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Reason 162: Because The Institution Is Doing Its Part In Turning Children Into Savages

Here is a video gone viral. It will probably be taken down soon because it’s a pirated video of sorts from a FB page, but I do hope it lasts for a few days because it makes the point of my title fabulously.

So here are some points.

  1. Note how the “children” act. This miniaturized version of the Colosseum; what the Colosseum would have looked like with phone cameras recording, recording, laughter, taunting, laughing. What reason would anyone have to record this but for entertainment’s sake? Sure, no blood was spilled. But I would say that the gladiator died a more dignified death than the humiliation that this young man and woman have experienced.
  2. Notice also the total lack of compassion by those all around… just like the Colosseum, except, possibly, the victim’s restraint from retaliating, much like might have been shown in the bloody shows of old.
  3. Some say the boy deserved it. I disagree. He is living in a hell that is the institution. Who knows what his motivations were for saying whatever it was that he said, and that he ought not have said. What should one expect? He is living out a worldview, and can the schoolhouse be held blameless? It is after all survival of the fittest? A young man raised well, that is to say, a young man not raised by the state, or raised by parents who were raised by the state, would have had more respect for the young lady than to speak disparaging words publicly about her, even if she’d done something that awful. And the young lady would have had more respect for herself than to engage in such violence.
  4. The truth concerning this event, one of hundreds of annual occurrences on campuses across the nation, is out there, but we don’t know what it is. It is hidden by our warped views of the this world and whether or now someone deserves humiliation or “being gotten back”. We don’t know why this young woman did this, nor do we know why the young man did what he did… and we also in our present time can’t fathom why the Romans did what they did either. But they are connected, because the heart of man hasn’t changed, and at the end of the day it’s just entertainment in the schoolhouse yard.

And another one:

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