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Reason 356: Because Homework Is Not Educational

I’m sure you’ve seen the note sent home by a teacher regarding homework. If you haven’t here is what it says:

After much research this summer, I am trying something new. Homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assigned homework this year.

Research had been unable to prove that homework improves student performance, Rather, I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eating dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early.

I would add just a little bit to this letter. I’d finish it this way:

In fact, why don’t you just keep them home all day and educate them yourself. We’ve proven that we’re miserable failures at training up children in the way they should go, so why don’t you do it? Enjoy those childhood years together with your children. Eat, learn, love and live together as a family… just how God intended it to be before this whole public school thing was dreamed up by evil men.

As a homeschooling Dad, one of the first things I learned was that the institution wasted a lot of time educating. We spent only a few hours a day in the early years on “academics”, and yet our children always tested well above their peers. But we didn’t waste the time. Life, in itself, all of it, is a classroom. Teaching opportunities seemed to present themselves to us constantly. It happened as we watched a TV program, read a book together, went to Walmart, ate out, drove down the road… it just happened. And it happened in ways that the schoolhouse could never in a million years dream up, even in its wildest dreams. Here’s an example.

I was pulling out of a convenience store parking lot with my son and all of a sudden out of nowhere a car appeared and I had to swerve to miss it. The driver of that car pulled up next to us and started yelling profanities.  So I rolled down the window and my son listened as the man yelled and cussed at me for driving too fast in the parking lot. My response? “OK, I’ll watch that”. We both watched as the man was totally disarmed by our agreement. That was one of the lessons. The other lesson was to listen to listen to people and they’ll teach you things about yourself, even if they do it harshly, still listen. I told my son, as we drove away, that the man was out of line yelling and cussing, but that he was also probably correct in that I was probably driving too fast through the parking lot, and I should be more careful in the future.

So what did my son learn that day? Well, I’d say a lot. He learned how to handle conflict. He learned how to listen to critique, even when it’s harsh. And he learned not to become offended and upset and escalate situations. And he learned it by experience as much as with observation. How can the schoolhouse teach this? It can’t. And every minute that the government has your children is a minute that they don’t get to learn with you what life is teaching them.

But even if my child went to school, and this happened in the evening, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have been with me anyway. He would have probably been stuck at home at a desk doing homework because most of the time in the days are wasted by the institution. Why do you do this to your children? Be a parent. It’s actually fun. And life can teach you as a family and in real life situations. The institution steals all of that and creates a campus culture with dystopian situations that teach nothing at all. Go rescue your children from the government and starting living and learning together today. You won’t regret it.



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Reason 355: Because The Pseudo-Science That Your Child Will Be Taught Is Not Science At All, It’s A Lie

The idea of “settled science” when it comes to liberal schemes is a tactic. Its purpose is to shut down conversation and squash dissent.  You’re just supposed to believe whatever harebrained scheme someone’s dreamed up and accept it without question; because after all you’re an idiot and your elitist masters are not.

Here are a few of the schemes right off the top of my head, all of which have been promoted and propagated for years in the public schoolhouse through indoctrination. All of these are supposed to be “settled science”.

  • evolution
  • so-called “climate change”
  • gender confusion
  • the personhood of the unborn child
  • the social implication of the destruction of the family

But there is a better answer to the questions we don’t have scientific answers for. “I don’t know” is a good answer, especially when you don’t know. To claim to know something when you don’t, for whatever motivation that pushes you toward that answer, and then hiding your ignorance under the banner of science, is to destroy real science. There’s no shame in not knowing something. We only know, after all, a tiny smidgen of what there is to be known; a mere fraction of a fraction.  But to admit ignorance requires humility, and when you are all about inserting yourself into the vacuum you’ve created by destroying the concept of God in the minds of men,  humility doesn’t work all that well.

