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Reason 331: Sanity Has Left The School Building

I’ll let this article speak for itself:

De Blasio Suspends School Sanity

The insanity spoken of is the fix instituted for the unequal distribution of classroom suspension among varying skin pigment rates.

This can be filed under, “fixing fixes that were fixes to fixes that were meant to fix reality” What reality was being fixed, you ask? Patriarchy. The family, and fatherhood, were seen as the problem. Why? I don’t know.  Something to do with power, which liberals, along with material wealth, have an inordinate fixation on, as if those two are the end alls of the end alls. And I guess if there’s no God, and we’re all simply flesh machines created by chance over eons who are responding to stimuli, that power is about all there is.  The real problem is more than likely something to do with what Paul of Tarses was talking about when he spoke of the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. When the father is taken out of the home, regardless of the amount of pigment one’s skin has, the results are entirely predictable. So it only follows that when more fathers, who happen to have more skin pigment, abandon their children then it should be expected that those same children will have more problems. It really is that simple. All one needs to look at is the out fo wedlock birthrates and their association with skin pigment, and there you will see a cause and effect relationship.

But you don’t have to send your child off to this. Sanity is important. Your child will need a sound worldview and a sound mind in the troubled world that the elitists are preparing for him. The best gift you can give to him is that. Things are not going to stay the same. Your child will not grow up in a world anything like the one you grew up in, even if you grew up only twenty or thirty years ago.


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Reason 327: Because Why Make Your Child Pay For Another’s Willing Blindness

I wondered for some time if the self-appointed liberal elitists knew what they were doing, and were trying to destroy a nation, or if they really believed what they said. It’s not as if there’s no one countering their bad ideas with factual and reasoned arguments. And it’s also not as if there isn’t good data to show the failure that their ideas have become. But sadly, in these days there’s no discussing problems. There’s only one way, their way, and if you don’t agree, why you’re a ________ phobe, or a racist.  Oh, and you’re a closed minded bigot to boot. This is not an environment that fosters learning. Not does it foster innovation or progress–unless by “progress” you mean the destruction of Western Civ.  In that case, there’s enormous progress.  I know longer care whether it’s intentional or misguided. It doesn’t matter. In either case, the effect is the same, and stopping it will require the same actions.

This is mindset is the schoolhouse, and the schoolhouse is this mindset. And it has created an environment that cannot foster learning, nor does it foster innovation or progress–unless by “progress” you mean the destruction of Western Civ.  In which case, there’s been enormous progress.  I no longer care whether it’s intentional or misguided. It doesn’t matter. In either case, the effect is the same.

Here is a great story that demonstrates my point:

Federal Racial Discipline Quotas Create Chaos In St. Paul Schools

On [outsted Superintendent Valeria] Silva’s watch, the city’s high schools have become menacing places where gangs of out-of-control teens prowl the halls, and “classroom invasions” by students settling private disputes are commonplace…  Her policies, initiated in 2010, launched the St. Paul schools on a downward spiral of chaos and violence. In December 2015, Ramsey County attorney John Choi labeled the situation “a public health crisis.” In 2015, assaults on teachers in St. Paul schools reported to his office tripled compared to 2014, and were up 36 percent over the previous four-year average.

What brought all of this on you ask? This:

Using Race as a Weapon for Inequality

The discipline policies that gave rise to this chaos sprang from Silva’s embrace of “racial equity” ideology. In St. Paul, as across the nation, black students as a group are referred for discipline at higher rates than their peers. Silva made eliminating this racial gap a top priority.

Study after study after study after study, etc, etc and so on ad nauseam  points to the real problem, which is fatherlessness. But since liberals hate patriarchy, these studies must be ignored. Since communism has always stood against the family unit, because barbarians are much easier to enslave, family and fatherhood are anathema.  So the only thing left is to make millions of rules to fix the problems caused by the previous millions of rules that were created to impose with force what reality would not grant; repeat, repeat, repeat, till destruction complete.

This is the school house. Silva is a product of the schoolhouse. If you think she’s just going to ride off into the night after being fired, you or horrifically mistaken. She is on a mission, and she is not alone. She is one person in a vast army. And that army controls your government’s “education program”.  But it doesn’t have to control your child’s education program. You can actually still legally raise your child in reality, and this is but one reason out of 365 I’ll give why you should.

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Reason 233: Because Children Tend To Act Like They’re Taught

Here is a video that was taken by a student at the schoolhouse:


The message is clear: either go along with what we tell you is right, or we will make you pay.

Now expand this picture a little to involve ideas, organizations and powerful or popular people. What you will have is North Carolina surrounded by the usual crowd of bullies acting the way they were taught to act in the schoolhouse… just like these children are doing.

Of course in both instances there is no real tolerance as that word’s always been defined. “Tolerance” is one of the many redefined words which has come to mean something totaly different. Today it means, you will go along with what we tell you to or we’ll gang up on you and beat you to a pulp. So in this video, we watch a poor student getting a little “tolerance” education… just like North Carolina has been getting.

