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Because The Back Of The Ax Is Worse Than The Cutting Edge

We have this article:

School stops enforcing Obama’s trans bathroom policy after parents pulled kids out

From the article:

A Michigan school district has stopped the practice of allowing members of one biological sex to use the restrooms of the opposite sex after parents pulled their two sons out of elementary school over the issue. Last week, Matt Stewart’s nine-year-old son told him, “There was a girl in the boys’ bathroom” with him and other male elementary kids.  When Stewart called the school, the principal told him the Obama administration’s federal guidance on transgender students forced them to allow transgender students in the bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers

This looks like a win, but it is loser speak. We get so caught up in the battle of the day. We forget the thousands of battles that have been lost. So just sit down and think about this for a second. A sitting president of the United States gave guidance for the schools, which it runs and funds, on how to let people who are apparently confused about what their own personal sex is, to shower with members of the opposite sex. That’s where we are.

But this didn’t happen overnight. No, it took lots of lost battles to get to this point, and we think that because a the massive, bloated bureaucracy backed off of the cutting edge, that the 10 pounds of ax behind that edge are not still pushing this through.

I’ve said it here many times. Even if poor confused young souls weren’t being sent into the opposite sex’s restrooms and locker rooms, these institutions are no place for your child. There was once a time when pregnant unwed mothers were the battleground. That is history. Fornication and the ghouls at Planned Parenthood have now set up shop. And they have set up shop whether or not the boys will be allowed into the girl’s locker rooms.

The article continues with, not a victory for these hapless parents, but a momentary truce:

“We are pausing on the federal guidance issued to all school districts across the nation…while we work to…gather feedback on this matter,” Superintendent McGregor wrote.”

The article paints what these parents did as a victory, in the same way that the wounded soldier says, “You might have cut off my arms and legs, and poked out my eyes, but I can still hear!” If you can’t be honest enough with yourself to admit that you’ve been had by the institution, at least be honest enough with yourself to recognize that you are lying to yourself. This government, indoctrination institution is no place for a sweet child.

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I Can’t Help But Wonder If This Poor Woman Realizes That There Is Another Way

Here is the article:

Mother Arrested For Confronting Nine-Year-Old Bullies At Son’s School

This poor woman doesn’t realize that bullying is the method, the way, the SOP’s at that innocent looking, windowless, flat-roofed, government building that sits conveniently just down the street in her neighborhood. If she really wants to know what bullying looks like, she need only to mention that her views on human sexuality line up with human history.

I feel for this poor lady. I really do. She has only done what she was trained by her government to do, which was to send her child off to a bunch of government-certified strangers to “prepare” him for a prosperous, government-certified life. She really had no idea that her input into his life ended at the institution’s property line, and that she was not so much protecting her child against a bunch moral-relativistic future bullies as she was against a bunch of government-indoctrinated, moral-relativistic parents.

There’s no fighting city hall. There’s no fighting the state capital. And there’s no fighting Washington. But there is saving your children from all of them and their violent offspring… if you’ve got the courage to do it.

Please, dear lady, you can’t do worse. Get your child out of there as fast as you can and bring them to the sanctuary that is your home. Not the greatest home? I promise you that the government campus is worse. I experienced it decades ago. It’s not better. I can say this with the utmost confidence and if you give a whit about your child, as you obviously do, you know it too.


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Ever Wonder Why The Issues Resulting From The Glorifying Of Gender Dysphoria Are With The School Houses And Not The Airports?

If you don’t want to find yourself in a restroom with a member of the opposite sex an airport is probably one of the safest places you can be. There are a few stories out there concerning airports and poor souls who are riding the wave of gender confusion sweeping across the land, but precious few. No, if you’re looking for news stories on this particular subject, you’re going to get more on the schoolhouses and college campuses than anything else. Why? Well, I think the question answers itself.

You don’t start a radical movement in airports and shopping malls. You start them with children. And where do you find a massive concentration of children separated from their parents? Why that schoolhouse just down the street. They must be indoctrinated first, and then find their way into positions of power. Then they’ll be the ones to drop the hammer on the holdouts, the small business owners, and the far reaches and corners.

If you ever stopped to wonder why the high school locker rooms are where the battles are being fought today, you’re way ahead of the curve. If you want to know the future of your culture, there’s only one place you can get an accurate view, and that’s the curriculum being taught to your children… yes, your children, in your conservative school, in your blood red district.


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