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Reason 363: Because You Loose Your Parental Rights If You Don’t

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. And there’s more than one way to confiscate your children. And I’d add that not all ways are equal in terms of difficulty. Now if the state just came to your house and took your children, we all know that that would be a messy affair, especially when the ballot box still counts for a little something. Suffice it to say that doing this would make the magistrate unpopular.  And then there’s the expense. The state would have to feed and care for millions (?) of children, so they’d have to hire people to do that. So as pragmatism settles out, it has been discovered that the best way to confiscate children is through the institution. That way the state can have the children, and its cake too. And, the parents are content to have their children on the weekend, and a few weeks in the summer, and still bear the expense. And after all, at the end of the day the state gets what it wants, their minds.

Here is a great article by Matt Walsh. He looks at a hiccup that happened in the system when a mother gets the notion that her child is still her’s.

Your Parental Rights Don’t Exist When You Send Your Kid To Public School

The story is based on a child who missed more days than the state allows. (“the state ‘allows‘”. You see? That’s slave thinking.) I love the way Walsh puts it:

You see, according to the compulsory attendance policy at her kid’s public school in Georgia, the district will magnanimously allow a parent to keep their kid home from school up to five times in a year without a doctor’s note. Once they exceed that magically arbitrary fifth “unexcused” absence, every succeeding incident must be specifically prescribed by a medical professional. Even if the parent feels the child should stay home, the school will not allow it unless a doctor agrees. Otherwise, the parent could be thrown in jail, which is a totally reasonable response.

Julie’s son unfortunately made the mistake of getting sick more times than the school allows, and so a warrant was issued for his mom’s arrest.

Keep in mind, this is not a unique or uncommon situation. Julie is only the latest in a long, long, long line of parents who have been violently reminded that we live in a fascist state where liberty is, increasingly, a mere fiction.

It’s a great read. And he does a great job of pointing out the obvious problems with this insanity. But the great thing is, you don’t have to participate in it. And an even greater thing is, neither does your child. And as I’ve said before here, the fact that you still have the liberty to keep your child is nothing short of God’s providence. It’s a miracle. God does provide a way.


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