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Reason 146: Because Self Loathing Is Not Helpful For Your Child

Here is a great little article from Salvo that strikes at the heart of modern liberalism, and its designs on your child’s worldview:

On Compulsory Mis-education

In this article Cameron Wybrow works off of a quote from a mid twentieth century critic of American society, Paul Goodman. His quote is a list of the historical structure that has brought us the Western Civilization that we now know. Then he gives modern education’s response to Goodman:

In response to Goodman’s list, the contemporary educator would say something like this: “The Greeks—sexist. The Bible—sexist and homophobic. Christianity—sexist, homophobic, and guilty of the Crusades and the Inquisition. Science—betrays a masculine, domineering, destructive attitude to nature. And the rest—spawned by dead white males, hence patriarchal.”

For the modern intellectual, Western civilization can do almost nothing right. It deserves close to complete condemnation.

It boggles the mind to think that anyone would look at a time of great prosperity, achievement and freedom with such hatred. But that is the self loathing mindset that your child will learn in the institution, and in so learning it, he will toss it away as garbage, and with limp wrists, bow to his intellectual betters who are promising Utopia.

True history and a proper understanding of the condition of man will go a long way in helping to avoid the slavery that is sure to come. But the only way that’s ever going to happen is if you deny the state access to your child’s mind.



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