Reason 205: Because The Institution Teaches A Different Culture

Here’s a great article from National Review regarding the Federal segment of your child’s government education. That segment has a name. It’s called the “Department Of Education”, a bloated, evil bureaucratic powerhouse charged with turning your child into a government worshipping slave.

Central planning works no better in education than in economics.

It seems President Obama has elected governor of the province of education. The vote to confirm John King Jr. was a party line vote with the usual “Republicans” voting with the Democrats. But there was a lone senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, who voted against his confirmation who happens to hail from the same state as King. This was her reason for voting against him:

“King’s tenure in New York,” she said, “was very adversarial, leaving families, students, and teachers without a voice on important issues.”

But there’s something odd about this man, and I honestly don’t know what to make of it. The bad blood revolves around Common Core, which King is, of course, a supporter of. But he’s managed to alienate his fellow lefties somewhere along the line. The article goes on to say why some others from New York didn’t want King to head up the indoctrination of your child:

The issues to which [Gillibrand] refers are those surrounding the Common Core curriculum. King’s support of Common Core irritated not only Senator Gillibrand, but the leftist Network for Public Education, the New York State United Teachers union, and a gaggle of Republican congressmen — one of whom said that King’s unbending support for the Common Core curriculum had “resulted in the near-destruction of public education in New York State.”

In this little blip on the radar of the destruction of America, this article sets the table for an account by Benjamine Franklin of an interaction between Virgina and the Iroquois Indians. After a treaty was signed between Virgina and this tribe, in an act of good will the Virginians offered to education 12 of the Iroquois sons. I’ll let you read the article, but what struck me was the fact that this was an intersection of cultures. As you read this article keep in mind that the institution’s campus down the street is a different culture than yours. It is a vassal, or colony, filled with the likes of John King Jr. You are not sending your child to a culture like the one outside the fenced-in compound. These Iroquois Indians understood this. And in the same way the Virginians would not be willing to send their sons to be trained by this tribe, the institution will not let you train any of the children inside the compound down the street. You will find them very picky about what they will allow into the minds of those put in their charge.

But you don’t have to let the state steal your child’s mind. You can always elect to teach them in the culture of your father’s.

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