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Reason 171: Because Secular Humanism Is No Match For Islam

Secular humanism decrees that all cultures are valid and equal. It’s patronizing hubris in decreeing such an obvious falsehood shows the depths of deception into which its arrogance has led it. Of course, if the humanist actually believed what he decreed, he would embrace all religions, and not all religions except for the Christian religion. But that simply is not the case. It overtly hates Christianity and loves Islam, and there’s ample proof coming out of the school systems to make that case.

It seems some parents are going to try their hand at protecting the machine. I say good luck. But in the end it will win, and if it has its way, it will have all your children praising the state in the name of Allah.

What’s fascinating however is the Islamic advocacy groups liberal textbook response of simply playing the victim and counter-accusing of extremist intolerance. At the 1:37 remark their written response is shown:

[These people who want all religions taught equally are] displaying an alarming level of intolerance and brazen disregard of minority religions here in the United States. We find their actions un-American.

When you have no reference point, you have no place to stand. The schoolhouse down the street has nothing solid to stand on, but you do, and I suggest you stand on it lest your children die standing on Jihad.

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Reason 170: Because It’s Not A Matter of If The Schoolhouse Will Teach Morality

…the only question you need to answer is whose morality will it teach?  And to answer that question one only need look at the recent products of the education system, the so called “millennial” generation:

Not Recycling, Immoral; Viewing Porn, No Problem

Most Millennials feel that there is nothing wrong with pornography and that the real culprit of immorality is not recycling.

That’s one of the startling finds in a comprehensive Barna Group study done on pornography use among Americans and the Church.

Fifty-six percent of young people feel not recycling is bad while just 32 percent feel porn is bad.

Now where would these young ones have gotten an idea like that? Are you looking forward to having a child who demonstrates his “moral” acumen by ensuring that the boxes that his porn shipment came in are recycled?   Is that the best hope you have for your children? If it is, the schoolhouse is will definitely be on your side.

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Reason 169: Because The Institution Is More Concerned With Political Correctness Than Your Child’s Wellbeing

When the Supreme Court decrees a “constitutional right” to same sex marriage, the schoolhouse cannot and will not remain neutral… not that it ever did. But now the institution indoctrinates overtly, and has an in your face attitude because it’s the law; and you’re a homophobe.

But as the institution indoctrinates, it showcases a callous disregard for humanity for the world to see.  The dangers of what the schoolhouse teaches your children are summed up well in this meme:


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Reason 168: Because It’s Time For An Education Reformation


Caveat emptor:  While I agree that there is a great Satanic conspiracy, I don’t believe that there is a grand conspiracy conjured up and enacted by man. This video may or may not be produced by those who give man more credit than they ought by assuming that he is capable of a generations-long conspiracy to take over the world. Let me say this now: I am not a conspiracy theorist and I emphatically state that to believe along the lines of the modern ilk of theorists is folly of the highest order. Nevertheless, the numbers in this video, if true, ought to be freighting, and experience does seem to bear them out. I agree that it is time for an education reformation.

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Reason 167: Because Of The Prevalence Of Porn… Everywhere

I’m reminded of that old Smokey Bear ad, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires”. But there is a different kind of fire that is much more prevalent and is scorching the hearts and minds of millions, porn. And only YOU can prevent porn. And only YOU can prevent your child’s mind being defiled by porn if you have direct oversight.

Let’s face it, iphone = porn. ipad = porn. Internet = porn. Got that? Mix young boy with iphone with data plan and you have a recipe for defilement. It’s just that simple. And homeschooling want fix that, but it helps.

We have as story today from the fine folks at Life Site:

6-year-old claims he saw lesbian porn in Catholic school, parents demand answers

You’ve gotta love this. They send their child off to the Church Schoolhouse and he sees some porn while there. Answers are sure in demand, but it’s the parents who ought to be answering.

I saw my first porn picture in the fifth grade on the government school playground. I can still see that picture like I saw it yesterday. But today’s children have ready access to moving pictures… yes in your church school too. I repeat, internet = porn access. But there is a better way, and it involves control. I call it, isolate, insulate, liberate.

The child in this article was six years old. I can see no reason to open the door to a discussion on porn for an innocent 6 year old. But if that child is out of sight in an institution that has access to internet, then you don’t have control. You cannot isolate that child. As a home school parent you stand a better chance at ensuring a decent childhood for your child for one reason if no other, control.

