Reason 253: Because It’s More Rational

I’ll never forget the movie “War Of The Roses” about a couple going through a particularly nasty divorce. In the heat of the battle, the husband (Michael Douglas) was in his lawyer’s office (Danny Devito) explaining to him his outrageous and cockamamie scheme for living in the same house during the divorce battle. The lawyer looks at him and asks incredulously, “This… this seems rational to you both?” It’s only about 10 seconds of the movie, but I will never forget it.  (Click here and go to the 53:50 minute mark if you really want to see the clip.)

I see the same thing going on in the government school. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Kindergartner suspended for bringing bubble gun to class

The article includes a news clip in which the anchors actually refer to a bubble gun as a weapon. Any sane human being would look at the institution and ask, “and this… ahhh, this seems rational to you?” But the institution is sticking by their guns … pun intended. You know, policy and all that. And we should expect that they would because in the final analysis, it’s not about guns. It’s about slavery. And whoever heard of an armed slave.

On the other hand, guns are not feared or hated in the Wright Family Acadamy Of Science, Liberal Arts, Math and Liberty. Neither or other weapons like baseball bats, cars or kitchen knives. That’ because in our academy we teach that tools are inanimate objects and that people can be very wicked, especially when the same people who control how people will be indoctrinated also control armies, which, last time I checked, has some really really big guns.

So I must ask. Does sending your child to an institution that does this, and lots more, for 30ish hours a week of indoctrination seem rational to you?

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