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Reason 276: Because Babalon

Do you remember why Babalon fell apart?

“Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” (Gen 11:7)

So how is language “confused”?  Well, there’s two ways I can think of. One, have a different word for the same thing, or two, use the same word for different things. The first is a different language, which isn’t all that confusing at all. It only requires that one learns the language. But when you have the same word that means different things, that’s confusing.

If you redefine the word dog to include cats, that’s fine. But then what word would you use when you want to communicate “cat”? You can’t. It would be impossible.

So people, still needing to communicate, will start using hyphenated words. You might hear something like “a purring-dog”, for example. In the same way, we have begun to hyphenate words. You hear thing like, “traditional-marriage”, or maybe, “Biological male” to describe what was once known as simply a “male”.

We see a lot of words decimated. And some there is no hyphenated replacementents. Like this one:

Screenshot (115)

This brings us to stories like this:

Don’t question it, bigots: Biological male awarded girls high school all-state track honors

Judging from the title you’d think that this article is against this. But words mean things… even pronouns. So the writer gives away the store by using the word “she” to describe a “he”.

We see other word problems mentioned in the Bible also. For example this:

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness,who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. (Isa 5:20)

It’s one thing to call a man a woman because in the end they’re both humans at least. But to redefine a word to mean its opposite, especially when the words you’re redefining are “good” and “evil”, that’s even more diabolical. Yet that’s happening in the government schoolhouse. Do you really think, for example, that the institution that lays out the red carpet for those who butcher babies and then sells their parts to come in and teach your children are going to also teach your children that butchering babies and selling their parts is evil? Of course not.

These poor female athletes are learning more in high school than they bargained for.  They’re learning that changing definitions of words might seem awesome and loving in the abstract, but in reality, such doings can come back to haunt you.

We are living in a modern-day Babalon of sorts. Our language is becoming ever more confused. And as generation after generation becomes more and more inculcated into the new confusing language, society will become ever more confusing… unless you forego the indoctrination.

The institution will teach confusion. But you can teach critical thinking skills at home that will put your children’s feet on solid ground. That’s the loving thing to do.

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Reason 274: Because Morality Has Left The School Building

A couple of decades or so ago the governor of Colorado, Roy Romer, had himself an affair that makes a good illustration of how the new “morality” works. As he saw it it wasn’t an affair at all because of the way he defined the word “affair”, which would include sex. But then again, how does Romer define sex? We know that Bill Clinton said he never had “sex” with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. But that depended on how one defined a word again… or how one defined the word “is”. So read the article that I’ll post and decide for yourself–assuming that he wasn’t lying about not having sex according to his definition, which I don’t–would you be all in for your wife or husband having the same kind of extramarital relationship?

I can remember how innocuous it sounded the first time I heard of the concept of redefining words. I just couldn’t believe that such a small thing would cause such big problems. But now I realize that such a small and seemingly innocent thing can bring about very large and not so innocent consequences.

Think about it. Why do we have laws anyway? Would you think that laws have anything to do with morality? I can remember a coworker telling me with disgust that, “you can’t legislate morality”. I simply asked him to name one law that wasn’t an imposition of morality. He couldn’t do it. That’s one of the biggest lies of our time, that you cannot legislate morality. But the question actually isn’t whether or not you can legislate morality. The important question is who gets to decide what morality will be legislated. But even better than that, who gets to decide what the words mean in the legislation that has already been legislated?  Because to change the meanings of the words in the laws is to change the laws.

So, back to Romer, here is one of the articles and an excerpt:

Romer Acknowledges Extramarital Relationship

WASHINGTON (Feb. 6) — Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Roy Romer came forward to acknowledge a 16-year extramarital relationship in an extraordinary news conference today.

But the Colorado governor says it is a relationship that did not involve sex.

“In the course of this marriage, about 16 years ago, I began to work with a person who became a very close professional colleague and a very good personal friend, ” Romer said.

That friend is Betty Jane Thornberry, a longtime aide who followed Romer from Colorado to the DNC in Washington.

The right-leaning magazine Insight has published photos of the two embracing and kissing.

Romer denied rumors of an affair while campaigning in 1990 and again in 1994, all the while championing his small-town roots and family values.

Today, Romer addressed the apparent contradiction.

“I was asked, did I have an affair and did I have a sexual relationship. My answer was no. Now, let me explain that answer. There was no sexual relationship. Affair is a word you have to interpret. I chose in those years, 1990, 1994 to interpret that if you don’t have a sexual relationship, you don’t have an affair,” Romer said.

A couple of interesting notes about this is that apparently his family was on board with his polyamory and defended it. We have this article from the Denver Post:

Romer Admits 16-year Relationship

In this article we learn that “traditional” doesn’t mean what you might have thought it meant either:

Echoing her father’s words, Mary Romer Ammons, his oldest daughter and the third of his seven children, told The Post in a separate interview: “I hope people can understand. This has not been a secret. This has been discussed, talked about, worked through, negotiated. My mother has not been deceived.

“These are very traditional people, but I am afraid the public won’t understand that.

Yep, when you redefine words one might expect misunderstanding since words are the tools we use to convey information.

So why all of this on a blog about homeschooling? Well, as it turns out that when Romer was done with his governorship in Colorado his next gig was, wait for it… Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District. And after the board unanimously decided to end his tour there he went to a “non-profit” organization called “Strong American Schools”.


I’m old enough to have lived through the changes that have taken place and to feel its harshness. I started school in 1965. It wasn’t that long ago that Romer would have been run out of Colorado on a rail and the thought of him becoming the head of a school system would have been beyond laughable. It would have been horrid.  But that was then, and this is now, and morality has left the school building because they need your children to continue the trajectory to their hell on earth called Utopia where there is no morality because there is no sin. And worse, they’re getting them. Yes, that is, unless you just say no. Not my children you’re not!

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Reason 233: Because Children Tend To Act Like They’re Taught

Here is a video that was taken by a student at the schoolhouse:


The message is clear: either go along with what we tell you is right, or we will make you pay.

Now expand this picture a little to involve ideas, organizations and powerful or popular people. What you will have is North Carolina surrounded by the usual crowd of bullies acting the way they were taught to act in the schoolhouse… just like these children are doing.

Of course in both instances there is no real tolerance as that word’s always been defined. “Tolerance” is one of the many redefined words which has come to mean something totaly different. Today it means, you will go along with what we tell you to or we’ll gang up on you and beat you to a pulp. So in this video, we watch a poor student getting a little “tolerance” education… just like North Carolina has been getting.

But in an actual civil society we can expect that tolerance, as it’s always been defined, is important. So if you really want to raise children to be civil, you’ll keep them home and teach them the true meanings of words.


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