But in an actual civil society we can expect that tolerance, as it’s always been defined, is important. So if you really want to raise children to be civil, you’ll keep them home and teach them the true meanings of words.


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Reason 226: Because Some In The Institution Actually Believe What It Teaches

Here is a sad story:

16-year-old girl beaten to death in high school bathroom in Delaware

Here’s the problem. How do the elites make themselves gods while at the same time destroying God? On the one hand, they need to dispell the silly notion that there’s an authority that trumps their own, and on the other they must insist that it’s wrong for us to kill each other. So, they explain man’s existence through a process they call survival of the fittest where only the fit survive to pass along their genes. And then they say it’s wrong to kill the weak.

Well this poor young soul won’t be passing along any genes. She was weak. She didn’t survive the schoolhouse and its thugs and bullies, who are strong.  And yet those who insist that survival of the fittest must be taught, and make laws to ensure it will be taught, and take action against anyone who questions its teaching, are the first to be shocked when their students live as if what they taught is true.

If this is the world you dream of, then the schoolhouse is the place you’ll definitely want to send your children off to for a good indoctrination. But if you think this smells a little like hell on earth, then do something different. Teach your children that they were created… by a creator, and that it’s wrong to kill each other; not because you say it is, or some Planned Parenthood butcher elitist says he thinks it is, but because God says it is.


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Reason 97: Because The Institution Is Lost In A Moral Fog Of Its Own Making

Here we have a rotten, dirty deed dealt out on the high school gridiron.

It’s difficult to see how this was some kind of accident. But what of it? Someone might argue that there’s always going to be those who resort to this sort of thuggery. And I agree. And I will even go so far as to say that even if the state school was otherwise a decent place to send your children, this sort of thing could still happen. But that’s just it. The state school is a bad place to send your children even if there were no thugs poking people in their eyes and raping girls. The problem isn’t so much that the thugs are poking people in the eyes and the little jockstar rapists are raping men’s daughters you see, it’s that the institution is hamstrung as to what to do about it. It is in a moral quagmire of its own making. It denies on one hand that there is any basis for good and evil, and on the other it tries to turn those poor souls placed in their charge into decent citizens. Why that’s like trying to push the same wagon you’re riding in, and evidently the institution is either too stupid to realize that, or it has malicious intentions. And I for one don’t think the institution is run by idiots. Idiots aren’t smart enough to convince throngs of people to ship their beloved children off to such a morally retarded machine.

So let’s look at another football incident to make my point. We have a this CNN story  reporting that a war-veteran high school coach has the audacity to spend a moment praying on the 50 yardline after every game. From the article:

Bremerton High School assistant coach Joe Kennedy, whose suspension Wednesday came a day before the school’s final regular game of the season, cannot resume his job until he agrees not to pray while on duty as a coach,the Bremerton School District said in a letter posted online.

What a juxtaposition. On the one hand we have rapist and thugs playing on the football team, and on the other a coach fired for praying. And that’s why the institution is doomed. It’s taken on too large a task. It wants to be a god, and it’s only succeeded into turning itself into into a devil, and who wants that teaching their children?



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Reason 72: Because Public Education Is Not Only A Lost Cause, It’s Increasingly Dangerous… For Everyone

Who can make sense of the cognitively dissonant liberal mind? No one. That’s because they live in a pretend world where right and wrong is what they say it is on a given day, and only then after referring to their twisted matrix of victim statuses, special causes and concepts of social justice only they can comprehend… maybe.  In the meantime they are so wrapped up in their pretend world that they can’t see the hell that their social experiments have wrought in the school house.

So here’s a peep hole through which we can see their menagerie. The laughter accentuates the evil.

This comment on the video by a teacher says all we need to hear:

I’m a teacher at an alternative school and not surprised at all at this behavior. The sad part is, this student will get a second chance to do it to another teacher because the school system will protect him. Our rights as teachers are very minimal and  this is why I would NEVER retire doing this. It becomes a “job”. We have to be counselors, parents, referees, corrections officers, lawyers, body guards, etc. with McDonald’s (no offense) pay. It used to be of high standards to teach. Now, no one respects the teacher. We get paid for 8 hours when, truly….our job is 24 hrs. It’s a tough field and is not for the weak. However, the gov’t has us by the balls and the parents and children know this…they use it to their advantage. Had that teacher hit back, he would be forced to resign with a reprimand in his file.

A fascinating thing, this next video. Not so much the video, the violence is becoming more commonplace, but how the person who posted it described it:

Teacher Caught Student Using PHONE IN CLASS . . . And Tried To CONFISCATE The Young Man’s BRAND NEW IPHONE 6s . . . But The Student FOUGHT BACK!!!! (Who Is In The WRONG Here . . . The Teacher . . . Or The STUDENT??)

This description is a great example of the moral confusion that the institution is instilling into future generations. They will be quite ready for serfdom.


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Reason 65: Because Education Is More Than Just Teaching Facts, It’s Teaching Values Also

Matt Walsh has a written an excellent column titled:

Parents, Teach Your Kids To Be Virtuous. The Schools Can’t Do It For You.

