Reason 327: Because Why Make Your Child Pay For Another’s Willing Blindness

I wondered for some time if the self-appointed liberal elitists knew what they were doing, and were trying to destroy a nation, or if they really believed what they said. It’s not as if there’s no one countering their bad ideas with factual and reasoned arguments. And it’s also not as if there isn’t good data to show the failure that their ideas have become. But sadly, in these days there’s no discussing problems. There’s only one way, their way, and if you don’t agree, why you’re a ________ phobe, or a racist.  Oh, and you’re a closed minded bigot to boot. This is not an environment that fosters learning. Not does it foster innovation or progress–unless by “progress” you mean the destruction of Western Civ.  In that case, there’s enormous progress.  I know longer care whether it’s intentional or misguided. It doesn’t matter. In either case, the effect is the same, and stopping it will require the same actions.

This is mindset is the schoolhouse, and the schoolhouse is this mindset. And it has created an environment that cannot foster learning, nor does it foster innovation or progress–unless by “progress” you mean the destruction of Western Civ.  In which case, there’s been enormous progress.  I no longer care whether it’s intentional or misguided. It doesn’t matter. In either case, the effect is the same.

Here is a great story that demonstrates my point:

Federal Racial Discipline Quotas Create Chaos In St. Paul Schools

On [outsted Superintendent Valeria] Silva’s watch, the city’s high schools have become menacing places where gangs of out-of-control teens prowl the halls, and “classroom invasions” by students settling private disputes are commonplace…  Her policies, initiated in 2010, launched the St. Paul schools on a downward spiral of chaos and violence. In December 2015, Ramsey County attorney John Choi labeled the situation “a public health crisis.” In 2015, assaults on teachers in St. Paul schools reported to his office tripled compared to 2014, and were up 36 percent over the previous four-year average.

What brought all of this on you ask? This:

Using Race as a Weapon for Inequality

The discipline policies that gave rise to this chaos sprang from Silva’s embrace of “racial equity” ideology. In St. Paul, as across the nation, black students as a group are referred for discipline at higher rates than their peers. Silva made eliminating this racial gap a top priority.

Study after study after study after study, etc, etc and so on ad nauseam  points to the real problem, which is fatherlessness. But since liberals hate patriarchy, these studies must be ignored. Since communism has always stood against the family unit, because barbarians are much easier to enslave, family and fatherhood are anathema.  So the only thing left is to make millions of rules to fix the problems caused by the previous millions of rules that were created to impose with force what reality would not grant; repeat, repeat, repeat, till destruction complete.

This is the school house. Silva is a product of the schoolhouse. If you think she’s just going to ride off into the night after being fired, you or horrifically mistaken. She is on a mission, and she is not alone. She is one person in a vast army. And that army controls your government’s “education program”.  But it doesn’t have to control your child’s education program. You can actually still legally raise your child in reality, and this is but one reason out of 365 I’ll give why you should.


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