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Reason 124: Because The Institution Is An Institution Of Confusion

There can be no doubt that the schoolhouse has become the institution of confusion. Our words are important. If the institution insists that circles be called squares, then no one knows what to call a circle. Most don’t think about these things because there’s no need. But not so in the institution of confusion. Most people know what words mean. They know intuitively that marriage is the joining together of a male and female. They know that if a human has a penis and male chromosomes that he is a male.  But not for the institution.

So we have this story from Life Site:

Coming to your child’s school: The new indoctrination of ‘Transgender Awareness Month’

If your child’s middle school or high school doesn’t have “Transgender Awareness Month” yet, get ready. A whole new world of indoctrination is on the horizon.

It’s tempting for conservatives to say that the transgender anti-discrimination & public accommodation laws being pushed these days by the LGBT lobby are simply “bathroom bills”. Yes, they do allow cross-dressing men to go into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. But it’s really a lot more than that.

The LGBT lobby sees this as a stepping-stone — for leveraging the concept of “transgender non-discrimination” into psychologically forcing the inversion of people’s mental and emotional perception of the natural order of male and female. And they are starting with children, who are the most vulnerable to such ideas.

This past November was heralded as “Transgender Awareness Month” by the national LGBT movement. That’s not itself a new thing for them. But this year, on the heels of the “gender identity non-discrimination” initiatives around the country,  it’s being re-packaged into a major part of their movement’s assault on society. We predict that it will be soon be one of the most powerful propaganda tools in their arsenal.

Does this seem like a good plan for your child? And it’s just the beginning. Who knows what kind of cockamamine schems these children, when they’re older, will conjure up for your grandchildren. All restraint has been cast off. It’s over for the government school. It cannot be repaired. Best to evacuate while you can.

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