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Because The Institution Is An NPC Factory

I’ve never been big into gaming, but I’ve been involved enough to know what an NPC (None Player Character) is. The video below explains more about NPC’s. (If you’re allergic to profanity, you won’t want to watch this.)

But if you don’t want to watch the video, in short, a None Character Player is a character in a virtual world who is there for aesthetics, or for a sense of reality. If you have stolen a car and are driving like a madman through your virtual online urbania, it doesn’t look very realistic if the city is deserted. Enter the NPC.

The NPC is a virtual person whose actions are preprogrammed to fit a small script. In the same way, the new Social Justice Warrior (SJW) works much like an NPC. His actions, when confronted with a given situation, have been preprogrammed, hence the immediate dismissal with name-calling when the SJW hears an opinion or viewpoint that differs from his own narrow-minded, and preprogrammed view.

I’ve always said that the public school system is a massive democrat factory. I’ll go a step further now and say that what it produces is NPC’s: virtual robots that have been preprogrammed, and who lack the ability to think, to be challenged, or to examine the programming that they have received from the institution. It is a programming that sets them against a reality that exists nowhere else but between their own ears. Normal is what they have been programmed to see as normal and anything that challenges that programming is weird, foreign, and ought to, according to their programming, be rejected and dismissed with a litany of names like bigot, homophobe, misogynist, and on and on. This is the very reason that they can live such hypocritical lives where they hate and ridicule anyone who acts on an agenda foreign to their own by accusing them of being haters among other things.

For the thoughtful, it ought to be more than a passing ponder as to how an entire hemisphere transitioned from a thousands-year-old understanding of marriage to a never-previously-considered view.  But it’s worse than that really. It’s not as if there’s simply a new understanding, no, there’s also a new understanding of evil too because if you don’t buy their preprogrammed line about the new definition of marriage, you do not simply find yourself in disagreement; you find yourself as being accused of being evil and deserving of hate, ridicule, the loss of job, and one day soon imprisonment. It was quite a feat to change so many minds so drastically in such a short amount of time. The question is, how was it done?

The answer is hidden in plain sight. It was done just down the street on that sprawling campus full of windowless brick buildings. It was orchestrated over generations through incremental reprogramming. First, it had to deprogram through relativism. It had to teach that people who thought differently about things must not be rejected because what was right for some was not necessarily right for others. Once a few generations had been programmed in this way, the path to an entirely new way of thinking was opened up. The institution was then filled with blank-slate minds upon which elitist could write whatever code their faculty lounge dreams had dredged up. And the subjects upon which they would write their dream-code would have no defense against it for they, and their parents, had been deprogrammed in order to be re-programmed. My generation was taught to not judge. The current production line is programmed to judge all with differing views than their own as bigots, homophobes, and whatever else. How else does one explain such massive shifts in thought over such a narrow span of time?

Even now, even those who fancy themselves as “conservative”, or beholden to a higher order, are repulsed by certain realities that they have been programmed to be repulsed by. That’s why leftist can be outrageous in their proclamations and raise not an eyebrow. But for a conservative to call abortion murder, or something so seemingly innocuous as to not allow oneself into a situation where he might later be #metooed,  well then, outrage!! That’s over the line.

The way back to sanity is around the giant mountain that is the institution. It seems like a journey through the wilderness for those who haven’t trod there. But from one who has both trod there, and who has personally lived the through-the-mountain experience, I can say that the path round is well-worn, that you won’t be alone, and that the journey is much safer and enjoyable than it looks to be. And besides, what is there to lose?

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Because A Man Convinced Against His Will Is Of The Same Opinion Still

The problem with the institution is deep. Way-down in the ground deep. But parents think that the problems are external and on the surface. They think that if they can muster what little power they have against one of the new outcroppings of the issues that are deep in the ground and out of plain sight, then they might salvage the school system. But that’s not going to happen.

What was simply obvious only a few years ago, that is that boys are boys and that girls are girls, is not considered obvious by the elite who run the schoolhouse today. They have disconnected themselves from a reference point and have set themselves adrift on the sea of self-delusion. Now, for them, up is down, right is wrong, good is evil. And these are the people who run your children’s school. And if the particular person who runs your children’s school has not quite gotten there yet, you can know that he answers to people who are there. The problem is deep down. It comes from the root. Your child’s principle is at the leafy end of the problem at best.

Here we have a story of a delusional man, John Dryden, who apparently walked out of a meeting with parents, who were not happy with the boys using their girl’s locker room, to write this on his Facebook page:

Sometimes School Board meetings are like Mr. Toad’s wild ride. (Enjoy it on BATV) You can watch me try really hard not to launch myself over the table and strangle an anti-transgender lynch mob. The Board Comments at the end are worth listening to. Cheers Batavia – let’s move ahead, not backwards….

In Dryden’s defense, I am quick to add that he is only regurgitating what was driven into his head daily for a decade and a half of being indoctrinated by the institution. And he is only one out of the hordes of others who exist and function in the institution from root to leaf. Sure, parents might make a fuss and get whatever they are not liking at the moment stopped for a bit. But these people are warriors for “progress.” They were programmed to continue in the face of opposition. It is a losing battle, and the winner gets the children’s minds no less.

