Reason 165: Because The Whole Idea Of Public Education Has Gone Mad

Here is a quote from John Taylor Gatto:

“I wonder how many more centuries we have to see this playing on in front of our eyes – before we say something crazy’s going on here. Is there an idea more radical in the history of the human race than turning your children over to total strangers, who you know nothing about, and having these strangers work on your child’s mind, out of your sight, for a period of twelve years? Could there be a more radical idea than that? Back in Colonial days in America, if you proposed that as an idea, they’d burn you at the stake – you mad person – it’s a mad idea!”

Once a few generations have sent their children to a good, trustworthy, public school system, like those in the beginning, public school becomes so normal in society that it’s considered a crime not to participate. That’s when the schoolhouse becomes a tool in the hands of those who have other plans for your nation’s, and your children’s, future. Look around you. How did all that is going on come about? You answer that question every morning when you send your children off to the indoctrination center.


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3 responses to “Reason 165: Because The Whole Idea Of Public Education Has Gone Mad

  1. Of course, the earliest schools in America were premised on Christian values, teaching kids (primarily boys, as it turned out) to read using McGuffey Readers (based on a biblical worldview) and the Bible and intended so that kids would grow up READING THE BIBLE. Generally speaking, I think, public or private education is neither good nor bad intrinsically; what is taught is critical. A private family that homeschools their children in, say, jihad would be a problem as much as a public school that teaches the children to embrace homosexuality. Thus, a public school system predicated on teaching biblical values and valuing the Bible wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

    • I think man has a tendency to think uni-dimensionally, both in time and purpose. To apply this to education, we can see that, as it concerns time, we look at what is in our present age, and call whatever is, normal. And then we use that “normal” as a reference point for making judgments. Doing this sets us up for a social drift with the passing of generations. In the earliest schools the goal (I’ll say of Satan) was not to begin to undermine the Biblical reference point, but rather to undermine the idea of who is ultimately responsible for educating children. After several generations of public school, can you see how it would seem odd to the average person, say in the late 19th century, to think outside of the government-is-responsible-for-my-children’s-education box? In the early 20th century, therefore, the schoolhouse became a tool in the hands of Satan to begin the task of undermining, almost imperceptibly at first, the Biblical foundation. John Dewy was instrumental in this “reformation”. That’s why history is important, and why anti-Christ power brokers fight so diligently over it, and why Satan loves to revise and distort it. To be the tool education is being used for, we must not look and think beyond the present.

      And then we have the idea of uni-dimensional purpose. We tend to look at the schoolhouse and think of it as having one purpose, academics. But that’s quite impossible. Education is multi-dimensional in purpose and cannot help but to teach moral values. It can’t not do it, even if were to honestly set out to do so with all diligence. But it doesn’t set out to do so and in fact does the opposite, and it has discovered with the new normal, that it need not even to pretend that it’s not doing it. It should not surprise anyone therefore that Sanders is a favorite of millennials, which betrays their warped sense of the nature and condition of man. It should not surprise anyone, that the younger people are the more they see no problem with the devastation of the concept of family, marriage and sexual relations. They have been taught a new religion, and their new religion is to see the state as the final arbiter of right and wrong, or to put it more concisely, they have been taught to look to the state as god, a god who is a healer, justifier, equalizer, equalizer, provider, and even creator in that it can create material wealth out of nothing and pass it around. Government school is therefore religious school. As the fetters have been all but removed from what is taught in public education, who knows where they’ll take us wielding such power over the minds of the next generation unchecked?

      But to answer your question, in a uni-dimensional and static sense, the answer would be, no it would not be such a bad thing. A good school, grounded in reality by being grounded in the truth of God’s Word, would be fine. But I’m afraid, as I’ve explained above, that such a thing exist only as an idea. In reality such a thing does not and cannot exist. I’ll go a step further and suggest that the very advent of the schoolhouse was in and of itself part of the destruction of God’s idea and plan for the family. I know how odd that sounds in this day and age. But given that we are already at a point that we may be hindered from buying and selling because we hold to the extremist view that a man is a man no matter how he dresses or mutilates himself, or that marriage is defined as the joining together of two different kinds of human beings who compliment each other in that union both physically and psychologically, I’ve grown used to sounding like an extremist. But to be an considered an extremist when it concerns the obvious, it does raise a question. In what other ways have we bought into some drifted idea of normal as it concerns the not so obvious? I think John Taylor Gatto is pointing to one of those ways in this quote.

      • Just to be clear, my question was a bit misleading. A public school system predicated on teaching biblical values and valuing the Bible wouldn’t be such a bad thing on the surface, but this presumes a “basically good” public school system with “basically good” people running it … something that doesn’t exist. A harmless, even beneficial sounding idea from Christians becomes, as you point out, a tool of Satan. The problem of the noble sentiment.

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