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Reason 116: Because Child Abuse Is Not Education

Here’s a great article written by  , found in “The Federalist”. Please take a few minutes to read it, then run, don’t walk, down the street and rescue your precious children.

Here is the first paragraph for a taste, but the entire thing deserves to be read:

Parents, It’s Time To Realize Big Government Is Your Enemy

In Scotland, six-year-old Daniel McFadyen‘s mother insists he is transgender ever since she found him gesturing at his privates in the bathtub with scissors when he was three. Even though these parents have other sons and must have seen them all playing with themselves (boys do this, as any parent of a male toddler can tell you, and it means nothing), this will now likely result in him taking “drugs to postpone puberty as well as hormone treatments, and then have gender realignment surgery” at age 18. So now we have state-encouraged and -sponsored child mutilation, and not in a Muslim country but a Western country.


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