But there is another option. Raise and teach your children yourself. If the stories that come daily are not enough to convince you that the institution is no place for your child, then I would suggest taking a strong look at your values.


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Because You Don’t Want To Teach Your Children About Feminist Insanity By Having Them Live It Out In The Feminist Asylum​

Yes, better to observe the feminist insanity that has flooded the institution down the street through your front window behind your locked front door. Who knows, maybe your son might be able to pass the Democrat gauntlet of lying Metoo hacks unscathed and become an up-standing federal judge one day. But who are we kidding, really?

Today we look at a rather long story written by the mother of a 6-year-old boy who was accused of sexual harassment. And you guessed it, it happened at school. It is a well written and entertaining story that I’ll let you click over and read for yourself. She lays the groundwork using her own son’s experience of being harassed by young rabid feminists in training for becoming old rabid feminists. Laying the groundwork of her own experience as a context, she then talks about a 13-year-old boy, who after receiving a two-hour interrogation attempting to get him to confess to sexual harassment, was hand-cuffed, because he’s so dangerous I suppose, and hauled off to the police station in front of his peers.

Most of the stories I write here take about thirty minutes–and that’s starting from nothing–to write. I simply begin by looking at news clips, and it’s not long before a story involving the institution pops up. If I wrote on everything I heard, not even searching, I’d be posting much more often, and probably more often than once a day. And if I did go looking for stories I would find many more because most are so common that they’re no longer even news-worthy. That brings me to my point which comes with the only quote I’ll pull from my featured story today. It is from:

When Every Boy Is Guilty, Every Girl Becomes a Monster

Here is the quote:

Yes, every time I publish one of these, I get people telling me their schools are fine; their kids are fine. Are they? Or have you just never interrogated them on their assumptions and what they’re being taught? Do you just not want to know?

That last question is the most poignant questions of our day. And with it in mind, I’ll even go so far as concede that not all schools are the same. But I’m quick to add that the best school out there today would have been shut down by irate and unhappy parents just thirty years ago for what they teach and allow from teachers, curriculum, and the student body, and what the institutions now deem as wrong enough to warrant a police-statish interrogation and a perp-walk for the peers. Please keep in mind that by saying this I’m not saying that the schools were good thirty years ago. What I am saying is that the water in the pot that you’re sending your children into for the institution to boil into state-stew, was not quite as hot then as it is today.

The link to the story again:

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Your Children Modern Day Janissaries?

Janissaries were soldiers from the Ottoman Empire. They consisted of kidnapped Christian boys who were trained to be Islamic infantrymen and then sent back as fierce soldiers to war against their own parents.

They began as an elite corps of slaves made up of kidnapped young Christian boys who were forcefully converted to Islam,[6] and became famed for internal cohesion cemented by strict discipline and order.

This practice has an eerie ring to it, except with a twist. Muslims kidnapped the Christian boys. In modern times, Christians march their children, male and female alike, out to the side of the street to be picked up and hauled daily to the institutions where they will be indoctrinated against their parent’s faith. They return as grownups and social-justice warriors to fight against everything their parents stand for.

Why is this? It’s because it has been drummed into our heads that there can be no happiness without that awesome state-accredited education. In the end, you can bet that the modern Christian will put his children where his heart really is. And when they grow up and fall naturally into the 80 percent of those who walk away from the faith, the parents will live the rest of their lives wondering what went wrong? Don’t let this be you. It’s a sham. You can and will do a better job than the state in educating your child, even if you do a poor job.

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It’s The Snakes You Don’t See That You Worry About

FEDS: Convicted Teacher Lured Boy, 14, With Watch, Acne Meds

Yes, this woman is supposedly going to prison, although for how long who can know. She is, after all, a woman and so had to work really hard at plowing through the women-are-always-the-innocent-victim barrier of modern culture to get there. Also, keep in mind that she’s the one who got caught and that it would be naive to think that all, or even most, actually do get caught. You live in a highly sexualized culture, a culture that the institution has been pushing for a half century. As it turns out, a hedonistic bunch is easier for the state to enslave than the self-conquered.

It also turns out that, for those predisposed to hedonism, when we want something to be true we are willing to dupe ourselves into a false view of reality. When we really want our children out of the house, or we want to believe that the only prerequisite for our children owning more sheetrock than our neighbor’s kids is the government indoctrination center, then we will tell ourselves lies to keep ourselves believing what we want to believe. So, in this case, we can tell ourselves that the sorts of things in this article are outliers.

We can know this. We are living in a nation in decline, and that decline is not without ramifications. Stories like these are so common-place that they are not even considered newsworthy. And these are the snakes in the grass that get caught. Only a fool would believe that there’s not a lot more who don’t get caught. So if you consider your children as a low-stakes risk, then, by all means, send them into the sewer and tell them to have at it. But if you care, perhaps your best course is to run, not walk, right now, down to that big, brick, flat-roofed, government building down the street and rescue your children.

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