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Reason 143: Because Boys Ought To Allowed To Be Boys

From this article:

School ADD Isn’t Homeschool ADD

Here we have an article written by a woman who was apparently a previous supporter of the institution. She begins by explaining her relationship to it:

…I’d cheerfully walked in these doors many times. I volunteered here, served on the PTA board, joked with the principal and teachers, even helped start an annual all-school tradition called Art Day.

She was entering those doors to discuss some problems the school was having with her little boy. She thought there was going to be a discussion, a collective search for solutions. But what she discovered was an “ambush”.  It seemed her little boy was acting too much like a normal little boy, and they had just the trick to fix him. Drugs.

My little boy’s major transgressions were messy work, lack of organization, and distractibility…

I asked if any of my son’s behaviors had ever disrupted the class. The teacher didn’t answer the question. Instead she sighed and said, looking at the principal, “I’ve been teaching for 15 years. This doesn’t get better on its own. I’m telling you this child can be helped by medication.”

latter in the article:

In the past year our family had been victimized by crime, his father had been injured in a car accident and left unable to work, and several other loved ones had been hospitalized. His schoolwork may have reflected a life that suddenly seemed messy and disorganized.

The teacher, however, only told me what my son did wrong. She was particularly incensed that he rushed through his work or left it incomplete, only to spend time cleaning up scraps from the floor. She did not find his efforts helpful. In clipped tones she said, “Each student is supposed to pick up only his or her scraps. Nothing more.”

Children were not designed for the institution, but worse than that, the institution is not designed for children. It sees them as little flesh machines, evolved bags of chemicals that can be altered, modified and controlled by more chemicals for the sake of the institution, not the child.

Many children, if not all, do better in learning situations, not at a desk looking at papers. “The schoolhouse”, in the context of history, is a new concept, and it is failing your children. But one must give kudos to the institution, the schoolhouse is not failing the institution. It is quite the machine in its own right, turning your children into little serfs, and generating millions of bucks for the democrat machine, not to mention big pharmaceutical. Don’t believe the lie. Public school is a complete failure. Get out now.

Please please read the linked article. This woman articulates so much in a few paragraphs. Love for a student, and not the desire to have a setitary comatose machine that makes for an easy day “at the office”, is a child’s best hope for his future.


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