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Reason 134: Because Hate Is Improper, And It’s Not Appropriate

When two people assign different meanings to the same words very little communication happens but a lot of confusion does happen. There are lots of important words that are defined by the institution one way, and defined by others in another way. One of those words is hate.

The institution defines that word as ideas that disagree with the institution. So when the institution says it’s against hate, what it’s really saying is that it’s against disagreement with their notions of truth. So hate is assigned to anyone who looks at the naked emperors that are their delusions and then calls them delusions. We see it in their so called transgendered campaigns, their homosexuality campaigns, their wealth redistribution campaigns, and their hatred of God campaigns. In the end, they teach that hatred is good, just so long as you hate the right things. But that only makes them hypocrites, but worse than that, it makes them teachers of hypocrisy.

Below is a video of a martial arts entertainer using his skills to preach the Gospel. In the video he is obviously in a gymnasium before what looks to be young men and women. But we know it’s not a government school gym because the Secular Humanists are NEVER going to allow the Gospel in your child’s schoolhouse. It is denied because the Gospel teaches proper hate by teaching us to hate our sinful nature, and for the Secular Humanist, man reigns supreme, and is basically good. There is no “sinful nature”. I’ll leave it to them to explain why they feel the need to go on and on about why everyone should hate all the “haters”, given that man is basically good.

But anyway, this man explains things that every young man and woman trapped in the institution needs to hear, especially those who realize that they’re in hopeless situations. The institution has no answers, but they deny those who do have answers entrance. Better for the hopeless youth to channel their anger toward the institution’s enemies than to be raised up out of dire situations and into meaningful lives.

Watch this video. It’ll take a few minutes, but I was encouraged, and I think you’ll be also:

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