Reason 22: Because There Is Bread That The School Board Knows Nothing About


Teachers granted power to ‘confiscate and destroy’ unhealthy school lunches

Jesus told Satan that, “man does not live on bread alone.”   There is a bread that is spiritual.  But it only stands to reason that a system of government that rejects the existence of God, and puts itself in His stead, would see all this world from a purely materialistic/naturalistic point of view.  So, it also stands to reason that while there is wild concern about the happenstance that is the human body’s health, there is complete ignorance and silence on its purpose beyond getting a good education and making as much money as possible so it can enjoy every useless and meaningless pleasure happenstance has placed before it to enjoy.  And you can’t make lots of money and get knocked up–or knock y0ung girls up–if you’re not healthy.  Worse, it’s a drag if half the eligible sex partners are overweight and unhealthy.  So here comes Johnny Utopia to fix all that ails horny humanity by snatching those nabisco cookies right out of mother’s lunch bag.  Everyone knows mom’s an idiot anyway.

But weight!  I thought Nabisco was wholesome to the core.  Doesn’t nabisco love the LGBT society?  And doesn’t it hate homophobes?  Isn’t the school sending a confused message to the poor pupils with this policy?  So what gives?

No worries, those kids are going to eat those Oreos anyway.  How do I know?  Because the schoolhouse has been preaching for years that the “kids are going to do it anyway”.  Of course the schoolhouse only meant having sex when they said that.  I guess they’ve never experienced the pleasure of biting down on a double cream filled Oreo.  Now that’s pleasure.  And unlike sex, mom can pack it in your little brown sack lunch.  But, of course, the fearless school administrators know that they won’t get sued by the ACLU for telling the students not to “do it anyway” when it comes to Nabisco’s fat-cat corprateer cookies.  But who knows?  Maybe Nabisco can double down and invent a sugar condom.

Never forget.  Your children, nor you, have to live this way.  There is a simple alternative.

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