for the education of a homeschooled child, per year, is $500 to $600, compared to an average expenditure of $10,000 per child, per year, for public school students.

Who’d a thought?  A child learns better when being taught by someone who’d give their very blood for that child than by a union thug*.



(*)Of course, there are lots of fine teachers in the system. But that’s just it, it’s a system. And if these fine teachers act like decent human beings they will be fired pronto. Because any decent human being would not lie to their students and tell them that they’re nothing but flesh machines and so… survival of the fittest.  And oh yea, if you act like, “survival of the fittest” we might put you in prison.  But decent people need to work, and they have a vocation. And for some, that vocation is teaching. And as for me, I’m glad they’re there. Thank you to all who slug it out in the system every day. You are a warrior.

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Reason 251: Because It Makes Government Union Thugs Mad

I consider it nothing less than a miracle, especially considering the free-for-all power grabs by an ever-increasing centralized government, that it’s still legal to homeschool in America. And I’m so glad it is because I wouldn’t want my love for my children to be criminalized.

And yes, I realize that I still have to pay the taxes for something I don’t use. But I don’t think of it as taxes. I consider it tribute… the same kind of tribute the poor baker in Chicago paid to Guido for protection from Guido, and the same kind of tribute Jesus was willing to give Ceasor, who’s time was short in light of eternity. They could care less about education anyway. They’re all about the money, and so I have no problem paying mine.  In return, I get to keep my children.

With this in mind here is an interesting article from National Review:

Terry McAuliffe to Virginia Homeschoolers: ‘You Can’t Have That Privilege’

As I’ve said here so many times before, the Teacher’s Unions are the ACLU. And the ACLU is the LGBT. And the LGBT is the Democrat Party. And the Democrat Party is Planned Parenthood, and planned parenthood is the public school system, and so on. They are all one in lock step.

The “privilege” spoken of in this article is the ability to use what has been paid for in taxes. But evidently these poor homeschoolers think that their taxes are taxes. They are wrong. “Taxes” is another one of those morphing, euphemistic words. Even fines from the Affordable Care Act were considered taxes by our illustrious Supreme Court. Whatever. Just leave me alone, please.

A bit from the article, but it’s a fine article, so be sure to read the whole thing:

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is a defender of privilege. Earlier this week, the first-term Democrat vetoed a bill that would have let the commonwealth’s homeschooled students play sports and otherwise participate in extracurricular activities at their local public schools. “Participation in athletic and academic competitions is a privilege for students who satisfy eligibility requirements,” McAuliffe said. Curious. We hear a lot about privilege these days — mostly in the racial context. We don’t often hear big-shot Democrats referring to the free public-school system as a bastion of privilege. But homeschooling has a crazy-making effect on liberals — especially those whose campaigns are funded and staffed by the teachers’ unions, which despise homeschooling and, to an increasing extent, homeschoolers.

I don’t know how much longer it will be legal to keep your children from the state’s plans for their minds. But for now it is legal, and, again, I consider that a miracle.
Read more at:


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Reason 199: The NEA

I’ve said here many times that you should not look at that sprawling, flat-roofed, brick building down the street as just a place with some teachers, students learning reading and writing, and a principle. If you think that, you are well down the government Pied Piper’s road of deception. In reality it’s a conglomerate of, not only government bureaucracies, but also hordes of para-government organizations like LGBT, ACLU, GLSEN, Planned Parenthood butchers, and CAIR.

But we don’t want to leave out the teachers “union” in this conglomerate, which acts in lockstep with the DOT and the other evil organization who want to have a say in how your child’s mind will ultimately be programmed.

Here is an article from the fine people at “Lifesite” that shows how these power brokers and organizations all work together toward the same end:

Teachers unions back bill allowing adult males to shower with young girls in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Teachers Association – the state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA) – and the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts announced that they support H.B. 1577. So have two professional organizations of public school administrators: the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents and the Massachusetts Association of School Committees.

“Groups that should be advocating for children’s safety have turned against parents and endorsed a legal concept that by nature puts children at risk,” Ryan told LifeSiteNews.

The group has compiled a list of incidents in which men have physically threatened, attempted to rape, or otherwise sexually revealed themselves to women and girls in private facilities.

I doubt that most parents have a clue what really is waiting for their children in that flat-roofed government building just down the street. And even when they learn, after the fact, and are “outraged” and “shocked” to kingdom come, they will still cast their vote for the buffoonery that’s bringing it all about. But for now, it’s legal to opt out of this moral malaise, and that’s exactly what you should do.


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Reason 137: Because Of The NEA

If you don’t know what the NEA is, and you have children in public school, that’s sad. So, just so you know, it’s a nationwide teacher’s union. But it’s much much more than that. It’s very large, it’s very powerful, and it’s very evil. All and all, it’s just a part of the confederacy of evil, an aggregate force that includes gay lobbies, Planned Parenthood, the Democrat party, the ACLU and all the other atheist organizations who have managed to gather some clout in your child’s schoolhouse. It would be a mistake to distinguish entirely any of these powerhouses from the local administration of your local schoolhouse. Sure, there are some great people working in those administrations, but they are no match for enormous power wielded by this confederation. They are all one, working like a machine toward one end, capturing your child’s mind for its purposes.

If you thought that the teachers unions existed to get the teachers a meager raise every now and then, you couldn’t be more wrong. The NEA is a cash cow. It provides money to insure liberal politicians get elected, so that they can provide more money for the NEA, so that it can provide more money and power for machine. And on and on it goes.

Here we get a glimpse into that machine with a lawsuit filed against the NEA. Take a listen to this:

It’s up in the air as to whether or not the confederation of evil will lose or win this. But even if they lose, it will only be a small bite out of a very large monster.

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Reason 126: Because Children Were Not Designed For The State School

If there’s one thing I’ve learned writing this blog it’s that the institution outgrew its charter to teach children long ago. “Teaching” is simply no longer its main purpose. I’d say that it’s number one purpose is to advance socialism and the democrat party. But bringing masses of children into the system is a messy business because, well, they’re people. They have minds of their own… at least for the time being. But worse than that they’re very young people who were never designed to be stuck in a classroom sitting at a desk for most of their young waking hours.

The last thing the institution wants to deal with is the actual humanity of the poor souls put under its charge. So that’s where big pharmaceutical gets its cut of the education money-pie. With modern medicine, the children can be made to look like the little machines the state desires them to be until they can be turned into real machines.

Please don’t let the self-serving state turn your normal, healthy child into a drug addict! Keep him home where he is loved, and will get the best education, and actually have fun doing it.


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Reason 100: Bonus! This Head Of The Teacher’s Union Gives You Lots Of Reasons

A video of the President of the NEA giving a cute little speech has surfaced on youtube. It’s just dripping with smug arrogance as she rattles off a litany of things the “teacher” does. She not only manages to insult the mentally challenged–but that’s ok, she’s a liberal, and you know the drill; there’s rules for the common pukes like you and your children, and then there’s rules for the elites like the presient of the NEA.

Much on her list of  “things” that teachers do, thrown out machine-gun style starting at 1:30, is a laundry list of things that define liberal ideology. That the NEA is all about indoctrinating children is one thing, and it is known. But to admit it? That’s kind of new.

But she also includes in her list things that parents tend to do, without feeling the need to organize a union. That’s because she’s the head of a society of hirelings; and together with the institution they desire to ensure your child becomes one of theirs in their thoughts and deeds.

This is not funny. What is happening at the schoolhouse down the street is real, and it’s evil, and wishing it not to be true helps no one. But it does hurt someone… your children.




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