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Reason 141: Because Public Education Is A Threat To National Security

Here we have one of the best articles I’ve read on the subject of public education. Here’s an excerpt that explains the title, but please click over read the article. It doesn’t get much better than Doug Wilson:

[The biggest] threat [to national security] is an uneducated public. By “uneducated” I do not mean “unpropagandized,” I mean uneducated. I am not talking about a public that has not yet seen the compelling new ads about the koala bears on ice floes, but rather the public that was never taught to think properly growing up.

This is because whenever we are faced with any threat, real or imagined, our leaders are going to start holding press conferences, and they are going to start talking nonsense to us. Our responsibility as a citizenry is to laugh at the nonsense and turn our attention to that lonely fellow on the end of the stage trying to make an argument. It is our duty to know how to follow an argument, to know how to distinguish fact from fiction, to know what history means, and to be able to resist the lies of the demagogues.

In short, this means the greatest national security threat to our country today is the government school system.

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