Reason 279: For The Same Reason You Don’t Let Your Children Play Russian Roulette

I saw this little quote recently:

“Just because a young man survives pagan instruction is no reason for subjecting him to it. Children sometimes survive diphtheria or infantile paralysis, but we do not try to give it to them.” – Gordon H. Clark

I can imagine a guy defending Russian Roulette like this: “Well my children played it, and nothing bad happened to them! Sooo… it must be okay. Right?

Sorry folks but playing Rusian Roulette is not wise. But what is more foolish is playing it with the lives of our children.  So how foolish is it when you play this game with, not your children’s lives, but with their eternal destinies? Yet folks do it every day. It’s quite the normal thing to do actually. That’s why I say this is the day for being abnormal, and homeschooling. It’s not only wiser, it’s safer to boot.

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