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Reason 86: Because Even Though You Can’t Stop Them From Throwing Away Your Tax Money, You Don’t Have To Let Them Throw Away Your Child’s Mind

It seems the Clark County School District has been up to a little 1st amendment denying mischief. I’ll leave it to those smarter than myself to figure out why the institution, along with the union that “protects” its teachers from the institution, is so hell bent on killing as many of its future clients as it possibly can. But it is, and that truth in its own right ought to be enough for even the most discernment challenged among us to know that the schoolhouse is no place for children. But I guess the way the institution sees it, if you can’t kill the child, teach the child to kill the child.

At issue here is a pro-life club desiring to set up operations in the bowels of the institution. From Live Action News:

Las Vegas school district pays $30k for trying to stop pro-life club

Las Vegas teenager Angelique Clark and the Thomas More Society have announced a new development in their victorious battle to allow a pro-life club at West Career and Technical Academy.

Live Action News reported in September that the Clark County School District relented from their initial refusal to allow Clark to start an organization for pro-life students. Administrators had initially told her abortion was too controversial and too complicated for a high-school sophomore to handle.

I am, to say the least, incredules. The same institution that rolls out red carpets for the butchers at Planned Parenthood are concerned that your child can’t handle the idea of the crushing and dismembering babies  that they advocate? And their concern for your poor delicate child is so extensive that they’re willing to spend boocoos of your tax dollars to protect them from such a  gory spectacle? This hypocrisy raises the question, is this the sort of institution that gives you the warm fuzzies when you see the big yellow monster swallow them up in the morning and then puke them out on your lawn in the evening?

And the whole thing is unnecessary. It need not be. You can teach your child to love and adore their children, not to kill them. But if they’re to learn such things while in the institution, you need to know that it will be in spite of the institution that you’ve intrusted them to to form their minds.

H/T,  Neil at Eternity Matters

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