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Reason 137: Because Of The NEA

If you don’t know what the NEA is, and you have children in public school, that’s sad. So, just so you know, it’s a nationwide teacher’s union. But it’s much much more than that. It’s very large, it’s very powerful, and it’s very evil. All and all, it’s just a part of the confederacy of evil, an aggregate force that includes gay lobbies, Planned Parenthood, the Democrat party, the ACLU and all the other atheist organizations who have managed to gather some clout in your child’s schoolhouse. It would be a mistake to distinguish entirely any of these powerhouses from the local administration of your local schoolhouse. Sure, there are some great people working in those administrations, but they are no match for enormous power wielded by this confederation. They are all one, working like a machine toward one end, capturing your child’s mind for its purposes.

If you thought that the teachers unions existed to get the teachers a meager raise every now and then, you couldn’t be more wrong. The NEA is a cash cow. It provides money to insure liberal politicians get elected, so that they can provide more money for the NEA, so that it can provide more money and power for machine. And on and on it goes.

Here we get a glimpse into that machine with a lawsuit filed against the NEA. Take a listen to this:

It’s up in the air as to whether or not the confederation of evil will lose or win this. But even if they lose, it will only be a small bite out of a very large monster.

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Reason 100: Bonus! This Head Of The Teacher’s Union Gives You Lots Of Reasons

A video of the President of the NEA giving a cute little speech has surfaced on youtube. It’s just dripping with smug arrogance as she rattles off a litany of things the “teacher” does. She not only manages to insult the mentally challenged–but that’s ok, she’s a liberal, and you know the drill; there’s rules for the common pukes like you and your children, and then there’s rules for the elites like the presient of the NEA.

Much on her list of  “things” that teachers do, thrown out machine-gun style starting at 1:30, is a laundry list of things that define liberal ideology. That the NEA is all about indoctrinating children is one thing, and it is known. But to admit it? That’s kind of new.

But she also includes in her list things that parents tend to do, without feeling the need to organize a union. That’s because she’s the head of a society of hirelings; and together with the institution they desire to ensure your child becomes one of theirs in their thoughts and deeds.

This is not funny. What is happening at the schoolhouse down the street is real, and it’s evil, and wishing it not to be true helps no one. But it does hurt someone… your children.




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