As the child gets older a transition takes place into insulating your child, which also involves control, but an increasing lesser amount. You begin to prepare your child for what he will be encountering, and give him tools to process it and avoid it if necessary.

Finally your child is liberated. Hopefully you have prepared him to manage his passions, and to have some idea what to expect from those passions as they rage within his own body. If you’ve done your job, and God has grace on your efforts, those passions will be channeled into marriage and there will be lots of children and lots of joy.


For additional reading see this great article:




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Reason 166: Because Being A Homeschoolphobe Is A Real Problem

I have to admit, when we started on our adventure in education we were both more than a little daunted. There were all the stereotypes, academic fears and fears of failure, and why not, there was after all much at stake. But there was also my own memories of public school which, mixed with my love for my children, drove me forward into a land that was completely unknown and foreign to us.

Today we have a professor who has overcome his homeschoolphobia. He was open-minded enough to see things as they really are, and not as he was programmed by modern western society to see them.

The article  from the Chicago Tribune:

What Changed This Teacher’s Mind About Home Schooling

He begins by giving all the reasons he had homeschoolphobia:

… a child out of school deprives him of his essential right to a quality education, including access to tax-funded resources, highly trained teachers and specialists in each discipline, as well as intramural and extracurricular enrichment activities.

There is little oversight of home-schooled students in half of all states, including Illinois, where they never even have to take a standardized test.

I felt that the most important benefits missed by stay-at-home kids are socialization from peer group interaction, and the critical thinking and communication skills learned from small- and large-group dynamics in the classroom.

But then he encountered a homeschooled class member and all that changed. He gave three reasons why the homeschooled child performed better in his class:

First, she had escaped the collateral damage from 12 years of conventional schooling. I’m thinking of my own lost years in elementary school, as a bored-out-of-my-gourd pupil in a classroom of 48 or more students doing busywork most of the day.

So the schoolroom was still a novelty for her.

Secondly, she applied her experience of one-on-one learning to the classroom format, as though she were the only one sitting in front of me. This led to plentiful and uninhibited conversation, and other students followed suit.

Third, having been the only person to be called on for 12 years, she did not use the group’s mass as camouflage, or a barrier, but accepted every question, suggestion, lesson and instruction as her own responsibility.

Fourth, in home school she had daily conversations with one parent or the other about a myriad of subjects, whereas her texting, video-gaming, ear-bud-wearing classmates too often skated, side-stepped or escaped adult interaction much of their short lives.

As with all realities, outcomes will vary. But that raises the real question doesn’t it? What is the outcome you, dear parent, want for your child? With that in mind consider there are only three possibilities. 1) Your child will succeed in what you desire for him. 2) He will fail. 3) He will go his own way. In that regard you share the same worries and fears as the homeschooling parent. I would only ask that you hold the outcomes of homeschooling and the institution to the same standard. It seems that much of the institution’s colossal failures are not noticed, but any homeschooling failure is held up as a reason to reject it. Homeschooling is not chosen instead of the sure thing of a government education because government education has never been a sure thing.  And it’s even less of a sure thing in this present age, depending, again, on what you, the parent, expect.  For one, there are many ways your child can succeed and fail that are beyond the purview of academics. One can have academic success with great moral failure, for example.

So in the end if a child has two people who care for her, she is far better off being educated by those parents than by an institution fixated on its own perpetuation, and whatever the educational fad it has picked up and foisting on our children… like “Common Core”.

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Reason 165: Because The Whole Idea Of Public Education Has Gone Mad

Here is a quote from John Taylor Gatto:

“I wonder how many more centuries we have to see this playing on in front of our eyes – before we say something crazy’s going on here. Is there an idea more radical in the history of the human race than turning your children over to total strangers, who you know nothing about, and having these strangers work on your child’s mind, out of your sight, for a period of twelve years? Could there be a more radical idea than that? Back in Colonial days in America, if you proposed that as an idea, they’d burn you at the stake – you mad person – it’s a mad idea!”

