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Reason 97: Because The Institution Is Lost In A Moral Fog Of Its Own Making

Here we have a rotten, dirty deed dealt out on the high school gridiron.

It’s difficult to see how this was some kind of accident. But what of it? Someone might argue that there’s always going to be those who resort to this sort of thuggery. And I agree. And I will even go so far as to say that even if the state school was otherwise a decent place to send your children, this sort of thing could still happen. But that’s just it. The state school is a bad place to send your children even if there were no thugs poking people in their eyes and raping girls. The problem isn’t so much that the thugs are poking people in the eyes and the little jockstar rapists are raping men’s daughters you see, it’s that the institution is hamstrung as to what to do about it. It is in a moral quagmire of its own making. It denies on one hand that there is any basis for good and evil, and on the other it tries to turn those poor souls placed in their charge into decent citizens. Why that’s like trying to push the same wagon you’re riding in, and evidently the institution is either too stupid to realize that, or it has malicious intentions. And I for one don’t think the institution is run by idiots. Idiots aren’t smart enough to convince throngs of people to ship their beloved children off to such a morally retarded machine.

So let’s look at another football incident to make my point. We have a this CNN story  reporting that a war-veteran high school coach has the audacity to spend a moment praying on the 50 yardline after every game. From the article:

Bremerton High School assistant coach Joe Kennedy, whose suspension Wednesday came a day before the school’s final regular game of the season, cannot resume his job until he agrees not to pray while on duty as a coach,the Bremerton School District said in a letter posted online.

What a juxtaposition. On the one hand we have rapist and thugs playing on the football team, and on the other a coach fired for praying. And that’s why the institution is doomed. It’s taken on too large a task. It wants to be a god, and it’s only succeeded into turning itself into into a devil, and who wants that teaching their children?



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