But in the meantime, when masses of people have been convinced that things are known that are not known, ignorance has become a deadly and caustic business, especially when desired truth and suspicions are taught as confirmed science in what is thought of as the one stop shop for “knowledge”, the institutions of education. But you can know this. Much of what your children will learn in the institution is deception and lies, maybe even most of what they will learn there. But keep in mind, we learn much more, in whatever venue we learn in, than grammar, real science and math. We also learn things that will become or inform our worldview, and it is precisely there that the lies are poured on thickist.

Today I have a video to share that looks at just one of the popular lies being pushed as of late. Here it is:

The bottom line is truth matters, and it matters a lot. Lies are bad. So to keep your children from  “learning” through lie upon lie, keep them home where you can teach them precept upon precept.

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Reason 354: For The Same Reason You Would Not Let A Rotten Doctor Operate On Your Child

The story today is rich. It shows why the school system is a failure from top to bottom, and also the confederacy evil that will ensure that it will ever fail your children in multifaceted ways. It shows how much the schoolhouse is a money laundering scheme that starts with your wallet and ends with Democrats. And it does it all this in one tweet-sized “article”.  This is the tweet:

In a victory for teacher unions, California Supreme Court decides to let the state’s teacher tenure law stand.

The liberal AP is the source for this tweet and true to fashion it speaks in positive terms using the word “victory”. But victory for who? The children? Of course not you dummy. The “teachers” are the victors. But not all teachers. No, only rotten teachers.  And any time there is a “victor” there has to be a loser. Those losers would be the children.

Also notice that this is, again, top down from the highest levels of the bell weather state, California. It shows the raw power held in the hands of the teacher.s unions, and it shows why every parent ought to do what it takes to rescue their children from the trainwreck that is the institution.

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Reason 353: Because Immorality Is Contagious, And There’s An Epidemic At The Schoolhouse

The title of this post should actually read:

Because Immorality Is Contagious, And There’s An Epidemic Of Immorality At The Schoolhouse Where It’s Being Pushed Night And Day By A Massive And Powerful Government Institution.

If you’ve ever wondered how we got from the wholesome fifties to what we are experiencing today, top down, then you need look no further than that innocuous-looking,  flat-roofed,  windowless, government building just down the street.  That’s where the indoctrination that sets into motion the thinking of the masses is accomplished. And we’re not going to like where it’s taking us, as pointed out in this article:

The Tragic Transgender Contagion

The most horrifying, yet understandable, statement in the article is the subtitle of the first section:

Anguished parents note that entire peer groups seem determined to ‘transition’ together.

Anguish indeed. And how many of these parents thought that being sexually confused would ever happen to their children when they sent them off to an institution that preaches sexual confusion? None? How can that be? I guess bad things only happen to the neighbor’s children.

Another interesting excerpt:

Human experience simply doesn’t conform to ideological models, and the far worse damage is done when we try to impose radical ideology onto the complexities of individual, troubled lives. In reality, people are far more vulnerable to suggestion and fashion than the Left lets on.

And then the most poignant quote from the article; a quote by the way which I think is exactly right:

We’re not far from the day when a child will be taken from a loving home simply because the parents refuse to believe that their little girl is actually a little boy. We’re already living in the days when telling your girl child that she shouldn’t undergo treatments that will render her infertile and painfully mutilated is deemed to be intolerant. And we refuse to believe that such behaviors are at all influenced by peer groups or social trends. Instead, your daughter is simply “trans,” just as she is either black or white.

This is a long and excellent article with too much for me to excerpt here. It also has several videos that are worth watching. Please click over and read it… then go rescue your children!

Read more at:

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Reason 352: Because The Only Agenda That Should Matter Is Yours

It would seem, given the numbers in our article today, that homeschooling is catching on, and that is a promising thing for our future. And it would seem that the moral decadence pushed by the institution has played no small part in the increase we’re all watching. Since  the time that the courts have begun to decree what the people have voted down, there really is no alternative for parents who don’t want their children being a rat in the social laboratory that is the institution.

