Reason 43: Because You Live In A Cruel World And 6 Is Too Young An Age To Be Sent Out Amongst It


When A 6-Year-Old Gets Off the Bus in Her Underwear, Mom Never Expected this Excuse From the School

When you put your child on that government bus, you have effectively lost control of her circumstances.  You, and worse your child also, are at the mercy of a cruel institution. Your only hope is that decent human beings will intervene when darkness threatens.  But they aren’t always present.  Such was the case for this poor little girl.

From the article:

The 6-year-old girl was in class at Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast when she raised her hand, needing to go to the bathroom. When the teacher reportedly ignored the girl, she did what kids are known to do when they just can’t hold it in any longer, soiling her underwear and pants.

Six year olds are not adults.  They have almost zero life experience. It’s difficult for grown ups, including parents, to grasp that.  It seems silly to us that a child wouldn’t just get up and go if she had to.  But at that age authority is still important and that’s a good thing if the authority is worthy of being honored.  So how did the “authority” handle this six year old’s natural compulsory calling? The answer is nothing short of abuse:

Rather than call the McCurdys to bring a change of clothes, the girl’s parents say that the school forced her to ride home on the school bus in nothing but a soiled shirt and a pair of school-issued underwear. It led to the girl being “picked on, bullied” and “laughed at,” her mother Jennifer said.

It never ceases to amaze me that parents cannot see that the schoolhouse is no friend to their children.  It is a minefield of   abusive teachers and peers, and no child is equipped to negotiate it.

The Dad is now on a campaign and has “hired a lawyer in connection to the incident,explaining that they don’t want any child to be placed in such a situation again.”  Hey Dad, there’s only one way to ensure that.  Bring your child home!  She will get a better education, and she will have a better childhood.

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