Because The Back Of The Ax Is Worse Than The Cutting Edge

We have this article:

School stops enforcing Obama’s trans bathroom policy after parents pulled kids out

From the article:

A Michigan school district has stopped the practice of allowing members of one biological sex to use the restrooms of the opposite sex after parents pulled their two sons out of elementary school over the issue. Last week, Matt Stewart’s nine-year-old son told him, “There was a girl in the boys’ bathroom” with him and other male elementary kids.  When Stewart called the school, the principal told him the Obama administration’s federal guidance on transgender students forced them to allow transgender students in the bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers

This looks like a win, but it is loser speak. We get so caught up in the battle of the day. We forget the thousands of battles that have been lost. So just sit down and think about this for a second. A sitting president of the United States gave guidance for the schools, which it runs and funds, on how to let people who are apparently confused about what their own personal sex is, to shower with members of the opposite sex. That’s where we are.

But this didn’t happen overnight. No, it took lots of lost battles to get to this point, and we think that because a the massive, bloated bureaucracy backed off of the cutting edge, that the 10 pounds of ax behind that edge are not still pushing this through.

I’ve said it here many times. Even if poor confused young souls weren’t being sent into the opposite sex’s restrooms and locker rooms, these institutions are no place for your child. There was once a time when pregnant unwed mothers were the battleground. That is history. Fornication and the ghouls at Planned Parenthood have now set up shop. And they have set up shop whether or not the boys will be allowed into the girl’s locker rooms.

The article continues with, not a victory for these hapless parents, but a momentary truce:

“We are pausing on the federal guidance issued to all school districts across the nation…while we work to…gather feedback on this matter,” Superintendent McGregor wrote.”

The article paints what these parents did as a victory, in the same way that the wounded soldier says, “You might have cut off my arms and legs, and poked out my eyes, but I can still hear!” If you can’t be honest enough with yourself to admit that you’ve been had by the institution, at least be honest enough with yourself to recognize that you are lying to yourself. This government, indoctrination institution is no place for a sweet child.


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I Can’t Help But Wonder If This Poor Woman Realizes That There Is Another Way

Here is the article:

Mother Arrested For Confronting Nine-Year-Old Bullies At Son’s School

This poor woman doesn’t realize that bullying is the method, the way, the SOP’s at that innocent looking, windowless, flat-roofed, government building that sits conveniently just down the street in her neighborhood. If she really wants to know what bullying looks like, she need only to mention that her views on human sexuality line up with human history.

I feel for this poor lady. I really do. She has only done what she was trained by her government to do, which was to send her child off to a bunch of government-certified strangers to “prepare” him for a prosperous, government-certified life. She really had no idea that her input into his life ended at the institution’s property line, and that she was not so much protecting her child against a bunch moral-relativistic future bullies as she was against a bunch of government-indoctrinated, moral-relativistic parents.

There’s no fighting city hall. There’s no fighting the state capital. And there’s no fighting Washington. But there is saving your children from all of them and their violent offspring… if you’ve got the courage to do it.

Please, dear lady, you can’t do worse. Get your child out of there as fast as you can and bring them to the sanctuary that is your home. Not the greatest home? I promise you that the government campus is worse. I experienced it decades ago. It’s not better. I can say this with the utmost confidence and if you give a whit about your child, as you obviously do, you know it too.


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Ever Wonder Why The Issues Resulting From The Glorifying Of Gender Dysphoria Are With The School Houses And Not The Airports?

If you don’t want to find yourself in a restroom with a member of the opposite sex an airport is probably one of the safest places you can be. There are a few stories out there concerning airports and poor souls who are riding the wave of gender confusion sweeping across the land, but precious few. No, if you’re looking for news stories on this particular subject, you’re going to get more on the schoolhouses and college campuses than anything else. Why? Well, I think the question answers itself.

