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Reason 362: Because Your Home Is The Dream School

I watched this video by Prager Univeristy, and I couldn’t help but to realize that he was doing a pretty good job of describing the Wright Family Acadamy:

I love Dennis Prager, and I think his Prager Univeristy videos are excellent, and that they’re making a little bit of a difference. But, there’s a “but”, when it comes to the topic of education. So I’m going to pick this apart just a bit, but please don’t let that be an insinuation that I don’t like the video or Prager Univeristy.

He starts out by saying this:

If every high school principal gave the following speech, America would be a much better place.

I disagree strongly with this statement because I think it’s false. America wouldn’t be a much better place. It’d be the same place, and here’s why.   I’ll call it the “make bad and fix” solution rather than the “make good” solution. This statement ignores and underestimates 8 years of education that took place with formative children. You can try to teach high schoolers new things, but they rightly have minds of their owns. They can and will balk at your “fix”, because they are not children. They are adults. And to call 14-year-olds children may seem like an innocuous “problem”, but it’s not. In reality, it’s a major problem, and Prager highlights why in this first statement. He’s using a “make bad and fix” approach assuming that the bad is still fixable. But these young adults are well on their way to being what they’re going to be. There is a proverb in Prager’s Bible that explains this. It says, “teach a CHILD in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it”. In other words, don’t make bad and fix, but rather, make good.

I do have to appreciate one thing in this statement, however. He is at least backing out of college and looking at high school. Most conservative pundits look only at college as if the first 8 years of making bad never happened.  He needs to back up another 8 or so years.

The second problem I’ll talk about is the top-down, external-in approach. The homeschooling model is a bottom-up, internal-out approach. It doesn’t try to fix our social problems by the “top” making better laws for people to break, or forcing externals. As the old saying goes, “those who are forced against their will are of the same opinion still”.  No, for one, making America a better place is not my motivation for homeschooling, although I realize that home education will do just that. But it’s a byproduct of my efforts, not the reason for them. I do it because I love my children and I want their beliefs to be consistent with reality. But I also want my children’s hearts to be right. And if I can, by God’s grace, do that, then external forces won’t be required.  And these heart changes, for the most part, happen early in life, long before the children get to high school.

So, dear parent, this is so very important. Keep your children at home, and teach them when they are open to your teaching. Teach them in the way they should go early. Make them good. Don’t let the institution make them bad and then try to fix it. It is difficult at best to do that, and more likely to be impossible.

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Reason 329: Because There’s Now Going To Be A Satan Club After The All Day Satan Indoctrination

This story fascinates me:

An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school

It fascinates me because the schoolhouse already teaches what this club proposes to teach after school, yet many parents have no problem with it when the name “Satan” is removed during the school day. This is their proposed curriculum from the article:

The curriculum for the proposed after-school clubs emphasizes the development of reasoning and social skills. The group says meetings will include a healthful snack, literature lesson, creative learning activities, a science lesson, puzzle solving and an art project. Every child will receive a membership card and must have a signed parental­ permission slip to attend.

Someone else will have to enlighten me as to how that’s any different from the public school, including the denial of the existence of God.

But there is an interesting insight given in this article that confirms my point:

They point out that Christian evangelical groups already have infiltrated the lives of America’s children through after-school religious programming in public schools, and they appear determined to give young students a choice: Jesus or Satan.

To “infiltrate” is a nefarious affair. One would think that the public school system was a glorious thing, indeed pristine, which has never ever in thousands of years allowed any religion whatsoever into its midsts, and then here has come these evildoers, these wild-eyed, big-Bible-thumping, knuckle-dragging neanderthals attempting to indoctrinate these poor children into some crazy religious scheme. They put themselves, not as the indoctrinaters, but as the traditionalists, attempting to protect their sacred traditions from usurpers. Of course, history tells a different story, but who knows anything about history? It’s public school we’re talking about here.

Adams sais that our constitution was meant for a moral and religious people, and that it was fit for none other. If you’ve ever wondered what he meant, just think about this school club for a minute or two. But it doesn’t have to be this way for your children. They don’t have to be raised, trained and indoctrinated by a Satanic state. You can keep them home, and indoctrinate them in the ways of truth.



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Reason 321: Because You Should Be The Number One Agent In Your Child’s Formation


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Rom 12:2)

That your child is being formed during her formative years is a given. How will you answer the question, who will be forming her, in your actions? Wake up!!  The depravity of the statist school system is plain for all to see. Is this institutionalized depravity who you want forming your child into who she’s going to become?

I stole this little cartoon from this excellent site:

Screenshot (133)

This is a great example because it demonstrates the generational aspect of education. A parent will simply duplicate his own experiences without giving it that much thought. It’s just normal to send your child into a system and have it hack away at her just like it did to you. But since its normal for you, you won’t even think to ask what the ax has plans to do.


