Reason 244: Because LGBT Is The Jesus Of Your School System

When you go to religious institutions there’s always someone or something around which the institution focuses. If you’re a Buddist, you’re bound to hear a lot about Budda in their worship service. If you’re a Muslim, then Mohammad is the man. And of course with Christianity, it’s Jesus. But what about the religious institution you send your child to every day? What or who is always the focus there? Well as it turns out, it’s not a who as much as it is a group.

The group you will see the focus rode in on the backs of blacks as fellow victims. But victims they are surely not. It’s anyone’s guess exactly how the pecking order of the hords of “victim classes” roaming the halls of your schoolhosue. But there’s no doubt who’s on top, and that’s the homosexual agenda. It is the “Jesus” of the government school, and as such insists on prominence in every aspect of your child’s indoctrination as can be seen in this one article:

The Homosexualization of Music Education

It appears to be written by a Christian. But the vast majority of Christians are not grasping the reality of the power of the institution with its campus culture and iron fisted agenda for their children. It’s over for government education. America is serving her new messiah, the LGBT, and that service especially involves the government schoolhouse. From the article:

Numerous studies have shown the educational benefits of music education: students who are involved in music are more likely to not only graduate from high school, but also to attend college. And students in high-quality school music programs score higher on standardized tests, regardless of the socioeconomic level of the school or school district. While musical training helps us all to develop our language and reasoning abilities, I personally benefited from the discipline and challenge in my music education to play ever-more difficult pieces of music.

Let me say this. Unless you’re in the minority, the only thing high quality in your neighborhood schoolhouse is the LGBT agenda. For the vast majority of the rest of the students in the schoolhouse everything but that is sub-par, and for lots of reasons that the schoolhouse has no direct control over, the largest of which is that they’re coralling together, in age segregated groups, masses of children that come from a society that believes what the last generation of schoolhouses taught; which is that there is no ultimate right and wrong, that you personally get to decide what is right and wrong for yourself, and that you’d better agree with us, your masters, about what that right and wrong actually is.

I write this in my house the morning after a concert I attended by the youth orchestra in which my child participates. It was beautiful. It was amazing to watch those young people perform. And best of all, the government has no say in how it’s operated. There’s no Title IX nonsense about bathrooms and transgendereism. It’s a colorful group in terms of skin color, if your especially atuned to such things. I’m not. And it is as high quality as anything the government can pull off while attempting to pay the NEA as it appeases every power broker under the sun attempting to get’s its cause encoded into your child’s mind.

It’s over for governemnt education. That is unless you would be the most proud parent ever to have your son come home in a dress, or carrying his prayer mat. If that’s the case then the government is doing a stand up job for you. But it that seems creepy to you, for goodness sake abandon the government schoolhouse.



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