You don’t start a radical movement in airports and shopping malls. You start them with children. And where do you find a massive concentration of children separated from their parents? Why that schoolhouse just down the street. They must be indoctrinated first, and then find their way into positions of power. Then they’ll be the ones to drop the hammer on the holdouts, the small business owners, and the far reaches and corners.

If you ever stopped to wonder why the high school locker rooms are where the battles are being fought today, you’re way ahead of the curve. If you want to know the future of your culture, there’s only one place you can get an accurate view, and that’s the curriculum being taught to your children… yes, your children, in your conservative school, in your blood red district.


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Because Love Doesn’t Win, Hate Does

Rob Bell coined the phrase some time back, “Love Wins” with his book with the same title. It was an assault on the traditional understanding of human sexuality, the Bible, and traditional Christianity — and by Traditional Christianity I mean the Christianity that doesn’t glean its morals of the day from the Democrat Party talking points. And it was a hateful assault, as all assaults are.

We humans like to see ourselves as good people, indeed loving people. We also want others to see us the same way. But when you stop and think about it, hatred is much more easily dredged up from our inner being than love is. We are mostly indifferent, but beyond that, love is actually more difficult to get out of us than hate. So imagine what the possibilities are when someone manages to get us to hate in the name of love like Rob Bell did in Love Wins. We can do one of the easiest things for us to do, and we can virtue signal about how loving we are as we do it. But love is not winning when we do this, hate is.

The institution at its highest levels understands this. It teaches your students to see themselves as righteous and good for hating the right things. Nick Pilgrim does a great job of pointing this out, though he doesn’t broach the subject of confusing hate for love, in this little video about his book, Black Culture Matters:

Pilgrim is trying to save blacks from drowning in an ocean of hatred. Notice in the video clips he includes all of the hatred on display. Then ask yourself, how could these mean-spirited people see themselves as virtuous and loving? The answer is that the institution has indoctrinated them to see themselves this way. They were programmed to think this way long before they began to think of the world outside of themselves.

Along these same lines is an excellent article written by a high school student who managed to escape the institution’s indoctrination because his father spent time preparing his mind for the onslaught of propaganda that the institution would be dishing out to him. The institution required him to write a speech and so he chose the topic of “division”. In it he wrote about how identity politics had ruined his high school years. An excerpt:

During my sophomore year of high school, a mandatory lesson for the entire school was scheduled regarding the concept of being an ally towards those who were labeled as being marginalized. All homeroom teachers were required to discuss the idea that “privileged” people need to stand up for the minority students and ensure their safety and well-being. Minority students included anyone that was not white, straight, and Christian.

Using the word, privileged, is clever I must admit. It has a way of turning love on its head because it draws on other base emotions, envy and jealousy, that a civilized society ought to be attempting to teach its young to conquer, rather than using them to exploit hatred. It’s clever because, rather than blatantly teaching students to hate white, straight Christians, it frames the idea in loving the victims of these “sorts” of people. The end is the same however, hatred wins. It ought not to surprise us then when a gender confused young woman* starts shooting up her high school campus because she “loves” those oppressed by those she’s been cleverly trained to hate.

And there is this video:

Why do students hate this way? Because hatred is much easier to teach than tolerance and love. Hatred also helps the institution prepare your children to do its bidding years down the road. And it teaches your children that doing hateful things, as well as adopting a violent and intolerant attitude toward those who hold views that are diverse from yours, is a loving attitude to have. That way the poor souls being destroyed by the institution will see themselves as living virtuously as they descend into evil.

So when you watch something like this:

and you wonder how humans can be so evil and violent to their fellow humans, just know that they can be that way because they are indoctrinated to be that way under the guise of “love wins”. But it’s obviously not love that’s winning in the hearts of the indoctrinated. It’s hate. Because when you want to control people, hate wins.


Here is an article from LGBTQ Nation on the young girl who opened fire on her fellow students in her Colorado high school. It had this to say:

A source close to the investigation told KMGH-TV that the shooters’ motivations went “beyond bullying” and “involved revenge and anger towards others at the school.