Once a few generations have sent their children to a good, trustworthy, public school system, like those in the beginning, public school becomes so normal in society that it’s considered a crime not to participate. That’s when the schoolhouse becomes a tool in the hands of those who have other plans for your nation’s, and your children’s, future. Look around you. How did all that is going on come about? You answer that question every morning when you send your children off to the indoctrination center.


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Reason 164: Because KISS Is Better, And Complicated Is Common Core Stupid

KISS, in case you don’t know, is “Keep It Simple Stupid”. With that said, let me say that I feel I have an open mind, which simply means I’m willing to follow the evidence where it leads. And I have to admit, I’ve even seen the point that some of the common core math problems which were held up as examples of failure were trying to make.  We all develop our own personal mental gymnastic when we do mental math, but those gymnastic are performed on a solid basic understanding of math. You don’t start with some self-supposed genius’s favorite mental-math gymnastic. You start with the basics, and make it as simple as possible.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be using Saxon Math, which is nothing at all like this video, even though it’s apparently tailored around Common Core’s goals. I feel so sorry for the poor young guinea-pigs that will grow up hating math because some clown thought his brilliant idea was the best thing ever. I’m thinking that history will not treat this kindly:


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Reason 163: Because Bullies Don’t Help Children Not To Be Bullies

We might as well face it, the institution is a bully. But worse, it’s a hypocrite bully. It builds a monument to its bullying as it uses the full weight of the government bureaucracy to crush the little guy for opting out of its intolerant hell while simultaneously preaching tolerance and acceptance. It’s all just a big fat lie.

Here’s another story, this time from the heroes at HSLDA:

Homeschooling Grandma Hauled Into Court:

School district officials, skeptical of a grandmother’s claim that homeschooling is best for her recently orphaned granddaughter, have charged her with truancy—for an entire academic year.

The HSLDA member’s granddaughter had been going to public elementary school. But in 2013, after the girl was diagnosed with a sensory disorder and depression, her mother began researching other education options. At first, the mother tried to get the school to provide her daughter with reduced-size classes, but when the school refused, she withdrew her daughter and homeschooled her for the 2013–14 school year.

Unfortunately, in May 2014 the mother unexpectedly became ill and passed away only a week before completing her own college education. Undaunted, our member took over the homeschooling of her orphaned granddaughter.

What I was personally subjected to in the government institution was criminal, in my opinion. And now this massive, bloated, intolerant, hell-hole wants to go after a poor grandmother for trying to do the best she can by her deceased daughter’s child. I am confident that, if you’re a decent human being, this is not the kind of institution that you want teaching your children.

Please visit and read more at:


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Reason 162: Because The Institution Is Doing Its Part In Turning Children Into Savages

Here is a video gone viral. It will probably be taken down soon because it’s a pirated video of sorts from a FB page, but I do hope it lasts for a few days because it makes the point of my title fabulously.

So here are some points.

  1. Note how the “children” act. This miniaturized version of the Colosseum; what the Colosseum would have looked like with phone cameras recording, recording, laughter, taunting, laughing. What reason would anyone have to record this but for entertainment’s sake? Sure, no blood was spilled. But I would say that the gladiator died a more dignified death than the humiliation that this young man and woman have experienced.
  2. Notice also the total lack of compassion by those all around… just like the Colosseum, except, possibly, the victim’s restraint from retaliating, much like might have been shown in the bloody shows of old.
  3. Some say the boy deserved it. I disagree. He is living in a hell that is the institution. Who knows what his motivations were for saying whatever it was that he said, and that he ought not have said. What should one expect? He is living out a worldview, and can the schoolhouse be held blameless? It is after all survival of the fittest? A young man raised well, that is to say, a young man not raised by the state, or raised by parents who were raised by the state, would have had more respect for the young lady than to speak disparaging words publicly about her, even if she’d done something that awful. And the young lady would have had more respect for herself than to engage in such violence.
  4. The truth concerning this event, one of hundreds of annual occurrences on campuses across the nation, is out there, but we don’t know what it is. It is hidden by our warped views of the this world and whether or now someone deserves humiliation or “being gotten back”. We don’t know why this young woman did this, nor do we know why the young man did what he did… and we also in our present time can’t fathom why the Romans did what they did either. But they are connected, because the heart of man hasn’t changed, and at the end of the day it’s just entertainment in the schoolhouse yard.

And another one:

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