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Reason 233: Because Children Tend To Act Like They’re Taught

Here is a video that was taken by a student at the schoolhouse:


The message is clear: either go along with what we tell you is right, or we will make you pay.

Now expand this picture a little to involve ideas, organizations and powerful or popular people. What you will have is North Carolina surrounded by the usual crowd of bullies acting the way they were taught to act in the schoolhouse… just like these children are doing.

Of course in both instances there is no real tolerance as that word’s always been defined. “Tolerance” is one of the many redefined words which has come to mean something totaly different. Today it means, you will go along with what we tell you to or we’ll gang up on you and beat you to a pulp. So in this video, we watch a poor student getting a little “tolerance” education… just like North Carolina has been getting.

But in an actual civil society we can expect that tolerance, as it’s always been defined, is important. So if you really want to raise children to be civil, you’ll keep them home and teach them the true meanings of words.


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