Erickson’s best friend Aiden Beatty told The Denver Post that Erickson enjoyed musical theater and had just gotten a job as a vocal instructor. He said that his friend wasn’t bullied all that much at the school.

“[She] would say so-and-so doesn’t like me,” Beatty said, but he said that Erickson didn’t mention anything more serious.

Other articles blame her actions on the bullying she supposedly received. But I think it was the opposite. I think she was trained to be a bully by the institution, and she was exceptionally good at it.

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Because Education Failure Is Not An Event But A Slide

If there is one thing that has become hauntingly obvious to me since starting this blog it is the insidious effect of “the slide”. Very large changes get our attention, but the a-little-here, a-little-there changes through the decades go unnoticed. But they add up to massive shifts over time without our even noticing it.

When you take into account that the institution churns out over a couple of million indoctrinated students every year who make babies and then send them back into the machine oblivious to what they’re doing, you can see how the institution is the greatest weapon ever created to prepare the masses for enslavement.

Today I leave you with a quote.

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 12.26.54 PM

There is a point of no return for the nation, and I’m fairly certain that we have passed it. But it doesn’t have to be passed that point for you and your children. Get yourself unindoctrinated as you un-indoctrinate your children. Get them out of the public schoolhosue.


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Because The Problem Is Not In the Stem, But In The Root.

I love Hillsdale college. I also love William F. Buckley, who said:

I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.

Let me be clear. Hillsdale College is not the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone book. It’s much better… better than that by far, in my opinion. Still, they miss the realities of their existence by far.

I’m reading an Imprimis  (Hillsdale college) article on public education and they are making their case on public school policy… and what will be taught there. They have, evidently, not learned the most basic of history lessons, which is that the victor will write the history. And not only that, they will write the narrative of every-day life. Hillsdale is like so many modern conservative institutions in that they don’t realize that wars are not won, and revolutions don’t revolutionize, by bullets, armies, and governments. They are won by taking control of education. And when you find yourself pining away about what you wish was taught, or what you think ought to be taught, you might as well realize that you are on the outside of the institution looking in. This, unfortunately, means that you don’t have the privilege of being on the inside filling the future generation’s heads with the realities of their existence.

Again, I love Hillsdale. And I love Imprimis. And I get their point. Since enemy forces have taken over education we ought to petition them to seek/learn the true realities of humanity’s existence.

But I’m not speaking to governments here. I’m petitioning parents. The schools are lost to progressive, big-government, grievance-oriented, victim-mentality, government-worshiping, God-hating, America-hating, gender-confused control. To reject that truth is to reject reality. If I wrong, explain to me how. The schools are not going to be fixed. They are, in fact, going to continue the trajectory that they’ve been on for the last century. You have two choices. You can take the six-shooter with 5 bullets in it, stick it to your child’s head and hope that the institution’s mental bombardment doesn’t take hold. Or, you can put the six-shooter with only one bullet in it, and stick it to your child’s head and hope that your teaching will win the day against the prevailing culture.

To send your child to the public indoctrination center is to choose the former. The choice is yours. The Ramifications of your choice is severe, most importantly for your child, but also for the nation. Wisdom calls.



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Well Said

He left out infanticide… kind of.

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Because Xenophobia​ Is Real​

Xenophobia is defined as a dislike or prejudice against people from other countries. I think it is innate in our humanness to experience this emotion and thus the word describes something that we can relate to. Otherwise, it would be a meaningless word, right? But why other countries? Well, because there are a lot of unknowns about places and cultures that we haven’t experienced, and unknowns can produce fear, and fear can produce dislikes. The mature and well-educated man, however, can push through this phenomenon.

I contend, however, that xenophobia need not apply only to people from other countries, but that it can apply to people from other mindsets, especially when the people of a certain mindset have been systematically demonized by the institution throughout your formative and young adulthood years. And our formative and young adulthood years are key. When a young man leaves the institution, he is leaving what I have often termed in these posts as a campus culture. I also suggest that it is an isolated culture, a culture that looks inward on itself, and that is self-oriented based on a lifetime of indoctrination.