He addresses the violence in schools, its racial component and the institution’s  view of the hierarchical value of some of those students over others in the system.  He explains it like this:

…there is a hierarchy of Approved Victim Groups. Blacks are above teachers and women, but below gays and transgenders. Naturally, white men, white conservative women, and Christians are all at the bottom of the pyramid. Liberals don’t mind bullying and victimization so long as the hierarchy is respected. In other words, bullying must always be directed downwards, from the superior victim group to the inferior. That means a homosexual cross dressing fetishist who calls himself “transgender” may sexually harass underage girls by walking into their bathroom or locker room, and liberals will applaud. But if a straight man so much as looks at a woman sideways, or compliments her in a matter that makes her feel uncomfortable, liberals will say she’s been raped. Do you see how this works? Victimization must be ordered properly according to the liberal Victim Hierarchy. The highest victims can be victimized by no one, the lowest by everyone, and the ones in between only by those above them. It’s a very confusing system that requires years of study and many lost brain cells to understand.

Of course, the institutions values are fluid, if they exist at all. How can a person, or an institution, in one year promote and then celebrate a homophobic bigot named Barack Obama for president, and then before his first term is even up call all those who say the same thing evil because…, well, they’re homophobic bigots?  And of course its suddenly ok that Obama said it, even before he evolved himself, because he’s a liar anyway… which is ok I guess because he is after all, Barack Obama. Such are the values in the fluid and mixed up institution that you should vacate yesterday.

So with this, perhaps  you ought not be surprised if the school house is a little violent… and a little confusing. But I have a suggestion for you, a better way. Rescue your child from this hell and teach him yourself. It’s probably the only hell you’ll ever be able to rescue him from, and he’ll thank you for it some day, and it will all be worth it.


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Reason 39: Because The State Can’t Protect Your Child From The Same Mentality It Instills

From Fox News

4 teens arrested in alleged shooting plot at high school

Here we have four children who were taught that their existence is the result of “survival of the fittest”.  In fact, they have been in a state institution where the acknowledgement of God is illegal for those in authority, and is frowned upon for the students.  So it only stands to reason that there will be some who will actually believe what they are taught and even live it out.  Throw in the meaninglessness of life that the state teaches, mixed with incessant bullying and you have a recipe for disasters.

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Reason 30: Because Lies Are At Best Bad, And Institutional Lies Are Dangerous

Brian Rohrbough, the father of Dan Rohrbough, gives an account of April 20th 1990, the day of the Columbine Massacre.  This is an excerpt from “INDOCTRINATION, public schools and the decline of Christianity in America“. (click here for link) I highly X 100  recommend that you beg, borrow or steal a copy of this documentary if you are a Christian with children in the public school system.   

Transcript of Brian Rohrbough and “Indoctrination” producer, Collin Gunn


On the morning of April 20th, before noon, I received a phone call.  And in a panic stricken voice, Dan’s mom said to me “Brian, have you heard from Dan, do you know what’s going on?”.
And I said “no”.

And she told me that two gunmen had entered Columbine High School with machine guns and hand-grenades and they were killing kids.  And so me and my co-worker dropped what we were doing and we headed toward the school, and we got to where we could look across the park and we could see the school.  And there were two police cars parked there blocking our way and we couldn’t go any further.  And we stood there, watching, and a lady burst out a front door and she was screaming and crying, and she said to the police “save that boy, do something, save that boy!” and that’s really where I realized how bad things were.
We heard they were going to start bringing school buses, and the first bus came and I watched as the kids got off and they would run to their parents and they would cry and they would hug.  And all to often I heard this hollow promise that you’ll never set foot in that school again.  When the last bus came…when the last bus came, it was empty.

When the next morning came, we opened the newspaper, and there was a picture… of a young man… wearing green… a green shirt, and bluejeans…, (chocking) lying dead on the sidewalk, was my son
That was… our only notification.
I knew how bad the public schools were, and I knew that because I was in the public schools.  And as parents I think that we want to believe that things have gotten better, when in fact they have gotten much worse.  It was my responsibility to make sure that my son was safe, that he was educated properly, but I failed that.  I put him in a pagan school where they teach there is no God, there is no creation.  There’s evolution based on a cosmic accident.  And evolution breaks down to one simple belief, and that is that the strong kill the weak as a form of survival and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Both of the killers Klebold and Harris had received good grades from their Columbine High teachers for their graphically violent writings.  They showed their violent videos in the classroom with approval. One of them wore a tee shirt brazened with the words ‘Natural Selection’, the other with the word ‘wrath’.”
Ideas do have consequences.”


They had taken evolution much further than most people do, but if you stop and think through it, their logic was correct, if evolution is true, and yet it is taught in the school… and I put my son there.  Even though I’m a Christian… so, when we talk about my son’s murder, yes it’s right to condemn these two murderers, it’s right to condemn this school system that taught these wicked things, but you must remember, I am the one who put him there, and I am the one who is responsible for his death.

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Reason 11: Because You Live In A Rotting Culture

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