Here is an article that discusses this:

Pressed By Common Core And LGBT Agenda, More Families Homeschool

a bit from the article:

In addition, LGBTQ activists have successfullyinundated schools with their approved ideology inside sex education that starts now as early as kindergarten. With these problems in public schools and many families unwilling or unable to afford the cost of private schooling, more and more families are choosing homeschooling as an alternative. This ensures they can avoid educational indolence and moral apathy while picking and choosing what learning method, curriculum, and schedule works best for their family.

Please don’t think your school is different. It isn’t. If you want your child’s education to be different, then you’ll have to take them away from Ceasor, and educate them at home.


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Reason 351: Because Of Institutionalized Racism

The word “racism”, like most other hot-button words, has been redefined as of late. To be a “racist” today means nothing more than disagreeing with the political party that owns the schoolhouse. That party, of course, would be the democrat party.

But many blacks are beginning to understand the negative effect of the government’s  indoctrination of their children into a victim mentality, and they’re loving their children enough to rescue them.

This is a good read that discusses this increasing trend:

Black Families in Georgia Are Rejecting Public School

A taste of the article:

According to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, an increasing number of black families are leaving public schools for the same reason they once embraced them, and are instead gravitating to homeschooling.

Quoting a former public-school-teacher-turned-homeschool-mom named Nikita Bush,The Monitor explains this movement:

“Despite the promises of the civil rights movement, ‘people are starting to realize that public education in America was designed for the masses of poor, and its intent has been to trap poor people into being workers and servants. If you don’t want that for your children, then you look for something else,’ she says.”

This is encouraging, especially considering the democrat’s pandering to the teacher’s unions and the horrible conditions that that pandering has wrought for poor blacks. At least this family won’t be government victims.





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Reason 350: Because It Makes Sense, And Public School Doesn’t

But if you bring them home, you can teach them in loving ways, which never confuses.



H/T Eternity Matters


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Reason 349: Because It’s The Best Way To Educate

Very few people with school-aged children were not educated and indoctrinated by the government.  Government education is the norm, and so consequently, anything different is… well… different. It’s strange. And as with anything “strange”, it takes thinking outside of the government indoctrination box to fully grasp that strange thing from a clear perspective.

Today we have a great article to share that does as good as I’ve seen in describing the many advantages of educating your children at home with as outside-the-institutional-box thinking as I’ve ever seen. It comes highly recommended, and here it is:

Homeschooling is the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century



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Reason 348: Because… Well, Check Out Voddie Baucham’s 5 Reasons


Here they are:

5. You Don’t Have To

4. America’s Schools Are Among the Worst in the Industrialized World

3. America’s Schools Are Morally Repugnant

2. Government Education is Anti-Christian

1. The Bible Commands Christ-Centered Education

I think I’ve covered all of these here, but Baucham does a great job of expanding on them.

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Reason 347: Because This Is Coming, Sooner Than You Think

It seems like it’s been no time at all since people were promising me that two men would never be able to get married in the U.S. Of course, they still can’t because it would be impossible. But the state doesn’t see it that way, and it’ll do everything in its power to make your children not see it that way either.

Now, in our present day,  people are promising that pedophilia will never be acceptable. But, of course, they’re wrong. It will. And the schoolhouse is where it will be pushed, softly at first, and then with the iron fist of government later.

I can remember reading articles like this one, except they were about homosexuality then:

Social Conservatives Speak Out Against Book That Suggests Morality of Pedophilia Is ‘Unclear’

You are sending your children to an institution that has proven itself morally bankrupt, and worse. What great moral wall of protection does the institution possess that stands between this mentality and the thousands of children corralled into a compound?  Answer: None? It possesses no wall at all. Even now, the worst it can say about your child being molested is that such things are “inappropriate”.  Does that strike confidence and security into your hearts regarding your children? You should be afraid if you’re sending your child to public school. Very afraid indeed.


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