Imagine that, after leaving this culture a young man encounters someone who happens to see reality in a way that, although it is consistent with all of human history as it refers to human sexuality, is inconsistent with his own personal history, experience, and indoctrination. We can see how this young man might just as well be meeting a person from a different country.  His isolated and controlled history and culture will be threatened by something new and alien to him. He will experience fear and dislike and will react hatefully, perhaps even violently. He is being xenophobic, indeed he has been trained to be.

It is our nature to measure all things in life against our formative and young adult years. It’s there that normal is established as a baseline. Then, when we meet someone who is abnormal, who speaks a different language or has a different set of values, we can feel threatened. We should be taught to fight this. But instead, the institution uses it as a weapon by indoctrinating our children to fear those who think differently, to become offended, triggered, angry, and to see this alien mindset as a threat to normal. Safe spaces are provided in college. Corporations engage in “sensitivity” training. All of it finding its root in the natural human disposition of xenophobia.

Worse, however, the institution has poisoned the well. It has taught your children to project their xenophobia onto anyone who disagrees with them. Those who disagree with their programmed mindsets are to be judged as xenophobic for their disagreement. That it takes two to disagree, and that perhaps the young indoctrinated youth might question whether or not he himself may be xenophobic for disagreeing with someone else, is lost on the young man. Such would require an open mind. But the open mind was carefully trained out of him.

After 9/11 I was talking to a lady co-worker who was telling me about how we ought not to blame Islam for the deadly attacks that happened on that day. I asked her if she thought that the public’s general sentiment would be the same if Christians had been flying those planes. Her face betrayed a revelation. She knew that the reaction would have been totally different and that it would have been used as a reason to accuse Christians of being violent. That is xenophobia in action. She was indoctrinated to think and feel that way.

Xenophobia is real, yes. We do fear the unknown, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. As with all of our natural tendencies they need to be subject to an open mind mored by objective reality and truth. It’s not xenophobic, for example, to fear a violent nation or religion. It is, on the other hand, xenophobic to fear a religion, culture, or mindset that you have been lied to about for 14 years. It takes an open mind to know the difference, to question one’s own beliefs, to seek truth, and to understand man’s epistemological predicament. A good education will teach these things. A bad education will use them as tools of control, power, and subjugation.

Give your child a good education. Don’t let the state turn them into rabid, emotional, thoughtless, warrior-xenophobes. Homeschool them.

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The Intersectionality War Within


Where one sits on the victim scale matters because that scale will determine the outcome of squabbles in Victimville . I’ve always considered blacks to exist at the bottom–and they seem to be content being there, they are probably the most reliable and solid voting block in the history of voting. But, for what my opinion’s worth, they ought to be at the top.

At present, there is a conflict in Victimville playing itself out in the English education institution. It seems that the homosexuals and the Muslims are vying for supremacy of victimhood.

As far as who the winner in this squabble will be, I’m initially inclined to put my money on the homosexuals. They’ve got the whole money, influence and power thing sewed up tight. But they have some problems that might ultimately cause them to lose. First, homosexual’s biology and childbearing don’t add up. And the institution exists for children, and their indoctrination. And if the children don’t show up, the institution starts looking rather silly. Second, homosexuals are not known for blowing themselves and others up when things don’t go their way. So Muslim parents are definitely not going to be compelled by the power of the sword to hand their children over to the institution to be indoctrinated into its prideful perversions.

I must admit; it will be fun to watch these intellectuals turn themselves into pretzels explaining the glory of Islam and the righteousness of homosexuality. But we just know that Christianity will somehow take the fall for this, and the children will ultimately lose.


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Because Secular Humanism Is No Match For Islam

School Program Teaching Kids About Homosexuality Shut Down Because Muslim Parents Protest

There’s an intersectionality fight going on in Great Britain between humanists who had a program teaching tolerance to their schoolchildren about homosexuality and Muslims who forced the school to suspend the classes.

The rest is here.


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