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Reason 287: Because The Institution Is Not Local, It’s Lawless

When you see government as an entity that “allows” you to do something, you have a slave mentality. I heard a student say on a You Tube video once that the school “allows” him to pray at the flagpole. So again, you can see how that student has been indoctrinated with the proper slave mentality.

The constitution is not a document that befits slaves. It doesn’t “allow” you to do anything at all. It “allows” government to do things. And anything it doesn’t allow is illegal for the government to do. Of course, that’s no longer the case because most people have been trained to one degree or another for slavery. And slaves don’t hold their masters accountable to the law. No, on the contrary, the masters hold the slaves accountable to their capricious whims. America is more and more becoming a nation with a slave mentality, thank you dear schoolhouse for indoctrinating the masses into a slave mentality. Your task it almost complete except for a few holdouts like me.

And here is a story about one of those capricious whims:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System To Force LGBT Agenda Over State Law

For thousands of years, no one questioned the fairness of girl’s and boy’s restrooms. But all of a sudden, even in the midst of us being under attack by a violent religion, it’s the big issue of the day. And now a school system in North Carolina, which the federal government does everything in its power to “allow” (not really) local control, has to choose between two masters based on the most capricious of whimsical decrees.  Who would have guessed which master they would choose?

Today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system announced that it will stand in defiance of North Carolina’s recently passed law, in regards to keeping bathrooms and shower rooms gender segregated, and with the new school year, all schools in the system will be required to allow males to shower and use the bathroom with girls.

Your master will ask you politely in the beginning to engage in its fantasies. But in the end, it will use the iron behind its velvet glove to crush opposition. It will force you to refer to men with feminine pronouns.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools sent a message to all principals Monday: When school opens in August, transgender students will be called by the name and pronoun they choose. That chosen gender identity will be honored in restrooms, locker rooms, yearbooks and graduation ceremonies, according to a new regulation released Monday.

Of course, this has a name. It’s called lawlessness. And lawlessness never goes well. This will never do. You can dream you can float and cut off your legs, but that doesn’t mean that you will actually float. No, you’ll only wind up being a dual ampatee, “floating” around in your wheel chair. And likewise, you can’t make boys into girls by calling them “she” and throwing a dress in him. But the institution that you send your child to for an education is diluted enough to think that you can. And if it has its way with your child he will become just as confused and diluted as the institution that is training him, both of which are slaves to the master.

Is this the loving thing to do?

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Reason 269: Because Liberty Is’nt Cheap, But Government School Is

Let’s face it. Most of us were indoctrinated into the myopic. Our master wannabe’s don’t want us looking too far into the history, and the future is kept as vague as humanly possible by impossible-to-achieve, or even to define, words like “social justice” and  “Equality”, which are nothing more than code words for Marxism. No one wants to study history very closely lest they discover what a horrific history Marxism has had. And no one wants to define words that describe the future lest someone realize it’s just stuff made of emotional pixy-dust.

But the future depends on vision, both forward and rearward looking. Civil society must think in terms of generations, and not “till I die then to hell with it”.  But to think in terms of generations, there must be the building blocks of generations, which is the family. This is why Marx was–and Marxism is–so dead-set on its destruction.

Government school is cheap. In fact, it’s “free”. And why is the state so willing to educate your children? Because the one thing governments, historically, could never control their apatites for is ever more amounts of power. And your children are playing a vital role in satisfying that ever growing apatite by being indoctrinated to believe that government needs more power to do more good in the world.

But if your children were taught history, they’d know better. If they were taught the true nature of man, they’d know better. But they’re not. And you were not. So off we go, happily into slavery… again:

But it doesn’t have to be this way for your children. The masses may enslave them, yes, but at least they won’t become willing slaves, helping the masters themselves to place the chains of their bondage around their own necks. At least they won’t do that!


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Reasonh35: Because a was Diversity Is ActuallynfhN yet I bought c saws a urn as Good an

-into-christians-presence-in-debate-class-to-speak-on-critical-thinking/” target=”_blank”>eatyChristian News:
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ISo the "presence" of a person is questioned, and an investigation begun, because of a worldview out of lock-step from the established religion of your friendly neighborhood state school.


