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Reason 81: Because The Stateist Running Your Child’s School Does Not Fear God

What do you think? Should the school house be a place for the acquisition of wisdom, knowledge and understanding? Or does that seem kind of crazy to you? Sort of weird? Or insane?

Or maybe redefining words like “male”… and “female”… and “marriage” makes more sense to you. Maybe the thinking that man, having been on the scene for a fraction of the earth’s believed existence knows what the idea temperature is for this massive planet, and we ought to be adjusted it down a notch or two seems wise to you. Or maybe it might seem smart to trust people who can manage to convince 50.00001 percent of the people to vote for them are somehow relieved of the burdens of self interest that the common folk bear, and are worthy of complete control over your life.  Perhaps  you think that the best thing we can hope for is undefinable words like social justice. You don’t know what it means, but you know that we need more of it.  Or maybe you think your child is so bankrupt in the area of self governance that there’s no way he’s ever going to control his urges to procreate, and that he needs an abortion salesman to explain to him how to use condoms.   If these things describe wisdom to you, then by all means send your child to the state school. He’s sure to get everything you deserve.

But if love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self control seem more wise to you, then why would you ever send your child to an institution that not only does not fear God, but spits in his face, mocks and hates him, and desires to clone your child into the same sort of human being? Why?


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Reason 80: Because Even Those Inside The Institution Know It’s All Wrong

The headline of this article says it all:

How ‘twisted’ early childhood education has become — from a child development expert

So who is this expert? Her name is Nancy Carlsson-Paige, and the entire first paragraph gives you her secular humanist credentials and accomplishments; which are quite numerous. But it’s not like any of that’s going to mean anything to the institution which has become a giant bureaucratic steel box with its lid welded shut. It hears what it wants to hear. And it dosen’t want to hear that something inside the foggy darkness of that box has gone terribly wrong.

This particular article is centered on a speech Paige gave while receiving one of her awards. A bit from the speech:

I have loved my life’s work – teaching teachers about how young children think, how they learn, how they develop socially, emotionally, morally… So never in my wildest dreams could I have foreseen the situation we find ourselves in today. Where education policies that do not reflect what we know about how young children learn could be mandated and followed. We have decades of research in child development and neuroscience that tell us that young children learn actively — they have to move, use their senses, get their hands on things, interact with other kids and teachers, create, invent. But in this twisted time, young children starting public pre-K at the age of 4 are expected to learn through “rigorous instruction.

When I accepted the challenge–from myself–to write 365 posts of reasons to homeschool, I had no idea what I was in for. I now realize that the education system is much worse than I ever imagined. We human beings mark our own experience as a reference point for all of life, then we call that experience normal. Then we make the grave mistake of giving our children a “normal” education. The only thing “normal” about the institution is that it is taking the normal course of all such institutions by rotting itself out from the inside.

I included just a small portion of this speech. I encourage you to read the whole thing. She is after all an expert.

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Reason 79: Common Core

Common Core is a wicked scheme. Well, maybe not if you’re a wealthy elitist and can afford to keep your child out of the state propaganda mill. Yes, and it’s not evil if you’re going to be needing lots of new serfs for your future statist endeavors. In that case, Common Core is just as peachy as peach pie.

Godfather politics does a great job of analyzing Common Core, but I will go one step further and suggest that this “curriculum”, or “system”, is not the problem as much as it is a manifestation of something much bigger. When we hear “Common Core”, what we really ought to hear is “state education”, because the two really are one and the same.  And the state is interested in the state, and the state run institution is interested in the state run institution. And so it follows that big government will need dumb kids to become future serfs and servants who will support, worship and provide resources for, all things “state”.

Here are a couple of excerpts, but I do encourage you to read the entire thing:

Private schools, church schools, and homeschools have no trouble turning out well-educated young people who excel at the highest levels of academia and other professions. The latest story coming from people who are using the Common Core Curriculum are seeing something sinister. The best way to propagandize young people is to make the propaganda not seem like it’s propaganda.


This reminds me of George Orwell’s 1984. Winston had to be beaten down to love and obey Big Brother. “If Big Brother said 2+2=5, then Winston soon actually believed it, he had nothing else to believe while he was being tortured. This method of torture effectively brainwashed him into believing everything Big Brother said.”

