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Reason 145: Because It’s Indoctrination, Stupid

Because someone can play pretend that they’re someone else, and recite lines written by someone else, that doesn’t magically turn them into an expert on education.

Here in a little heartwarming video we have the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman telling us of all the wonders that the idol of education is going to achieve… some day. But that’s always the case isn’t it? It’ll happen someday. Meanwhile pay no attention to the degradation that continues today.

The institution is committed to its Utopian ideas, and it will not be dissuaded. What are those ideas that they hope to put into your child’s mind? Take a look:

It all sounds good. But unfortunately it isn’t going to happen. But if you think turning your child into a zombie chasing the dreams of rich, Godless, liberal elites is the greatest thing ever, then the government school is definitely going to be a cozy fit for you.


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