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May 24, 2016 · 5:40 pm

Reason 250: Because Even Though The Schools May Look Different, They’re All Cut From The Same Cloth

I grew up in a very rural part of America. I began school in the little schoolhouse just down the street which was a picture of the old going out and the new coming in because of the schoolhouse itself. It consisted of an old and a newer section.  The newer section was a small addition that housed a lunchroom and 4  classrooms. It was a typical 1960’s government design. Rectangular, metal rectangle windows, and of course a flat roof. The old section had four classrooms that were at each corner of an auditorium. Its roof had a high pitch and its windows had a grid pattern; they were tall and were made of wood.  all of this gave it character and personality. The two buildings standing there together provided a nice juxtaposition of eras; the old and the new.

But there was nothing rural about the education that went on inside. It was straight from Washington whose agenda was being installed into my head even then, and even way our there in the sticks… an agenda that I lived by for years much to my shame. Fortunately, I figured out that the whole thing was nothing but a great big fat lie. So the thought of putting my children out on the side of the street every morning for the yellow monster to eat up never even entered my head.

No matter where you live, your schoolhouse is a different culture than yours and is controlled from on high by the state. It may look different than those on the “bad side” of town, and it may have newer paint and all, but’s it the same old schoolhouse teaching the same old religion on the inside… because that’s the law.

So I found this. It’s a short clip from the documentary “indoctrination”, a surreal little video that takes a deep look at American schools from a Christian perspective:

If you haven’t seen the documentary “Indoctrination”, please do. Click here for the info. But if you want to keep thinking that somehow your situation is different, then please don’t watch this film, because it ain’t different. Yes, the state is doing everything it can to turn your child into a mindless slave that worships that same state. It’s in the state’s best interest to do this. But it’s not in your best interest to let them. And it certainly isn’t in your child’s best interest.

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Reason 241: Because The Institution’s Never Going To Be Honest About Their Plans For Your Children

“Orwellian” is an adjective describing creepy names for creepy organizations and bureaucracies that are the opposite of what the group is actually up to. The job of the Ministry Of Truth, for example, is to hide the truth. And the Ministry Of Peace was anything but peaceful.

Orwell was looking forward with amazing insight. We can see it in this article:

Congress Plotting to Psychologically Profile Children

I’m not so sure however it’s congress up to no good. Its main goal seems to be to keep the media off it’s back and get reelected. We know that they’re too busy doing that to read the million page monstrosities called “laws” that they load up on the backs of Americans every year. But not so with the Democrat party hacks, shakers and movers. We learn what we need to know from this article concerning who’s behind it from the first line:

After passing an Obama-backed education bill that undermines parental rights and state and local control over schools under the guise of making every student “succeed,” Congress is plotting its next unconstitutional “education” scheme: a bill to fund psychological testing and profiling of your child  and the data-mining to go with it. Under the scheme, which already sailed through the U.S. Senate late last year, schools would vacuum up huge amounts of data on students, including information on their “social and emotional learning,” attitudes, values, beliefs, and more.

You’ve gotta love the name of the new law:

The legislation, dubbed Strengthening Education Through Research Act, or SETRA, purports to re-authorize and fund an array of expired unconstitutional Bush-era federal programs under the Education Sciences Reform Act. The Senate SETRA bill was shepherded through with “unanimous consent” and no recorded vote by Republican Senator and former U.S. Education Secretary Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the key figures behind the Orwellian Obama-backed monstrosity known as the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA). Along with other establishment Republicans, Alexander conspired with the Obama administration,as they bragged later, to cement Common Core in place nationwide and shred parental rights with the unconstitutional ESSA statute. All the while, Alexander and others pretended that the bill restored state and local control over education. While the new SETRA scheme passed easily in the Senate, the legislation is currently being held up in the House amid a massive public outcry surrounding privacy rights, parental rights, and other concerns.

But it’s a miracle that you don’t have to subject your child to the madness that is government education and indoctrination. But it’s a miracle that you must act on.


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Reason 232: Because You Have No Say In Government Education

In the 1920’s, in the very heart of “The Bible Belt, the ACLU orchestrated an attack on the teaching of creationism in Dayton Tennessee. It was a battle that they lost, but a war that they won. Parents would now have to send their children to school to be taught that their existence was nothing more than happenstance. These children grew up and filled the courts.

In the 1960’s, the courts found in the constitution that prayer in school was unconstitutional. It hadn’t been there before, but these now grown up children steeped in an evolutionary mindset suddenly discovered it. It was a de facto constitutional amendment. Parents would now have to send their children to school to be taught a more militant form of evolutionary fantasy with the expulsion of anything God.

In the 1970’s the courts found in the constitution that it was a human right for a mother to murder her unborn child. That right hadn’t been there before, but these now grown up children, steeped in Godlessness evolutionary thinking didn’t care. The butchers at Planned Parenthood were given the green light and would shortly have the red carpet laid out for them at the government schoolhouse. Parents? If you don’t like it, shut up.