But what if you can get people to love Big Brother through indoctrination? It’s cheaper and more efficient, especially when the State gets the children early and camouflages the propaganda in a grammar lesson. It’s sinister, but genius. Parents willingly send their children into government indoctrination centers with no idea what’s going on inside.

But it is legal to not do this to your child, your child’s future is your nation’s future. It is legal to raise children with mind set on liberty, and in fact you must. Now is the time. Don’t wait until school is over today. Go get them right now.

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Reason 78: Common Core Is A Scheme That Will Fail Your Children

It appears that the state of Kentucky was the launch customer for Common Core, and now, according to this article by , professors  are ready to revolt over the unprepared student stream flowing into their classes:

College Professors Begin Revolt Against Common Core

It’s been obvious from the beginning of the Common Core scheme that one of many weak links in the enterprise was college professors. What would happen when their classes were flooded with increasingly ill-prepared Common Core-“educated” students? That problem is now becoming apparent, and a professors’ revolt has now begun in Kentucky—the first state to adopt and implement the national curriculum mandates. Coupled with newly elected governor Matt Bevin’s desire to see Common Core removed from Kentucky, a state that Bill and Melinda Gates have touted as being a Common Core leader may soon join the others dropping Common Core like a hot potato. In connection with federal Race to the Top grant applications in 2010 and No Child Left Behind waivers in 2011, states had to demonstrate that their institutions of higher education (IHEs) would “exempt from remedial courses and place into credit-bearing college courses” students who attained a certain score on Common Core-aligned assessments. But as detailed by critics such as Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram, the massive deficiencies of the national standards mean students will be even more unprepared for college work than they were before.

The institution cannot escape from an institution mindset, which is that if it can decree reality. And in case you’re wondering, it can’t.  If a young person entering college has to learn in college at much greater cost what the state spent a small fortune to teach him in highschool, then someone’s getting ripped off. And that someone is you, the taxpayer. The institutions work around is to force the child to learn through testing. But that’s always the tyrant’s solution, to simply legislate, decree, and then it will be. The institution can never see that it is its own worst enemy when it comes to education. But then again, why would it notice such things, the institution is not interested in education but rather the institution.

But there is a way out of common core. It’s called home schooling. And it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding things you’ll ever undertake. And not only that, you can do it for a fraction of a fraction of the cost that the institution plans to spend on itself in your child’s name. So why not?




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Reason 77: Because Government School Is A Machine That Fails

What do you call a person who worships someone who continually insults them? Is there a name for such? I don’t know. But something very similar seems to be the case here. We can start by establishing that Secular Humanism is the state religion, and as such must be taught in your child’s school. We can also establish that Secular Humanism looks to humans, i.e. “man”, for all the answers to man’s problems. So it only stands to reason that Secular humanism would worship genius.

So we have at least one genius, Albert Einstein– and I suspect there are many more–who deplored the institution.

Of course the teachers don’t behave like sergeants anymore. They’ve been hamstrung. They behave like people with a pension, because that’s what it’s all about. No teacher can love your child like the two teachers who care for her more than any state employed teacher can. These two teachers understand their child, work with their child, and is excited when she succeeds. These two teachers are not hirelings. They do it at great expense to themselves, but with great rewards for themselves and their children alike. These two teachers are the children’s parents. So have some fun, and learn lots along the way. You won’t regret it.

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Reason 76: Because Little Monsters Of A Feather Approve Of Rape Together

This little story from Independent Journal is about as revealing of a story as you might encounter on the state of today’s schoolhouse. There are two elements of the story. One is a high school football player who strolls into a room where a young lady is apparently passed-out from drink… and he has his way with her. We call that rape, and he is of course charged with that crime.

Second we have his fellow classmate’s support of this young man by way of protest and symbols. That’s the element that ought to scare you. It does me.

From the story:

18-year-old Cameron Harrison, a running back at Spanish Fort High School in Alabama, has been accused of raping a girl who was passed out drunk at a party. She was just 16 years old… According to an affidavit, a video from the party that night shows the girl being carried upstairs to a bedroom. Harrison then went upstairs and raped her before going back downstairs and bragging about it to his friends.

