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Reason 119: Because Homeschooling is Better, Even If You’re An Atheist

f you’re an atheist, I still think your child will be better off if you keep him–or her–(for PC’s sake sense you’re an atheist) at home, because even if you deny God that doesn’t mean that He didn’t put a natural affection for your children in your heart, which is important component in your child’s education. The institution is just that, a cold, impersonal, place without windows. Your child will encounter many grown-ups there, many of which will be counting the days until they can collect their generous pensions. And those who do love your children will be reluctant to show affection because of the moral confusion that exists in the institution. Or, like so many, they will eventually throw up their hands in despair and leave.

This is where I differ from the Christian Home Schooling community to a degree. I think homeschooling is the best thing ever, no matter what one believes, and even if the state’s curriculum is followed. That’s because I’m not worried about the state near as much as I’m worried about peers. The way I see it, the schoolhouse is a petri dish. The culture being grown there is its own. Some of the students in that culture will necessarily be intellectuals, and they will listen to what the state is teaching, and they swallow it down like sweet honey. And then they will do the job of inculcating it to their peers who will then pass it along to their peers. Most kids in school aren’t interested in the stupidity coming from the institution. They may even know that it’s moronic. But they most certainly pay attention to what their peers are saying.  And so you have a recipe for disaster.  It’s no less sad when an atheist’s child gets strung out on drugs, or gets pregnant, or kills their child in the womb, or catches an STD, or turns into a whore, or commits suicide, or gets molested by a teacher, or gets humiliated or he is bullied around like a prison plaything. The humanity is still there, and just about all of these things can be avoided for the precious child, even if that child is an atheist.

The home is a natural place of learning, comfort and love and even atheists and God haters are figuring out that the schoolhouse is no place for a child.

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