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Reason 118: Because Home Schooled Children Are More Likely To Not Walk Away From Their Faith

So let me see. Is it possible to send my children into the statist indoctrination center and have them come out unscathed? Most certainly. Again, is it possible for me to do my very best to teach my children my faith, even keep them out of the statist indoctrination center, and have them walk away anyway. Why most certainly again. In fact, if you point a revolver at your child’s head and pull the trigger, and it only has five bullets in it, the odds are that your child will be disassociated with his brains. But it certainly isn’t a given. And, even if the gun has only one bullet in it, it doesn’t mean that he’ll be just fine. Such is the world of risks and odds.

But the studies are clear:

Study Finds Homeschoolers Less Likely to Leave Faith Than Public, Private Schooled Student

A recent study has shown that homeschooled kids are less likely to leave their faith than public or private schooled students are.

The article says that “The recently-released findings from an in-depth study of nearly 10,000 young adults show that Millennials who were homeschooled are less likely to leave the faith than individuals who attended private or public schools.”

This is only common sense folks. But here is my opinion as far as it concerns children keeping their faith. If you don’t walk what you talk, it won’t matter how you educate your child. And one great way of not walking what you talk is to think so highly of the state’s ability to provide your child with an education that you’re willing to submit them to 30 hours a week of Secular Humanist indoctrination for 13 or 14 years.

If there is really an eternally lot at stake, your children certainly won’t get that message from those actions.




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