So far what we have is kids acting as if they’ve been told somewhere that there is no ultimate right and wrong; that every human being is a bag of chemicals, flesh and bone, and that each bag can make up their own ethic, and that no one should judge them when they do. And we also have kids who live in a society that has different standards for jock-stars and for the average smuck. Not to mention that these kids live in a world obsessed with sex, sex, sex, from every quadrant of society. It seems a bit of an overreaction to me therefore when these kids behave as if the schoolhouse and society have not been telling them big fat lies all this time.

From the story:

In an upsetting twist, friends recently showed their support for him at a Spanish Fort football game, where he is currently banned from playing due to his alleged sexual assault.

They painted the number four on their wrists in support of their star running back:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

They held up giant handmade signs that said “Toros 4ever”:

Image Credit: Chip English/

Image Credit: Chip English/

The quarterback wore a towel with the number 4 written on it:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Other players showed their support for Cameron, as well:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

The victim, who attends the same school, has allegedly been attacked verbally and harassed online. Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney Chalea Tisdale told Fox 10:

At least one of the poor souls seems to be dragging a cross into the fray. I guess I’ll file that under, “things that make you go hmmmm”.

It was my own experience in high school that the campus embodied its own subculture. I now believed that that was by design. You’ve got your popular beautiful people, your jock-stars, your class government, journalists, and so on, just like big people society.. And then you’ve got everyone else… i.e. the masses. They’re ostensibly being trained for life off campus. This boy is being trained that society will tell you one thing, and then convict you for believing it. The young girl is learning that there can be serious consequences to drinking, and that when you go against the elites you will be crushed. And the masses are learning how to protest and stand for unrighteousness… just like the big people world off campus. You should learn that the school house is no place for your child.

It’s better to teach your children the truth, and to not trust anyone else with such an important job. Teach them that, even if society does reject God, it does so at its own peril, and that to trust God will make your paths straight.  Don’t put your children in a subculture created in a mad man’s laboratory. Put them in real life. They will learn better there, and will transition into society just fine, with both feet set on a solid foundation.

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Reason 75: Because Unfortunately For Children, The Government School Will Never Sue Itself For Malfeasance

This is an article from World Magazine involving the Texas Supreme Court. As articles go, anytime you read in a headline the word “Judge” or “court”, especially if it includes the word “Supreme” I pay attention because these are the people who can decree all sorts of mischief and make it the law of the land, no matter how nasty or idiotic. So naturally, when I see an article that has “homeschooling” and “Supreme Court” in the title, it gets my attention.

The article is a good read. But there are a few things worth noting before reading. First, no matter how red your state may be, you can rest assured that your public education institution is as blue as downtown Washington DC where the NEA and DOE are located. Second, even though the bloated, self-serving, money laundering scheme of an operation known as public education tries to snow the citizenry into thinking that it’s in the business of educating their children, in the end it’s just another hammer in the hand of liberal elites playing Whac-a-mole; the mole being anyone who doesn’t tow the party line.  That would naturally include most homeschoolers.

So the point of the suit:

At issue is how much latitude local and state officials have in requesting proof—in the form of lesson plans or curricula—that homeschool students are being educated in a way that satisfies vague standards laid out by the Texas Education Agency.

At first glance this might seem fair enough, but there’s a gaping hole. My question is, how much latitude do the people have in requesting proof that the Texas Education Agency is not just a money laundering scheme designed to deduct cash from the teacher’s paychecks and deposit it into the DNC campaign fund via the NEA? Answer, none.

These squabbles arise every now and then, but one thing you can take to the bank. The state’s tolerance of homeschooling is proportional to how few are doing it. It’s in the business of business as usual, which is making sure that their system is producing an ever increasing supply of serfs.

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Reason 74: Because Your Home Is Not A Gun Free Zone

Any old madman with a gun can walk onto just about any government school campus and shoot kids like pickles in a barrel. Any deranged kid can do the same. And he can do this with no fear of retaliation because he knows it’s a “gun free zone”, because he knows liberal do-gooders are in charge of it.

Not so at home, unless you want it to be. Here , from Breitbart, we have a story of a 13 year old who takes on home invaders while alone in his home. One of the invaders is killed and the other is captured by police.

It happened early in the afternoon, while most 13 year olds are at school. The story doesn’t say whether or not the boy was home schooled, but it makes little difference. The boy was in his home and is now alive and one of the intruders is in the morgue, and he is now dead. His associate is in custody.  A dead boy with the culprits at large did not happen.

