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Reason 144: Because At Least Some Of The Teachers HATE Kids

Here is a project from the excellent and brave people of Project Veritas. There is an agenda that involves what I’ve termed a Confederacy Of Evil. It involves a lot of government institutions, like the education institutions, and it involves non-government institutions like The Human Rights Campaign, The ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and of course the so-called mainstream media (MSM).

Veritas is using social media to get around the last one, with some success, by using the same tactics that 60 Minutes used to use, and were applauded for… by the MSM.  But the bottom line is, if you think you’re informed, and the only source you have is the so-called MSM, you are not informed.

Here’s one of the undercover, Saul Alinsky-like videos, brought to us by Veritas. In the first few seconds of watching you will understand the title of this post. But if you keep watching, you will understand, or at least you ought to, why you should be homeschooling your children.


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