Reason 207: Because Your Children Are Not The Teacher’s Little Soldiers

Here we have a teacher who took her “students” out to protest for George Soros.

Teacher Takes Six-Year-Olds To ‘Black Lives Matter March,’ Without Permission Or Notification Of Parents

Would it ever occur to you to take other people’s children, whom you are being paid to teach, to a racist protest? Do you really want your children growing up to think that some people matter more because of the color of their skin? I thought we were beyond all that. But we are not. And the institution is definitely not beyond it. If you want slaves, you must divide.

The bottom line is this. There’s no way of knowing what kind of cockamamie, convoluted, delusional idea some teacher, or principal, or administrator is going to come up with. You will hear about it after the fact. Then you can get outraged and shocked and all that. Or, you could be wise and teach your children the right way to go, and that all lives matter.

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