Of course the state has no problem with your child being shot to death at its institutions. I know, I know, they wring their hands over it every time it happens, but they have the means to deter it, but they don’t. No, your child murdered at school is a crises that the state doesn’t want to let go to waste. It can use your dead child as leverage to separate would be serfs from their only means to keep themselves from becoming serfs, their guns, and that’s their main objective, which is quite different from yours. And that difference ought to be enough to bring them home, where they are loved and protected.


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Reason 73: Your Child’s School Is Not A Religion Free Zone, Just A Christianity Free Zone

There’s probably nothing more exhilarating than spending other people’s money on folly. And if the state has failed at everything else, it certainly gets an A plus on that one. In this article from The Washington Free Beacon we have the state spending two and a half million dollars on the New Age religion for your children. Now isn’t that nice of them?

From the article:

The Department of Education is spending upwards of $2.5 million to bring a mindfulness intervention to kindergarteners in Chicago, where kids can go to “calm spots” in the corner to watch nature videos. The National Institutes of Health has spent over $100 million studying the New Age meditation technique, but it is not the only federal agency pouring federal funding into mindfulness. The Education Department has introduced a “Calm Classroom” program into 3,000 schools through its Investing in Innovation fund, costing taxpayers $2,513,093…

“In addition to traditional mindfulness exercises that involve inner focus and require practice, our intervention also includes components involving outer focus on items intended to automatically attract children’s soft fascination and promote attention replenishment, such as videos of animals or nature scenes,” the institute wrote in its grant application. “These scenes, along with occasional, gently voiced reminders (e.g., ‘Are you still watching the spider spin that amazing web?’) will be displayed on tablets stationed in what we call ‘The Calm Spot.’”

Children were never meant to be herded off to an impersonal institution for an “education”. It seems we are constantly challenged to think outside the box, which I think is good. So why would anyone send their child to an oversized box, and put them in the care of an institution that does not love them, but instead experiments with their minds using New Age techniques? To think outside the box is to think outside of now. What is normal is normal because it’s all that we’ve experienced. We experienced the institution, and so it seems only right that our child should experience it. In other words, our minds have been programmed to think of the institution gobbling up our children as the normal thing to happen. But I challenge you to think outside of that box. It isn’t normal at all. It’s wicked.

At home, in the company of loved ones, your child won’t need a “Calm Spot”, or a bunch of expensive New Age meditation experiments on his mind. He will be right where God created him to be. And he will be the better for it.


Thanks to Colin Gunn and the fine folks at Indoctrination The Movie.

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Reason 72: Because Public Education Is Not Only A Lost Cause, It’s Increasingly Dangerous… For Everyone

Who can make sense of the cognitively dissonant liberal mind? No one. That’s because they live in a pretend world where right and wrong is what they say it is on a given day, and only then after referring to their twisted matrix of victim statuses, special causes and concepts of social justice only they can comprehend… maybe.  In the meantime they are so wrapped up in their pretend world that they can’t see the hell that their social experiments have wrought in the school house.

So here’s a peep hole through which we can see their menagerie. The laughter accentuates the evil.

This comment on the video by a teacher says all we need to hear:

I’m a teacher at an alternative school and not surprised at all at this behavior. The sad part is, this student will get a second chance to do it to another teacher because the school system will protect him. Our rights as teachers are very minimal and  this is why I would NEVER retire doing this. It becomes a “job”. We have to be counselors, parents, referees, corrections officers, lawyers, body guards, etc. with McDonald’s (no offense) pay. It used to be of high standards to teach. Now, no one respects the teacher. We get paid for 8 hours when, truly….our job is 24 hrs. It’s a tough field and is not for the weak. However, the gov’t has us by the balls and the parents and children know this…they use it to their advantage. Had that teacher hit back, he would be forced to resign with a reprimand in his file.

A fascinating thing, this next video. Not so much the video, the violence is becoming more commonplace, but how the person who posted it described it:

Teacher Caught Student Using PHONE IN CLASS . . . And Tried To CONFISCATE The Young Man’s BRAND NEW IPHONE 6s . . . But The Student FOUGHT BACK!!!! (Who Is In The WRONG Here . . . The Teacher . . . Or The STUDENT??)

This description is a great example of the moral confusion that the institution is instilling into future generations. They will be quite ready for serfdom.


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