Last year the courts found in the constitution that the word marriage, as it had always been defined, had been redefined. It had always throughout human history been defined and understood as what it is, but now the courts went against the will of the people and found in the constitution that it was illegal to define it that way anymore.

Soon the courts will redefine the words male and female. The schoolhouse has played its part in that too. Here is a story of just one of those battles.

Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

The issue became public when the Edwards demanded the school present transgender materials and information to their child’s classmates. “Key components included a letter to be sent home to kindergarten families notifying them of the transition; use of the book ‘I Am Jazz‘ in each kindergarten classroom; and communications for any families who asked about opting out of the classroom education, to direct them to equivalent content and to outline behavior expectations,” the complaint states.

While the school was initially willing to implement such materials, even considering an additional book, “My Princess Boy,” school officials changed their minds after backlash from parents who didn’t want transgenderism taught at such a young age. Some parents believed an opt-out would not be sufficient because the information would inevitably be spread to the other students who did not receive the instruction directly. As a result, the school chose to enforce its anti-bulling policy and not conduct gender re-education.

None of us have escaped the indoctrination cycles. Those who hate their creator are committed to erasing Him, and will stop at nothing. To give an inch is to give a mile. These poor parents want to hold some semblance of normalcy without being painted as haters and bigots.  I’m sorry, but there’s no middle of the road on this one.

It doesn’t matter how this particular case turns out. Parents and their children will loose. They lost the day they sent their children to be indoctrinated by a God hating state because they are more worried about their material well-being than their spiritual well-being.

The schoolhouse is in free-fall with the rest of society. You, as a parent, will have no say in what goes on there. But you will have every say in what goes on in your house. Keep them home.

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Reason 224: Because You Don’t Want To Raise Leftist Radicals

I read this article today:

The Re-Education Camps We Call Universities

It just goes to show how confused even conservatives can be, and how insidious the schoolhouse is. The last place we seem to be willing to look for corruption is in the minds of our five-year-old children. The schoolhouse, with the exception of a few news stories of radicals being radicals, is seen as a safe place to send our children. We think that it is, for the most part, neutral. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The university is not a Re-Education camp. The re-education has already been done by the time they reach that level of education. Those entering that level of study are something like a raw resource, ready to have all they been taught up to that point, confirmed by the university.  About 80 years ago CS Lewis, a professor himself, had this to say in a book called “The Abolition Of Man”:

The very power of [the writers of the text books] depends on the fact that they are dealing with a boy: a boy who thinks he is ‘doing’ his ‘English prep’ and has no notion that ethics, theology, and politics are all at stake. It is not a theory they put into his mind, but an assumption, which ten years hence, its origin forgotten and its presence unconscious, will condition him to take one side in a controversy which he has never recognized as a controversy at all. The authors themselves, I suspect, hardly know what they are doing to the boy, and he cannot know what is being done to him.

The writer of the feathered article waw going to debate someone who has no idea how or why he has taken the side that he has. The up and coming generations are at war with all of history. All who disagree with the notions that were implanted long ago in their heads by the schoolhouse are aliens, strange, abnormal. History was wrong, and now they’ve come along to fix it through all means necessary. There’s not an ounce of curiosity for diverse opinions. There’s not the least bit of fear that perhaps they might be wrong. In fact, they’re arrogantly confident that you cannot be confident about anything. So how could they possibly be wrong when they’re totally convinced that it’s impossible to be right.

Here’s one more sobering quote by Allan Bloom from his book “The Closing Of The American Mind”, published almost 30 years ago:

There is one thing a professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student entering the university believes, or says he believes, that truth is relative. If this belief is put to the test, one can count on the students’ reaction: they will be uncomprehending. That anyone should regard the proposition as not self-evident astonishes them, and though he were calling into question 2+2=4. These are things you don’t think about. The students’ backgrounds are as various as American can provide. Some are religious, some atheists; some are to the left, some to the Right; some intend to be scientists, some humanists or professionals or businessmen; some are poor, some rich. They are unified only in their relativism and in their allegiance to equality. And the two are related in a moral intention. The relativity of truth is not a theoretical insight but a moral postulate, the condition of a free society, or so they see it. They have all been equipped with this framework early on, and it is the modern replacement for the inalienable natural rights that used to be the traditional America grounds for a free society.

Much of what the schoolhouse does is done before the parents even suspect it. Seeds are being sown into their children’s minds; seeds that don’t germinate and produce fruit until they are becoming young men and women. And parents are aghast, frustrated,  bewildered that their children, whom they sent to the schoolhouse 5 days a week and to the church house 1 hour a week, ended up following what the schoolhouse implanted.

But there is one sure fire way of keeping those who mean your children ill away from their young minds. Keep them home.


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